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  1. Thought that but wanted to check just in case. Thanks for confirming.
  2. Can anyone confirm whether AI kills count towards progress for this trophy. My kill count isn't going up when I kill AI, only when I kill players (either demon or slayer) and I wondered whether AI kills count for the trophy but aren't included in stats.
  3. For people in the EU who got the Hazard Zone trophies recently, what time did you play? I've been playing this evening (Friday) and I'm getting full lobbies however I've only got close to extraction once (which failed even though I was alive and on the chopper). Every other game of about a dozen at this point my squad has been eliminated. And I wondered if it might be easier at non-peak time if servers had less squads in them. To answer my own question, morning and afternoon seems the best time. There are enough people playing to get a game but not usually full servers and with the game now being on PS+ you might end up matchmaking with other trophy hunters. I would say avoid late evenings unless you want PVP, the servers seem to be full of squads that just want to do that (especially ones that charge straight to another spawn and mow down lesser skilled players). -e- Just noticed this is posted in the forums for the PS5 version of the game. This applies to the PS4 version.
  4. With this mode not being that popular I wondered if anyone had tried to get more than one squad into a server during a boosting session. If all squad leaders are in the same region and start matchmaking at the same time is it possible to get multiple squads together in the same server.
  5. Playing through my Classic run I realised after I'd started the first Snowbeast fight neither of my weapons was going to work for it as they were too slow firing. I quit out of the game thinking it would put me in the room just before the fight however when I reloaded I ended up back in the middle of the fight (with a quarter health remaining and no heals too boot). Choosing "Continue Story" from the main menu also put me in the middle of the boss fight, basically it just loaded the same save putting me in the same impossible position. Thought I'd just drop a warning post for anyone who, like me, is just getting round to playing this.
  6. Finally completed hardcore and got the platinum (after 10 years) 😁 Have to admit I used the duplication glitch in chapter 1 as I was having stupid trouble just getting through the first few chapters (gave in after around 5 attempts at doing it legit). After that it wasn't too difficult with only 1 death before my final save at chapter 11. However the closer I got to the end the more I seemed to struggle to get to the finish line. After final save: 1st attempt - died at the start of chapter 13 after getting myself cornered 2nd attempt - died in chapter 15 when I went the wrong way trying to run past all the enemies and they cornered me 3rd attempt - died in chapter 14 because I didn't go all the way through the one of the sliding doors in zero-g and got insta-killed when it closed 4th attempt - died to the lasers when I stomped a body that was sat just inside one of the shelter areas (this one really stung as I knew stomping the body would move Issac forward into the path of the lasers but did it anyway) 5th attempt - died to the QTE before the final boss because I forgot it wasn't a cutscene and stopped paying attention Was a surprisingly enjoyable playthrough and I kinda want to play through it again without using the glitch. Maybe some day...
  7. Also played a match of operations last night that didn't seem to count any XP I earned either. Maybe just a buggy game mode :/
  8. Played a few rounds of this the past couple of days, just using my pistol to kill people and the trophy hasn't unlocked despite me getting 10+ kills every time. I'm also sure during at least 1 round I got 10 pistol kills on the same day of the operation. Has anyone else experienced this trophy not popping when they've met the requirements during Grand Operations. Other than 1 thread there doesn't seem to be anything on Google suggesting it's glitchy so I wonder if it's a new thing or just me.
  9. I just can't seem to get this down to below 28 seconds and can't see any shortcut to cut the time. Does anyone have any tips on how to do this event.
  10. Good to hear. Can you give us any idea of how long it'll take to arrive.