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  1. Ratchet n' Clank The Lombax Triumphant Collect all trophies in the game. Need For Speed Platinum Trophy Earn all Need for Speed™ Trophies Guardians of The Galaxy A Little Help From My Friends Completed Guardians of the Galaxy
  2. I'd choose one for you but your profile is private 🤓
  3. The Evil Within 2 Unfortunate Consequence Did what needed to be done to save your daughter. Whan an Amazing Game this was
  4. Hey guys, i will tell you my opinion about Vampyr. I love RPG related games as i can't seem to stop playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey (almost finished 100% after 150 hours 😀) Firstly, i think you guys should not argue about personal opinions, because that's all they are > opinions. If you judge someone's opinion based on what you think about the subject or the person itself that does not make your opinion more valid than the other you are judging. Let's keep peace on the Forum 😇 I Pre-Ordered Vampyr and pressed the button on my PS4 Menu as soon as the clock hit midnight on the release date to try out the game. In the first hour, Vampyr seemed very cool for me as the story kicks in greatly with mystery and sacrifice. After the first hour i started to realize what would soon become my biggest issue with this game > The Loading Times and Game Breaks. Yes, i know many people did not have this problem but i am one of those many that did. The loading times are ridiculous and the game rendering itself is very limited and broke. When you try to dash many times to get to a point faster (because the character kind of has a slow movement) the game's rendering breaks and tells you to wait for a new loading of the city. I made an Youtube video once about this and i "managed" to break the game 10 times in 5 minutes by dashing only, this also happened in Combat and totally ruined my Gaming Experience. The biggest point about this game is of course the vast options when it comes to "Skills" as you can make different sets based on what you want to become (Peaceful or Destructive), of course the way you choose the skills are also related to the amount of Blood you consume. That brings us to the most advantageous promise of this game > The NPC. I loved the idea and i trusted Dontnod because i had a very good experience with "Life is Strange". In the end i will have to agree with "Tusked-Lattice" when he says "Intriguing premise but poor execution". The dialogues and movements of certain characters and enemies were not ok and the hitbox is broke as well, i experienced enemies hitting the wall 5 meters from me and having them still being able to damage me somehow. Although i disagree about what he said on "decisions", because the NPCs you choose to kill will mostly affect other people as well (because they are related) and the city, my opinion is that the game was poorly executed in the end. I dare to say that between many games i bought in 2018 "Vampyr" was certainly the most disappointing one. I am a Trophy hunter by the way and i only need to install the game and load my save file to win the gold trophy to finish the last dialogue and i still chose to not do it of how bored and frustrated i was. I have Quit the game in the last dialogue, first time ever i have done that after getting all weapons etc... I would also recommend waiting for a big sale before buying this. Don't take me wrong, i still had good moments with this game but my overall opinion about it is pretty negative. It gets pretty much repetitive as well and the romance is badly build as previously mentioned in another comment. The boss battles are ok but that does not make it a good game. Do not get mad about my opinion, please. This was my experience with Vampyr and it should not change the way you feel about it or previous experiences within the game. Have a good gaming day!
  5. 😍 This "The Heist" DLC was pretty awesome :3 Back to Assassin's Creed Odyssey now...

  6. < Insert Status about God of War here > 😍

  7. Many Youtubers got the collection edition 1 week ago from Playstation Oficial Communities, there's many Youtube videos with gameplay although they are not allowed to show Spoilers just in case you want to check some more Gameplay.
  8. Thanks, you might as well enjoy it The prize will be good
  9. Thank you for the answer !
  10. Does someone know the answer ?



  11. Probably someone already asked this but i am not finding any post about it. I'm thinking about creating an event/tournament with a prize, can i create it here ? Considering the 1st place takes the money home i need to know : - Do i need to talk with an admin ? If yes, how ? - Can i organize it ( rules ) by myself as long it is international ? - I'm planning to do videos for youtube with that tournament, can i mention the tournament is being organized in PSNProfiles ? Resume : Can i organize a Call of Duty WWII tournament here for a money/value prize with my "Trophy" images and mention psnprofiles on Youtube videos ? Thank you in advance
  12. I love the kind of gold trophies u earn without even noticing or even know they ever existed ( Terminator ) ( Just kidding ) ( That plat was fast ) On a real opinion now, i dislike : online trophies in games that have not a good online server or when it is obvious people won't play that game for 3 months. I hate : Collectible trophies that depends of the game not getting bugged in order to get them. For example : I was ready to go for the plat in Prince of Persia ( the last they made for ps3 ) and in order to do that u needed to collect these "Light Orbs" and the last one was in the final boss battle, so i got all of them outside the boss battle and in the end the final door for the final boss battle did not open, because apparently there's a bug that prevents u from completing the game, what a shame. I love : Good looking trophies that are not so easy to get but not close to impossible either. I remember having "Resistance 2" and "Infamous" plat among other games in my previous account. I miss those. Nowadays i don't give much importance about the trophies but i am after the ranking points, so...the more the better.
  13. I really, really, really, realllyyyyyy want the new God of War game 😀

  14. Guess that i'll be starting an Youtube channel next month :) i've gathered all the production material \o\

    1. donut_plz


      Nice! Keep us posted. :popcorn:

    2. Kuzagi_PT


      Haha, i will although my channel will be in Portuguese, for now :D

    3. Maxximum


      Awesome 👍

  15. Monster Hunter World is amazing .-.