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  1. Does anyone know if released few days ago HK version of game stacks or its same list as this one? Really curious about that. Unfortunately couldn't find any info.
  2. Dungeon mode sucks...
  3. The other one is EU for sure. Only have no idea is it the same stack as NA. This one could be AS or JP.
  4. What region is it?
  5. Long, to long...
  6. Great, game is bought already. Going to plat this soon.
  7. Strange, on eu PS Store it says its vita only. Maybe there will be another trophy list.
  8. Game is on PS Store. Does any one know already if PS4 version still have this admin controls? Cheats working? I heard it's version 1.0 so something might change.
  9. Shoot and I just wanted to play this now.... Any news?
  10. What is the region for this stack?
  11. Yeah, than max 20min plat
  12. Does anyone know release date?
  13. To be true with you for me its also to long. Im not sure if Im going to play this. So many other titles waiting. Sure, 1st part was great but 7-10 hours ehh definately to long
  14. Fingers crossed
  15. 18th April 2019 • Platinum in 42 minutes, 1 second I would like metagal