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  1. Most probably, yes but it is still not released.
  2. cool, thanks
  3. Does anyone know release date?
  4. Thank you. For fireworks trophy, walking up to fireworks istn enough, I pressed triangle while close to it, than shoot some fireworks using R2.
  5. Hi, could you assist me with Fireworks Show trophy and Lift Off trophy. Totally have no idea what to do here. I think i found fireworks item, but I dont know how to fire it up and what about kiss. About other trophy totally dont know where is moon lander.
  6. Yes, changing system language solve the problem. Thank you!
  7. Does anyone encounter such bug and have possible solution? From Chapter 1 whole graphics start to mess up. Highlights are in wrong places like everything is moved 90 degree to right. In certain point it's impossible to progress because hot spots with which you should interact are out of the screen. Example below: Should be like that: It is like that: I've tried HK and NA version, tried to play on different accounts and on different consoles. Still same bug.
  8. Panties Huntin Season 😂
  9. Ratalaika? Sure, especially ones which have 8 stacks 😂
  10. Will this serie ever end? Was happy to have complete set two times already and than, collection, box edition, definitive... Will PS5 bring remasters of remasters? Make something new.
  11. According to BEEP JAPAN it will be October 24. cheers 🍻
  12. Checked several PS Stores in Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, gone everywhere... Just curious if temporarily or for good. 🤓
  13. @themindisacity Just got my plat and 100% with your walkthrough. As always perfect. I found only one missing explanation of actions which has to be taken and mentioned this in comments below. Thanks again!
  14. Yeah thanks @themindisacity. You're the best