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  1. Hi, I wrote about the glitched trophy to devs on September 2017. They replied quick telling that the problem is known and they are working on it. Well we have already January 2018 and patch is still not relased. I wrote to them again yesterday. Will let you informed when I get an answer.
  2. Hey Maciej, Give this a try again at your earliest convenience and let us know if it’s working now. Thanks! Best, SMS Yeahh Working !!!!
  3. I got an answer from Santa Monica but don't get excited to early as for now it adds nothing to the matter. "Hey Maciej. Apologies for the laggy reply here. This has been elevated to the appropriate people and is currently being investigated. Again, apologies on the delay here!". So we still have to wait... I only hope that they are indeed doing something and not just kindly replying. About six months ago I wrote to Deadlic Entertainment about glitch with one trophy in Silence game, which happens to every one on PS4 platform and is not allowing you to get Platinum. Well, they also replied me many times but problem is still not solved. Santa Monica if you read this: We believe in you.
  4. As I read same problem occurred several times past years and it was usually about servers. I aslo wrote to devs about the problem but cause its a Christmas break I don't expect any answer earlier than 2nd - 3rd January. As soon as I get any news I'll let you know. I really hope they won't leave it just like that as game is pretty old and we will get solution as soon as possible. Maybe if you could also write a word via their facebook fanpage it would speed up their work, knowing that more people complain. Cheers.
  5. I really hope they will fix this soon. Trying for an hour again and still network error. I aslo wrote to Santa Monica Studio on their facebook fun page. Will let you know if they reply.
  6. Any news about how to solve this problem yet?