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  1. Is it only couch coop or there is also an online coop?
  2. It happened to me twice. Bye bye win streak... Watch nearly end. They should fix this as soon as possible...
  3. GMT+2 here
  4. Well, devs made this trophy this way its almost impossible to get it other way. To much luck dependent. It's their fault. If it was maybe 3 win streak I could undesrstand but 5 is just to much...
  5. Little TIP for everyone playing on EU servers. I have no idea how it is in NA but on European servers its more easy to play in the morning. I played from 7 to 10 and it was much more easy than playing on afternoon or evening. My thoughts are that it depends on age group of people who play in the morning. I got my INFALLIBLE trophy today at 8:52 (playing from 7:00) with one friend. My friend got this trophy yesterday at same time (I helped him too). Fingers crossed guys. It's easy to be done, just be patient and take no risk at all. Leave instantly on levels, which dont give you time to quit quick or end with instant kill.
  6. Game is back ON.
  7. EU same...
  8. Just opened game after long time to check this glitch and its working perfect every time i try. Look:
  9. There shouldn't be any problem with all you mentioned.
  10. The glitch is working all the time and its very easy to trigger. You must be doing something wrong. There are few things what may cause its not working for you. Here are some tips: 1. Special ability must be charged first. To charge it you must kill certain number of zombies. You can notice it's ready when you see L1+R1 note on bottom middle of screen. 2. Buying self revievs, press square (dont let go) than directly L1+R1 together, its maybe 0,5sec after square. Than you should notice special ability round bar in bottom right corner of screen is going down. Wait till it gets totally empty. 3 Than lets yourself be killed. 4. When you revieve you should have unlimited ammo now on.
  11. Press L1 with R1 just after square. Maybe half a second.
  12. There is much easier way to obtain this trophy, well, it just pop by itself. Check out this topic:
  13. Hi. After some tries I figured out the easiest way to obtain this trophy. If you are lazy and own turbo controller you can even leave game, go eat something in the meantime and trophy will pop by itself. Here is a video guide I made for you. Enjoy. Cheers.
  14. If patch fixing the glich will be released I will play this for sure with your guide @Velvet. Following this topic for future info.
  15. Trophies at last can be synced with Sony servers. Yahoooooooo