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  1. This sounds like you transfered your own save file either via USB stick or PS+. Is that the case?
  2. Vote with your wallet. Don't buy a PS5. Only buy used games. Buy an XBOX. This petition is useless, since they care about money and not about imaginary internet votes.
  3. There is no monthly subscription on the PS5?
  4. The trophies make the game sound similar to the Oddworld remake which is just a boring and inferior version to the original imho.
  5. I hope the game is not as bland as the trophies make it sound to be.
  6. You are correct. With light world you can get to 106% percent. You did light world before dark world so it is very possible to get the 100% before completing the dark world,
  7. Glad to hear she is fine! However it's no surprise there are no side effects. There's a higher probability to die in a car accident and I don't think you are as relieved every time a relative of yours has finished a trip.
  8. All of your DLC trophies popped instantly. "I don't know how it happened" is unfortunately not a good enough explanation.
  9. Thanks for writing down this incredibly detailed explanation on what you are disputing. However you should just read this and move on: As long as you are below 3 cheated games you will stay on the leaderboards.
  10. I updated the rules and questions in the initial post. They should answer the questions.
  11. Ding ding. This is actually the right answer based on some really dumb disputes that have unearthed so far.
  12. Yes you can attempt as many games as possible, given you announce it beforehand in this thread. Edit: Only the fastest record (in terms of percentage lead) per participant is being considered for the challenge however. Different stacks are counted like different games. If a game has multiple stacks then each version has an own record that can be broken. The only limitation is that no partial or full autopopping is allowed. I agree. This is the best verified leaderboard we have right now and conveniently enough the timed leaderboards are governed by the same cheater removal process that oversees the rest of the users.