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  1. I can't wait to do Criminal Mastermind again lmao
  2. Are you a bot? How is paying 10 bucks for a 9 year old microtransaction-vehicle a steal? I'm probably gonna buy it to play with my friends but let's just be honest about what it actually is. Quite the opposite of a steal. R* are the ones who are stealing here lol
  3. No. You need 3 playthroughs: 2 players 3 players 4 players
  4. No way the times are accurate enough to use them as evidence. My TLOU Remastered time: 155h No way, I poured hundreds of hours into the multiplayer. All cheaters should just run the games on idle. If the times work as evidence against, they should also count as evidence for whoever is accused.
  5. Great job! Congratulations on the world record!
  6. Vote with your wallet. Don't buy a PS5. Only buy used games. Buy an XBOX. This petition is useless, since they care about money and not about imaginary internet votes.
  7. There is no monthly subscription on the PS5?
  8. The trophies make the game sound similar to the Oddworld remake which is just a boring and inferior version to the original imho.
  9. I hope the game is not as bland as the trophies make it sound to be.
  10. Glad to hear she is fine! However it's no surprise there are no side effects. There's a higher probability to die in a car accident and I don't think you are as relieved every time a relative of yours has finished a trip.
  11. I updated the rules and questions in the initial post. They should answer the questions.
  12. Ding ding. This is actually the right answer based on some really dumb disputes that have unearthed so far.