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  1. dat ass
  2. ...really?
  3. It's about time we got a Breaking Bad topic started. I've just finished watching season 4 and I'm eager to see what season 5 will bring. Definitely an amazing show and I recommend it to anyone who like dark dramas. Any thoughts on what you would like to see in season 5? Favourite characters/storylines, etc? And what did everyone think of the rest of the seasons?
  4. I know, I would have loved him to kill Skyler (god, i hate her so much), but it did think all the hype around the teddy bear throughout the season turned out to be a bit random. And yeah, nice little plot twists in there. Expect more to come!
  5. I see where you're coming from, i too got a little bit bored, but i guess if you watch them all close together you can get bored easily. Trust me, stick with it and watch season 4, it's well worth it!
  6. Anyone find this song hypnotic? Something good to come out of todays music scene.
  7. The Hunger Games. I actually wasn't expecting this film to be anything but a hollywood cash-in, but it proved to be much more than a simple piece of tacky cinema. A truely compelling story and a terrifying political state. Totalitarianism at its finest! XP
  8. Don't talk. Think.
  9. Hey, I'm Jamie, better known as BloodCookies on here. I'll be popping up here and there, so until it easy? ...Hm. Here's a happy person \:D/
  10. The Woman In Black. Shite.
  11. Tis really good yar! =3
  12. It is brilliantly made. Saul is great! I especially like when he enters a room, always guaranteed some quality lines. 'HT' also comes to mind.
  13. SUPER excited for this! Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Lagacy was my first game on the PS2, and what a game it was! This and MGS HD are going to make Febuary go away very quickly.