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  1. Little big planet karting was such a pain. No one was online to get the online trophies so I purchased a used copy from gamestop to boost with myself... didnt work as the servers were HORRIBLE. Then I heard that the European release of the game had more stable servers, so I returned the extra copy, used that money towards a psn card for the UK store and boosted the last online trophies by myself. It's a lot of dedication for a trophy, but kinda pathetic lol
  2. Looks like the condition is ring the bell after a villager gets hurt or something
  3. I turned off the option to let people search for my real name and I stopped getting bot messages completely
  4. Talk about rose tinted glasses.. the ps3/360 is when cutting out in game content to sell it back to you as dlc started. Remember online passes and on disc dlc? Asura's wrath locking the true ending behind a paywall is the worst offender :'(
  5. Okay, thanks for the feedback. It was a super easy trophy that bugged (less than 5 minutes to get) so I was pretty annoyed that it glitched the way it did.
  6. Hi, I have a trophy list with an anomaly in it that I would like to discuss to avoid getting reported. Where would I do that?Thank you!
  7. How?
  8. Problem fixed! Thank you!
  9. Yep, I've triple checked that it's not checked on the ps4 privacy list. However, that second bit you mentioned may be my golden ticket! It was in fact checked on the ps3/vita list. Hopefully that fixes the issue, and thanks for the advice, it would be nice to have that extra bit of info on the guide; to check both lists that is.
  10. I've followed the guide's steps to get my trophy list to show, but it just doesn't work. The trophy list in question is for rocket league. 😞
  11. Just got online champ using 2 PS3s. I caved in with the horrible US net code and bought the digital UK version. The game actually works! You can join your friend! Exiting to the pod wont kick the other person out of the play group! Trophy progress is counted! The game is currently running for 11.99 quid.
  12. Can anyone confirm if the EU servers are still up and function?
  13. Huh, thanks for the pointer. Do you know if US save files carry over? And do you know where I can get a few quid for an EU region store?
  14. Do you know if the EU digital version is working fine?