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  1. Agreed. But that's the OP, always takes shots at Sony even when it has no bearing on the topic he's doing it in.
  2. Edited. Sorry about that, I clearly wasn't that with it this morning lol.
  3. Hardly, I simply asked a question based off your response to JinCombo. It probably would be nice if games on multiple platforms shared forums instead since advice and tips typically apply across all versions. I don't care about the game, though I am a Dragonball fan and the story does sound kind of interesting, and only clicked on this because it was impossible to tell what game it was for without clicking on it. However, as far as the trophies, they do look fairly straight forward with the only possible exception being the friendship one with the different masters. But I imagine that'll probably just be doing quests and giving gifts, if something like that even exists in the game, so even that one will probably be fairly straight forward too.
  4. Hmm, I'm not sure to be honest. As far as I knew those were the only circumstances where you wouldn't be able to report someone. Though I suppose if the trophies in a game are notoriously glitchy and can unlock out of order then maybe the report option would be disabled for them. I'm not sure they'd ever do that though since that'd just make those games prime targets for cheaters.
  5. Yeah, a couple days. Before that though specific game topics still didn't go in this section.
  6. You have to be a premium member to report, which you are so that's not it. I believe in the case you're talking about it means that they have already been reported and removed from the game's leardboard. You'll still be able to see the game on that person's profile though but will not have an option to report them since it's already been dealt with.
  7. You realize that doesn't mean other people can't post their opinions in it and turn it into an actual discussion topic right?
  8. Either way I'm glad it's in the works. Also pretty sure this should have been posted in the PlayStation 4 - Unreleased Games section.
  9. Yeah, as ExHaseo says 3 weeks isn't much and there's 1 forum for a game per trophy list for said game. Besides, it's not like everyone that gets any particular game is going to be on this site so leaderboard positions don't really mean anything.
  10. I'd like to add Class of Heroes 2G thanks to Strykerblitz17 mentioning it. It's a PS3 digital only release unless you ordered the very limited physical copy from the devs site last June.
  11. Yeah, I know they toned down Mugen Souls from what I've read. I think Aksys is the company that's done the localizations for the Record of Agarest War games.
  12. You can't anymore. The ability to add new ones was disabled sometime last year.
  13. Not at this time, no. The games that are currently being ported to PS4 are Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the first game was ported eventually too.
  14. Unless they changed it you can set player 1 as some low level character on another PSN ID on your PlayStation and have player 2 be your high level character on your main PSN ID. If Player 1 is level 10 and Player 2 is level 69 then the enemies will be level 10 but Player 2 can pretty much just sneeze and kill them.
  15. "Today, multiplayer will be restored to Borderlands 1 on PlayStation 3 in both North America and Europe (and Japan is coming soon!). Upon launching Borderlands 1 on PS3, you'll be prompted to download an update that enables the new matchmaking system. This update also contains a few other changes: Within Borderlands multiplayer, you can sort your friends list in a few different ways: Who is playing Borderlands Who is online Alphabetical order The “And They’ll Tell Two Friends” Trophy will now grant correctly Improvements to voice chat Note that if your save was previously stored in the cloud instead of on your PlayStation 3 hard drive, some settings such as screen brightness, Y-Axis invert, etc. may need to be reset. If you have any trouble, visit Thanks to everyone for your patience as we worked to find a solution, and special thanks to the folks at 22nd Century Toys for helping to make this happen! In case you missed it, this update follows an earlier update that restored multiplayer for Borderlands 1 on PC."