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  1. I work in marketing for video games, and I've done a bunch of influencer marketing over the years. "Influencer" is just a catch-all term for people with an audience, because it's easier for me to call it "influencer marketing" than making a bucket labeled "Twitch/YouTube/Mixer etc." (especially since not all of YouTube would be influencer activity). For non-games, there are also influencers on Instagram, etc. It's not a positive or negative term, influencers are just another marketing channel like email, social, etc. It can sound icky if you think about it in the sense that we're paying these people to manipulate you into buying something, but if we keep things above board (and not everyone does, but many do) they're making it clear that they were paid to talk about the product (or that they were sent the review copy for free) and they're giving their honest opinions about something, not trying to do anything underhanded. I've worked with well over 100 streamers/YouTubers/etc., and I've never once said anything about how positive they need to be about my product, it's just been "Cool, we'll pay you $X and you'll use this on 3 streams over the next week, yeah?"
  2. I'm looking to get this as well. I set up a session for tomorrow night to get it here: https://psnprofiles.com/session/182119-driveclub-bikes Outside of that session, feel free to add me (put a note in the friend request), and we can get this done. Edit: Got it!
  3. I'm with you on this, I normally play with Y-reversed, X-normal. In either setting of this game, one of them is off... It doesn't help that Jade's camera controls are what I prefer, so it's tough to get used to the wonky controls when every few minutes there's a glimmer of what I wish I could be using...
  4. Edit: Got it!
  5. Thanks! The other thing I'd recommend is going through the dark sections and writing down how to get through them (go forward for a while, then jump, or go forward, then crouch to your right). For some of the outdoor spots you can look up and see the tops of the cliffs against the sky and can navigate that way. It helps a ton on battery, and I ended up finishing with 4-5 bars of battery left, and that was with basically leaving it on for most of the crawl chase with Val. It felt like "only use one battery, and you lose 1/3 of it during a cutscene" felt so unfair at first, but once you know the game pretty well, you don't even need as much battery as they give you.
  6. Got Messiah yesterday. I used TheKreeperr's video for the majority of the segments, although there are a few spots that I varied a bit: At 2:30, I would always get spotted in the water for some reason. It never caused me to die, but instead of veering left around the house in the water, I veered to the right and went through the window in the house. At 24:20, you can back down the hallway until you hear the music, this saves you a tiny bit of battery. At 30:30, you don't need to look upstairs to see Loutermilch, you can just jump over the railing. At 31:30, flash your camera to be sure you're going straight, and then just run forward and constantly press X. When you get to the side of the pool, you'll pull yourself up and save a bunch of battery. At 32:10, you can also back down this hallway to save a smidge of battery life (and time) At 32:30, this was my biggest change. When the enemy drops down, back out of the crawl space and walk around next to the door that the video shows you using later. I crouched as I walked past it because I got spotted once, not sure if that's necessary or not. Wait on the wall just past the door. After a few seconds, another guy will come and start bashing the door down. On the fifth bash, he'll break down the door and slide 5 feet into the room. Run behind him and up the stairs. At 35:25, again back down the hall until you hear the music for an extra tiny bit of time. At 41:45, again back down the hall until you hear for an extra bit of time. It ended up only taking me six tries (And I only made it after chapter 1 twice, including my successful run) so I'm pretty happy with that.
  7. Hey there, I work at a game developer (which has released a couple games for VR), so I thought I'd provide a different perspective here. Red Barrels is an indie dev (only 12 people when they announced the project), so it's entirely possible they couldn't afford to delay the game another 6-12 months to add VR support. It had already been delayed from Fall 2016 to Q1, and then again to Q2. Further delaying for VR integration is a tough call to make when they don't have other projects to help fund their ongoing development of this one. The other (potentially more important, if funding isn't an issue for them) point is that you can't just tack VR onto a game to make it a good VR game. VR can be this incredibly immersive, robust experience that's unlike anything else you can play...but games have to be designed for it. Really simple things, like having a light turn on in the distance of a traditional game, your eyes are drawn to it. You can have a fixed camera angle, forcing the player to look at something you want them to see. That's not possible in VR, because player agency is more important than when holding a controller and playing on a TV. If you weren't looking in the direction of the light when it turned on, and then you turned and saw it, was it always on? If you're not sure, you might not be drawn to it in the same way. There are best practices that VR devs are learning (audio cues are huge), but that doesn't mean you can just add VR support to a game and have it be good. VR also doesn't do well with fast movement (locomotion), and with Outlast having many sequences where you're running at top speed away from enemies, I'm not sure it would translate so well without major game design adjustments. Resident Evil 7 actually has some issues with translation, as well. Don't get me wrong, RE7 is a very good game, and still probably the best example of horror in VR, but it's still clear that it wasn't a game designed for VR. When you get on a ladder, crouch, or enter some cutscenes, the screen abruptly jumps or does a quick fade to black. It's a good way of handling the porting to VR given the alternative (motion sickness), but it's still not as ideal as if the game was designed first or exclusively for VR, and those compromises wouldn't have to be made because it would have been designed so those transitions wouldn't need to happen in the first place. We're still in the infancy of VR, and I think there'll be a lot of "a-ha!" moments in the coming year or two, where developers figure out a solution to some of those problems and that solution becomes the norm. Remember when many earlier 3D games had tank controls, because we didn't (as a collective industry) know better? Long story short, I'm both a big horror fan and a big VR fan, and I'm very excited to start Outlast 2 this week. That said, I think the only way Outlast 2 should have come to VR is if the devs thought it was the right decision for their game, which it looks like they didn't, and I can totally understand why.
  8. The way I did the basement: From the flooded room, looking at the wall with the two doors, hit the right room switch, run to the right room, hit that switch, then hide under the bed. The variant will run into the room and then walk out. A few seconds after he leaves the room, run to the electrical room to pull the switch. Even if he sees you, keep going. When you get to the room, stay in the back, the variant will come in, and just run by him. You'll get hit once, but that's okay, because you can take two hits. Run to turn the power back on, then do a 180, jump across, and run out. There are obviously other ways to do it (without getting hit), but since it'll likely take multiple tries, I tried to always take the faster way in the earlier chapters.
  9. It ended up taking me eight attempts, some of which were more frustrating than others. Attempt 1: Death in the Prison Block to the variant that chases you when you open the door to the security room. I ran back to the room with the lockers and the jail cell, ran into the cell and forgot which direction the bed faced and failed at hiding underneath it. Attempt 2: Death in the Administration Block in the basement. I was trying to rush too much and wasn't paying close enough attention. Attempt 3: Death in the Return to the Administration Block at the end to Chris Walker after Father Martin dies. I did these first three attempts in one sitting and was feeling really good about this one. I was taking my time a bit more and trying not to rush, but this was a stupid mistake. When Chris chases you, my strategy was to hop into the bathroom (first door on the right down the right hallway) and wait it out, but instead of hiding in the right stall where he can't see you, I opened the middle stall and didn't close the door. I turned around to see Walker staring me in the face before he one-shotted me. Attempt 4: Death in the Courtyard to the first area with Chris Walker. Previously (My normal playthrough and Attempt 3), I'd been able to hug the right wall and run to the crates / tanks to climb up, but for some reason this didn't work and he grabbed me. For all later attempts, I noticed this wouldn't work, because he seems to wander randomly. If you run to the right corner without moving forward along the fence after dropping down, you should be able to see his eyes glowing with night vision. One time he went to the left of a tree and I ran by him, another he was coming toward me (without finding me), so I did a big loop around the left. I never found a "failproof" method to getting by him and always had to be on my toes, but since you can keep an eye on him it's not too bad. Attempt 5: Definitely the most frustrating of my attempts, I made it to the Underground Lab without any issues. I was worried that I would screw up the big jump after climbing all the stairs at the end. I made the jump without issue and booked it toward the decontamination chamber. When I was literally right in front of the chamber, the Walrider grabbed me. I never stopped running, so I'm still not entirely sure why this happened. I must have run too wide through the dark hallway or something. Seeing as there's nothing that can kill you after you make it to the chamber, this was very discouraging and I debated taking a break from the game for a week or so. But I pushed on. Attempt 6: Death in the Female Ward to the room with the two naked dudes that you can just run through, right before losing your camera. This was partly my fault for not paying enough attention. I was streaming the attempt while talking through what I was doing to a friend over Skype. I was talking about how some rooms were really easy to just run through like this one and then didn't move enough to the right after entering the room. The dude grabbed me and I was gutted. Attempt 7: Death in the Courtyard to a bad jump. Another dumb mistake, I made a bad jump when running along the top roof. Attempt 8: Complete! I almost died in the Female Ward when you're being chased after getting your camera back because I took a wrong turn (for the first time ever), but I realized before it was too late. Due to what happened in Attempt 5, I was so nervous when running through the final hallway in the Underground Lab that the Walrider would catch me again, but I made it. Being able to speedrun through the majority of it, it took me about an hour and 20 mins or so. Happy to answer any questions about any chapters, because every potential place you can die has a "trick" to it where you can make it through alive 100% of the time.