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  1. I didn't get the trophy for leveling 30 weapons either after patch.
  2. Very nice videos. Thanks.
  3. that article mentions that it's an easily missable trophy.
  4. I have no option to recruit the bogling after beating the story.
  5. I have same issue and after some quick research. The trophy is missable if you don't get the boggling early on before completing the story.
  6. Welcome. Glad I could help.
  7. Yeah I ran biome 2 close to 100 times in past week. I did just get the platinum thankfully. I found last 3 ciphers I needed in biome #6 in one cycle. Got super lucky on that.
  8. Here is scout log #50. I just found it. It's in first door on the righ after another door. If it didn't spawn I would just restart cycle. Hope this helps.
  9. I can't get this room to spawn. I am pretty sure this is the one I am missing. I literally ran this 3 or 4 more times and the room finally spawned. So, def don't give up if you're struggling with this one.
  10. I am still having trouble finding the last one. I am pretty sure it's the random room that splits into three sections thru the blue door area. it must be super rare. lol
  11. That has to be the one I am missing as well in Biome 2. Thanks for the video location.
  12. I just got scout log #9 doing the method of restarting after first blue open door. It took me roughly 35-45 minutes before it finally showed up. It was in a blue door that went into lockdown to clear enemies.
  13. all of my trophies popped except assemble the avengers trophy. So, hopefully when I do a quick playthrough of the campaign it will unlock. I got the assembe avengers after replaying the story until that mission. So, I now have platinum on ps5
  14. the one where you defeat 20 different enemies is glitched for me. Information overload trophy collect 50 intelligence files is glitched for me as well.