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  1. 'King Kunta' was shared by Kendrick Lamar last night. Really good/fun track. Has a west coast funk flavor to it. http://pitchfork.com/news/58843-kendrick-lamar-shares-latest-to-pimp-a-butterfly-track-king-kunta/
  2. Welcome! Enjoy your stay here on the forums
  3. Hey CM, it's been awhile so I need an update for my IV Card as well
  4. Could I also be put on the waiting list? Wouldn't mind trying this out as well now that my schedule has cleared up a bit for the foreseeable future
  5. If I remember correctly someone at sony said that this will be coming very soon. Their issue was that they didn't want people harassing other playstation users and then being able to change their name and avoid any repercussions. I don't know why its taken them so long to address this. You could simply make it so that you can only change your name once per year or three times per account.
  6. Side Note: Is anyone here excited for Kendrick Lamar's Untitled? I think "Blacker the Berry" shows that every song is going to be palpable and charged with emotion. That's when Kendrick is at his best. The fact that he hasn't decided which songs will be on it yet shows how much work he put into it. A new spin on a Biggie classic
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  8. Omnipotent :: Apotheon I'm a pretty big fan of 2D side scrollers and Greek mythology, so when I heard about Apotheon I thought it would be a home run for me. It was more like a single. It's aesthetically pleasing. The ceramic painting art style is unique and sharp. Each stage is also well done. But, for me, that was pretty much the only positive part. The storyline is pretty standard and unimaginative: Zeus has ignored helping Earth. Attack Mt. Olympus and take the powers of the gods. The quests are all pretty much carbon copies of each other, aside from one or two of them. The game does have a decent amount of weapons, but most become useless rather quickly and you find yourself rotating between four or five of them. The enemies are rather bland and there is never really a need to strategies how to take them down. Even technical issues also kind of ruined this game for me. I swear every hour or so the game would crash, and every now and then the game would become bogged down and really jittery for 10-15 minute durations. Outside of beating it on olympian difficulty for a trophy there is no replay value. If you downloaded it when it was free, then give it a try. If not, I think you can find a better side scroller for your money's worth.
  9. I seemed to have missed one rare weapon on my first way through. Earth Shaker's Hammer. Does anyone know where that weapon is located? Thanks in advance
  10. You guys are lifesavers thank you so much. I was at Zeus so I just backtracked and found it after going off the beaten path a little bit. Mine was next to the third lockbox.
  11. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay this time around
  12. Welcome! Enjoy your time here on the forums
  13. Dragon Age: Inquisition Nobody expects the Andraste Inquisition!!! In all seriousness, this was a really fun and interesting game. I haven't played the previous iterations so the lore was a bit confusing and dense at first. However it is surprisingly easy to pick up the big picture. The game also starts off a bit slow but once you get to unlock specializations (for my play throughs it was around the 8-10 hour mark) that's where it starts to shine combat wise. You gain a unique way to tackle the battlefield and can mix up your party even more so, depending on how you want to act. More operations, locations, and quests pop up. And, of course, cue the dragons. The story was predictable, but not too shabby. It did feel like most of your game decisions didn't carry any real weight and that's a bit disconcerting. But overall I think that it was a solid game and I look forward to seeing what shakes the empire in the next one.
  14. About to wrap up DA: I. Great game. Anyone have anything they would recommend playing on the PS4?

    1. StrickenBiged


      If you like a challenge, then Geometry Wars 3. It looks like you might not have tried a number of the games that have been on past PS+ offerings, like Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy. If they're in your download list, then they're definitely worth a play. All difficult, but lots of fun.

    2. xzeusyx


      Yeah I've been slacking on those but I did download them. Thanks for the heads up!

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  16. Enjoy your stay Mr. Chile
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  18. Um correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that the Grand Collector and Walk in the Park are the tough ones. There isn't a mapping system that shows what collectibles you missed, only a count for each map. And the hardcore mode can be extremely challenging in some spots, such as the castle level (don't remember the name). I didn't think it was overly difficult but I guess other players think so And to the poster above: 10/10. 17 Ultra rare platinums is an amazing feat. The Fight NIght Round 4 one looks killer in the collection
  19. First time in awhile that I had some time to game so I knocked out a couple games this past week. it can't be for nothing :: The Last of Us Remastered Good single player and multiplayer, which can't be said about most games. I bit too narratively driven, however the gameplay was still relatively smooth. I know that games should be more focused on gameplay over story but it was a fun experience and should be played by everyone who enjoys quality gaming. Guardian Lord :: Destiny People may have their gripes with this game and the numerous shortcomings that it may have (good hell, there is a ton), but any game that can have me sink in over 500 hours is worth a purchase. Fluid shooting mechanics, a creative leveling/gear system, and multiple events that you can do with your friends are just a few of the many shining spots this game has. There's no denying that it has plenty of holes, but I think this ship still holds water just fine. It's a quasi RPG/MMO/FPS/Thing? that people should really admire and not bludgeon to death. Master Assassin :: Assassin's Creed Unity I bought this game at launch and was a bit let down., especially since I thought Black Flag was a step in the right direction. It wasn't the glitchiness that is was this games biggest downfall, it is the fact that this game is superficial. It looks amazing on the outside yet there is nothing within it. The story follows a typical cliche and is quite forgettable, the gear is lackluster, the missions are bland, and the controls somehow took a step back. It's substance is average at best and that just can't be allowed with today's standards. Hopefully the next iteration has more effort put into it because the franchise and its fan base deserve better.
  20. Gang Starr :: Work Jay Electronica :: Exhibit A Joey Badass :: Daily Routine A classic with some newer goodies
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  23. 10/10 30 Platinums under 10%? Great work. I wish I had a collection like yours
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  25. They're both pretty different games at the core. You already have GTA and Far Cry which are similar in concept to AC. Open world games with missions to do. Why not try something new? I own AC: Unity and it's a fun game. The glitches are a bit frustrating but I enjoyed it still. I've never played any LBP iterations but from what I understand they are largely creation driven. You have to be a bit creative but people get that enjoy these types of games get immersed into them. So if you like building, tinkering, and creating a narrative then try it out. If you want a game where you can climb walls, be stealthy, and hack things to pieces, then AC is your best bet.