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  1. The Harpies drop them, in painted world, drop rate is okay. All you need is ten. If you open up all areas of Aramis you end up fighting 7 of them. 4 in a locked up area and three on the spiral stariway to the red soapstone.
  2. Aren't achievements just another form of a chore?
  3. One of Vaatividya's more recent videos(A guy who talks about Dark Souls lore and the game in general) mentions that the file names for the Crown Trilogy are named in a way that leaves it open for more DLC. It's still only a name though.
  4. The 75 combo one here's what I did. I used the Sais with relative full upgrades(like 1-2 on damage). Run past the first guy you encounter near the check point, do the same with the two-three guys you face, the area with the tetris like shaped blocks. Once you go to the third area with the agro enemey(increased enemy strength) that's when you should start racking up the combo. Beat those two guys and you should have like 20-30 combo. Then go to the big area this is where you'll rack up a lot of hits. I managed to get to 100 just by doing this so it should be no problem. If you feel that you want to have a safety net of hits do the 2nd one, though I'd advise luring them closer to the warp area. once taken those guys out blast away with the machine gun to hit the enemies(the one with agro or the other one) to keep the combo going. I hope this helps(I just got the achievement myself). Oh and be sure it's normal or higher difficulty.
  5. I'm quite happy for the release of it on Vita
  6. Man I remember getting all those, that one was definietly the most challenging one, but I got it. Babbies first plat Knock-back is your friend in this fight, so use the yellow headbutt. Even if the shield is not of the same color(say red) use the head-butt to send him flying and follow it up with the red uppercut. The white shield takes about 2 rotations of knock-back to deplete. If I recall basic attacks(foward[right or left]) also has a chance of knocking him back, though I think you have to pummble him a few times before that happens. Usually attack him after his fire charge attack, I feel that that's when Mr.Jaguar is the most vulnerable.
  7. There's a certain point where allocating points becomes rather pointless. Leave it at 50 and re(re?)allocate your points. Also Darklurker is weak to fire, if I recall, so try and use pyromancy or a fire weapon.
  8. After playing Demon's Souls I have to say that Dark Souls 2 borrows quite a few things good and bad from Demon's. The Linear paths are a real let down, it's really easy, especially once you know your way around(which should be by NG+). A lot of the lord bosses were jokes(especially Mr.Old Iron King) another problem Demon's Souls had(though I loved the Idea of the Old Monk battle where players can invade you during that fight). Though I did manage to get to NG++++ without getting bored, though Demon's Souls isn't too far behind. I have Dark Souls on PC, but it doesn't run as smooth as it used to so I just bought it for the PS3 and will be playing it again.
  9. This, though do keep in mind you still need to get the Heirs of the Sunlight covenant rank 3 and Bell covenant rank 2 to get those spells/miracles. Other than that most spells can be found by drops and merhcants. Wellenger will only give you three of the spells Great Chaos Fireball(or Bro-Blood rank 3) Bountiful Sunlight(Blue Sentinals rank 3) Wrath of the Gods(Blue Sentinals rank 2)
  10. SAO<<<.Hack The game's UI is dreadful. The fact that you have to push L and/or R to open a Gigantic Menu then press L or R to scroll through the 3 other tabs is just silly. Attacks are all boring and don't have any impact, they all act and feel the same so what's the point of giving us like 50 different ones? Another problem I have with this game is that there is just too much stuff thrown at you at the tutorial and I can guarantee that half of it is pointless. Also characters are all dreadful, I know this is supposed to be a harem anime and what not(or some white wash action anime, whatever) they are all supposed to be dreadful. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment cause I've been buying so many dull games for the Vita as of late. Also if you want to make a game based on an anime(I don't care if it's pandering to only the fans) you should make a glossary of terms and events for people who are unfamiliar with this anime(though playing the first 10 minutes I wish I could forget all of it), I'm gonna keep going and see if my opinion changes, but this is really starting to feel like Valhalla Knights 3. Though that lag bug is really making the game unplayable(where even if you only use the action button it takes 5 seconds for the attack to actually commence or you're 20 ft away from the enemy yet they still manage to hit you with a short sword).
  11. Most of the time yes, I try to get most of the trophies. Trophy hunting is more of a side thing for me. I get games because they look fun or sound fun. My beliefe is, if the game was enjoyable or was bareable to complete I'll finish(or try to) finish off the achievements. So I feel that I didn't waste my money.
  12. So I guess both Atlus and NIS are guilty of producing crap. Then again I can't say this for certain in the Neptunia department, just the design of the characters are just flat out boring. Plus idol management isn't really anything I'm interested in. I've read that, on this thread, the characters are what the people like, but that's a bit broad. I mean I very much doubt they are written very well.
  13. The trophy guide mentions that you can get the three spells from the covenents via NG++. What you need to do is to beat NG+ and in post game go fight the Mirror Knight via esthetic. Then go into NG++ go to Drangleic Castle and talk to chansellor Wellinger. He'll sell the souls. I am nearing Drangleic Castle so I'll confirm if this is true, but if someone written it into the guide then it should be true. https://psnprofiles.com/guide/357-DARK-SOULS-II-Trophy-Guide
  14. The only problem I see, which is minor are some of the promo things that are going on. Currently there is a Tiger & Bunny promo where the Robots(Jinkihei) get a pallete swap, but I can't get it cause it's DLC. JPN PSN required and what not. There is also a Gintama uniform you get(so far I know it's only male, don't know what kind of costume you get for female). So that's Kadokawa and Jump they have to go through. I'm sure much like Monster Hunter they'll turn it into something really dumb or something not even worth the while. So chances are still high(though ultimately it depends on the sale of the first game).
  15. Which mission are you referring to? Most of the larger Aragami(or hell the majority of Aragami in the campaign) can be classified as bosses.