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  1. finally ps home shuts down.
  2. MGS :Ground zeroes.people beat it in 6 minutes i call that hacking cuz the most pro's do 2 hours untill completion
  3. go to game data and look for the's not a save but it's a game related file so it should be there
  4. how do i change my psnprofiles name?

  5. i cause controversy but i'm a good person even if you see me as some kind of arsehole.i just want justice to succeed and douches to be banned.

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    2. razizo41


      (raz is making conclusions out of his cookie ass)

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      i want a ass with cookies!

    4. razizo41


      You ain't gettin dat cookie ass. It is my precious!

  6. the only good rpg in existance:battle princess of arcadias.
  7. f.e.a.r 3
  8. borrowed it from my cousin.i never aim for plats but i like to help people find new plats to earn
  9. waiting for a fix on mine since the letter is a bit wrong
  10. the end from beyond:two souls
  11. random anime pic
  12. it's not that bad
  13. it's fixed already
  14. i don't have it anymore