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  1. hi everybody i just wanna hear what your thoughts are on this matter.recently game developers have become more and more lazy in creating new games which results in 2-4 hour long quick cash-in games .take akiba's trip 2 for's supposed to be 10-12 hours but if you follow the story you beat it in just 2 hours.this raises the question "why?". why are they doing this to us?why must we pay 40$ for it?
  2. finally ps home shuts down.
  3. MGS :Ground zeroes.people beat it in 6 minutes i call that hacking cuz the most pro's do 2 hours untill completion
  4. go to game data and look for the's not a save but it's a game related file so it should be there
  5. how do i change my psnprofiles name?

  6. i cause controversy but i'm a good person even if you see me as some kind of arsehole.i just want justice to succeed and douches to be banned.

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      (raz is making conclusions out of his cookie ass)

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      i want a ass with cookies!

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      You ain't gettin dat cookie ass. It is my precious!

  7. the only good rpg in existance:battle princess of arcadias.
  8. f.e.a.r 3
  9. borrowed it from my cousin.i never aim for plats but i like to help people find new plats to earn
  10. waiting for a fix on mine since the letter is a bit wrong
  11. the end from beyond:two souls
  12. random anime pic
  13. it's not that bad
  14. it's fixed already
  15. i don't have it anymore
  16. i can deal with a 5$ indie but a full price 60$ game that's only 2 hours long is like wasting your money to see a snail win a horse race
  17. samurai warriors 4
  18. 4-5 depending on how much i wanna play
  19. akiba's trip 2
  20. about 6000 or more.not that i give a damn about them.i just play to beat the game not to fucking hunt platinums like some rabid dog
  21. rainbow six vegas 2 (no trophies) battlefield 4 (didn't play it yet) everybody's golf world tour (no trophies) heavenly sword ( no trophies) dynasty warriors 6 (no trophies)
  22. the title is self explanatory.what setting for notifications do you prefer to use on your ps3 system as you play your favorite games?i prefer the have nothing on my screen so i turn off the notifs because they obstruct my view.
  23. mean notifs as in messages,friend requests,on and offline pop ups