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  1. Your a legend, my son loaded minecraft on my account and got 1 trophy. U saved me weeks of work 👍👏👏
  2. Got the baku from eclise second time round after about 32 hours total play time . Think this game likes me got short sight first time i went to the castle after 3 quests.
  3. Need a very rare item will swap with exotic painted wheels and certified topper for 50 wins. PSN MI8PLAYER Send me a message Can have the very rare item back when finished last trophy
  4. Thanks good tip set 4 alarms from 6.30 to 7.30 Tokyo time, all 4 had 12 people. Only 1 did not wake up.
  5. Looking to do raiding party and maybe flawless ps4 Saturday 9th may 9pm UK time. Psn mi8player. Don't except blank friend requests put raiding party. Already have 3 other level 32's