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  1. Yo man do you still have the game and can you let me borrow all the weapons so I can get those trophies.
  2. Seeing as the game is co-op and most people did the same thing on demon souls an dark souls. yes I had someone lend me the rings on demon souls and it still took me months to get the platinum. you probably did the same thing which isn't so bad I mean you got the platinum in a couple weeks on a game without help is near impossible platinum whores do it all the time so I don't see the problem bro and one other thing looked at your trophies KNYTT UNDERGROUNG you can play that whole game and not earn a single trophy as said by K1LL1ng5pr33 on ps3trophies.org and you seem to have gotten it in a couple days seems like you used YOUTUBE to me bro same as coping someone "PLAYgiarism". that’s how you really spell it if you where wondering à plagiarism.
  3. Hello my name is Marcus and I just wanted to post this to anyone out there who has all the weapons trophies and is willing to let me borrow them so that I can get the trophies I'm NOT going to STEAL them I just want the trophies hit me up if your willing to do this PSN: ZebLaden
  4. My last purchase was AC3 but I haven't played it yet trying to plat F1 2010 HAHAHA.
  5. Wow what's the matter with people these days committing suicide over a game, TV show or even a movie, to me it makes no since the kid must have had some mental problems.