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  1. if my memory serves me well then the last endurance race in gt5 was unlocked at lv40 (and it was 24h n├╝rburgring if i'm not mistaken). and it seems that it was possible to complete it in little over 35 minutes.
  2. yay finished it on july 1st.
  3. at the end of video guide there's part of level select area where symbols are lit up (if collected). see if some are not lit. that's the one(s) you're missing. select level, collect symbol, finish level, check hub area again.
  4. https://www.trueachievements.com/a40830/hammer-of-fate-champion-achievement
  5. 2 in dlc are not online only. one is doable against brutal ai (which is easier than it sounds). and the other you can surrender against ai on all maps.
  6. just drive one easy lap (do not push hard). make challenge, send to a friend. friend beats your time/score (no need to push hard. just need to beat your initial time/score). after that you just beat friend time/score. that's how it worked for me. trophy failed to pop for me when friend didn't beat my time. edit: i did ti about 2years ago. no idea about how well servers are working now.
  7. it's a bit weird that bunch of games from the past pop up in game order in 2018 last months.
  8. but there's a chance that you might get dropped into public lobby after finishing mission/heist setup etc
  9. btw.. i have the original model with 3g+wifi (and latest fw) if it makes any difference.
  10. slade xmas song and random ign beyond episode started to play fine (still video has to be shorter than 1h or it fails to play)
  11. i calculate day as 24h. meaning that if i get first trophy at 9am on Oct 1st then 1 day has passed at 9am on Oct 2nd (it's still 1 day despite it being 2 dates) etc. from 21st to 30 for me is 9 days (21+9=30) actually i used trophies per day stat from profile page.
  12. platinum count * trophies per day /total trophy count = platinums per day platinums per day * 365 days = platinums per year it's correct. platinum count, total trophies count and trophies per day have changed meanwhile
  13. 2,5 per day (912,5 per year) atm for you if it helps you in any way.
  14. you don't even need to count them. it's already visible. and this is faster than 5-10 minutes:
  15. if going by date of 1st platinum then for me it's nearly 2 years off. if such statistics would be implemented then i think it should be "since 1st trophy".
  16. "...since the making of my account" not sure if this is public. can you tell when i made my account (month/year)? date of my 1st trophy is the wrong answer btw.
  17. and going down on list it seems that there are many more that are moving up year or few between other games in 2015.
  18. on quick look it sure is interesting that many games from years ago pop up in game order in/after august 2018. most of them are those that are disputed here.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4HjFiGsflo i kind of remember something from there. there's comment on that video by Reza Mirzaei: Intel 4 does not spawn if you take the elevator as shown here. Once you've interrogated the first officer (in the barracks, intel #6), go back out and take the top entrance/elevator in the court yard. That is the first open area with enemies you come to (two sniper towers on each side with security cameras). There are two ways further from there: one to the barracks and one (the top one) to the gallery.´╗┐ maybe that's your problem.
  20. i didn't need vr headset for dlc. just used vita and smartphone (for ar studio). remaining few trophies from main list are waiting when i'll have access to second ds4.
  21. ps3 gow3 got 1.03 update in 2010. any info about some more recent fix/patch?
  22. with 2 players we did ~2500 camaraderie per hour. vs ops deathmatch, 2 rounds, 1min round, 1kill to end round and it took about 10sec to make that kill and end the round. if idle then it goes slower (each round takes 1 minute and briefing between matches takes 1minute). rescue chico mission in ch1 unlocks delivery option and mother base database (where you can see your camaraderie). you can earn camaraderie before that and it will not go missing but you just can't check how much you have. beating tank battle in ch1 unlocks trading option. AND save manually from time to time when grinding vs ops to make sure that your camaraderie gets saved. game autosaves only after beating story missions, extra ops etc. my partner lost like 10k camaraderie because of power cut.
  23. i would be surprised if recording would make those trophies legit. one can always hide the game before someone finds/flags it if he/she cares about leaderboards.
  24. rise of the tomb raider. because it's the only game from selection i currently have in my backlog (for about a year).
  25. maybe op should contact sony instead and suggest them to buy this site (or make a deal with owners so that sony can copy/mimic the way things work here) to really get what he suggests.