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  1. I just did the tutorial and didn’t get 50k
  2. They got back to me. “ Hey Evan, unfortunately our online provider went offline, and it will take time until we can transition properly to a new service, as we don't have the resources right now. Everything else - including building your own levels - will continue to work. “ Maybe if ppl keep asking about it they will handle it =)
  3. If you guys want to direct message the developer and hammer them into fixing the servers; you can reach them here:
  4. Can I have me and friend on one team and my alt with a bot on the other for the blitz wins? Or will the game not allow that? Also, does completing the cups on gold automatically pop the silver and bronze trophies as well?
  5. Does anyone have the bipod, masterkey & grenade launcher that I can use? I have my own dummies, just not those attachments and the skill point gain is taking too long
  6. So far this has happened to me on this and Minecraft Story Mode. Is this how it is for all of them now? Gotta just play everything offline ?
  7. Would love to see which parts you used for each trap! Thank you for the method!
  8. Dude, you are awesome. Thank you very much!
  9. So are you supposed to just set up and then remove and resell barriers? I’m missing how you spend the coin.
  10. Matchmaking is still working. I’ve been finding other players just fine today, in fact they’re interrupting me trying to match with my buddy
  11. I’ve been finding randoms all day today as I’ve been trying to boost with myself. It’s not broken.
  12. If anyone wants to do quit outs for rank/prestige, add me. Having trouble finding available partners. (NA)
  13. Servers are down right now. Hopefully will go back up before shutdown 😑
  14. If anyone needs a partner from NA for this game, hit me up.