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  1. Here is a text guide for this game if you are interested
  2. Here is the video guide if you need it for this game
  3. hakoom we were friends, but I saw all that shit you talked about me on your discord channel and I knew it was all a lie. I was very disappointed that you saw me like that after all the conversations we had. This will be my last post as well, I am sorry if I offended people as well, but all I want is everyone to be treated equally on this website, no one should be above the rules. You are right, you didn't hack Dead 2 Rights, but you did admit you used your own save file to post trophy times out of order which is a violation against PSNP rules. check out their rules if you did not know. Anyone else would be forced to hide their game, you should have to do the same. You are not above the rules. Have fun everyone, this was a great way to go out
  4. I removed myself from PSNP because of exactly this reason. Using your own save file is a violation on PSNP, using your own save file is the same as hacking in the eyes of PSNP. Yet for some reason you admit you violated their rules and they are not holding you to the same standard as everyone else. This is the reason I left I am honestly walking away happy at this moment because I finally did what I always wanted you to do, you openly admitted you violated PSNP rules and yet you are still on the leaderboards and are not forced to hide the game. Thank you hakoom for finally admitting this
  5. I am shocked he finally told the truth. For years his explanation was always, I have explained this years ago look it up. Other people would be forced to hide games for admitting they used their own save file to unlock trophies. I guess we will finally see if Hakoom will be held to the same standard as everyone else
  6. So you admit you used your own save file for trophies to appear out of order, this is a clear violation of PSNP rules
  7. You didn't answer the question about you hacking Dead 2 Rights Retribution, did everyone just see that Come on Hakoom what happened, why did you unlock 25 and 50 badges at the same time, please explain to us all how that happened. Everyone else has to explain their stuff in public, its about time you answer this
  8. So now that I answered your question, here is a question all the viewers want to know What is the truth on Dead 2 Rights Retribution You unlocked 25 and 50 badges at the same time, way I see it is either 1) you hacked the game 2) you used your own save Both are violations on PSNP and you should have to hide that game, unless there is an option 3 you would like to answer
  9. I already answered that in my first post, are you not reading what I said. That quote is from 4 years ago, I play way more now than I did at that point in my life for that interview. I don't even work at that job anymore, yeah things change over 4 years. So your proof is an article I did 4 years ago, my proof you are a team is a youtube video. Who seems to be using logic now?
  10. WTF, are you serious. You say someone did Mein Leben and Super Meat Boy for me, NOW YOU SAY YOU DONT NEED PROOF Your proof is logic, wow dude you need to learn what you are saying because you have gone full crazy. Dude you are a team, everyone knows you are a team so stop pretending like you are solo You know what the sad thing is, you think everyone actually believes what you are saying. You actually think in that head of yours, that people truly believe you are a solo person. Well this YouTube Video shows you are not a team, this is what you call proof
  11. Where is your proof, you say he did them for me (have no idea who that is anyway), but where is your proof. Please show me proof that someone did it. And why do I need to make a video as proof? I have never made a video in my life, why do I care to start doing them now. Just because you make up shit, does not mean its true. Again that youtube video proves you are a team, that is your proof In Fact, check out Hakoom's trophy log. That is how you tell someone is a team, games all over the place, 3-4 games at times all unlocking at the same time. No one that has a brain could possibly believe you are a solo person.
  12. I did Mein Leben and Super Meat Boy myself, anyone claiming to doing that is a liar. I would love to see the proof of that shit because it does not exist. And to your question how could someone have 2000 plats and not care.....uhhhh I just retired from trophy hunting There is your proof, its funny you are shooting yourself in the foot by making my argument for me. Everyone doesn't have to care about trophies to the level you do I know why you hate that youtube video, you do not want anyone exposing you for the team that you are. Its so funny, you scream from the mountaintops that you are against every team, yet you are the biggest fraud there is.
  13. Thank you and I also think that is one thing I will not retire from. I actually enjoyed writing those japan novel guides and I don't think I will stop doing that either. Writing trophy guides was the best feeling I got, and with all the easy games coming out, I lost track of that as well. I want to get back to writing trophy guides for others
  14. Hakoom I have no idea what your problem is but i am solo. You have no idea what ps3imports is, its just a site sharing games with each other thats all. Name a game someone else has played for me, you can't because i am solo. That 3-4 hours you mentioned, that is an article from 4 years ago, things change I obviously play more now than I did at that point in my life. As for me saying I don't care about trophies, me retiring should be evidence of this, I just don't care anymore. How is this an insult to trophy hunters? We all don't have to make trophies our life, I have other things going on in my life that are much more important than trophies. After getting platinum 2000, I realized this shit is never-ending. TROPHIES WILL NEVER END. I have played for almost 11 years, I don't want to play another 11 years especially with easy games appearing all the time now. For some reason you cannot fathom I am a solo person, maybe its because you have multiple people on your account. There is a youtube video out there that proves you are a team, but hey if you dont believe me check out your trophy log. My trophy log never had multiple games playing at the same time that are impossible. You say I have been a team since 2012 or 2014, then you will have no problem naming one game that someone played for me in 2019? How about 2018 or 2017 or 2016? You can't because no one played these games but me. Again, I think you don't really know what you are talking about with ps3imports. For some reason you are convinced we all play on each others accounts, which is not the case. That is against the rules to share your main account with others. The reason I have been successful is the website allows me to play alot of games and not buy all these games. By sharing games with others, this has allowed me to save alot of money and access to alot of games.
  15. Since MMDE wishes to spread lies about this situation, I am happy to post this instead since this will be my last one. I am removing myself since for the 4th time on this site I have been flagged yet again for a game I did not cheat. As the previous 4 times, they have lifted the flags, however I no longer want to support a site with a staff that has biases against me and others. Not only has the bias been clear, at the same time MMDE admitted Hakoom hacked Dead to Rights. YES HE ADMITTED IT. He admitted not only is this a hack, its against PSNP leaderboard rules. Why is he not removed you might ask? Because he said people have accepted this hack. Well I have not accepted it. If everyone is treated as equal why is he not treated with the same standards as the rest of us? If anyone else had that same hack you would force them to hide it. He says its an older game but people hacked Fuel and Socom and they were forced to hide their games, why does he get special treatment? So with this that, my final farewell