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  1. So it has come to my attention you copied the whole guide from ps3imports without permission. I ask that you remove this since this was unauthorized. @Sly Ripper @DaivRules @Beyondthegrave07
  2. This is the PS3 version of the game, since I did the game offline (on the vita) I don't have the progress on the PS3 WHICH IS MY POINT And by the way, my image proves you don't have to be on the internet and you still earn progress on the bar below.
  4. To everyone that keeps saying to the best of my knowledge or they think they know. Play the game, takes 2 seconds to figure it out Sign offline and see if you earn progress towards that trophy
  5. Then how about this, test it out. And let me know if you cannot earn progress offline. I know for a fact you earn progress offline.....because I did it that way. Are you saying the game only takes 100 hours to complete? I have spent way more than that on this game
  6. If I played the game online, they would autopop, I didn't which is why it did not autopop The trophies that do autopop though, do nothing to help you towards the real difficult trophies so its a useless feature
  7. Roughdawg4 Star Wars Pinball You know you guys flag me all the time, but this one has to take the fucking cake. You don't have to play the game online, its an offline fucking trophy
  8. Welcome back #1 trophy hunter!

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    2. PepsiMaxVanilla


      Call Hakoom whatever, but you people do realise that he’s only back on the leaderboards because he hid Twisted Metal from his profile, right?

    3. KilledByMatty


      he only came back bc he's sick of hakoom getting his deserved attention and winning gww's like a child seeming as that is how he left the site the past 4/5 times in a childish rage bc the moderators wouldn't suck up to him like other ppl do since he clearly cheated on twisted metal

    4. damon8r351


      Whereas for Hackoom, the mods are all about slobbing his knob. 😂

  9. Welcome back top trophy hunter!

  10. Congrats on coming back! :D  Now, if only they'd add my account back to the site :( 

  11. Here is a text guide for this game if you are interested
  12. Here is the video guide if you need it for this game
  13. hakoom we were friends, but I saw all that shit you talked about me on your discord channel and I knew it was all a lie. I was very disappointed that you saw me like that after all the conversations we had. This will be my last post as well, I am sorry if I offended people as well, but all I want is everyone to be treated equally on this website, no one should be above the rules. You are right, you didn't hack Dead 2 Rights, but you did admit you used your own save file to post trophy times out of order which is a violation against PSNP rules. check out their rules if you did not know. Anyone else would be forced to hide their game, you should have to do the same. You are not above the rules. Have fun everyone, this was a great way to go out
  14. I removed myself from PSNP because of exactly this reason. Using your own save file is a violation on PSNP, using your own save file is the same as hacking in the eyes of PSNP. Yet for some reason you admit you violated their rules and they are not holding you to the same standard as everyone else. This is the reason I left I am honestly walking away happy at this moment because I finally did what I always wanted you to do, you openly admitted you violated PSNP rules and yet you are still on the leaderboards and are not forced to hide the game. Thank you hakoom for finally admitting this
  15. I am shocked he finally told the truth. For years his explanation was always, I have explained this years ago look it up. Other people would be forced to hide games for admitting they used their own save file to unlock trophies. I guess we will finally see if Hakoom will be held to the same standard as everyone else