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  1. Since MMDE wishes to spread lies about this situation, I am happy to post this instead since this will be my last one. I am removing myself since for the 4th time on this site I have been flagged yet again for a game I did not cheat. As the previous 4 times, they have lifted the flags, however I no longer want to support a site with a staff that has biases against me and others. Not only has the bias been clear, at the same time MMDE admitted Hakoom hacked Dead to Rights. YES HE ADMITTED IT. He admitted not only is this a hack, its against PSNP leaderboard rules. Why is he not removed you might ask? Because he said people have accepted this hack. Well I have not accepted it. If everyone is treated as equal why is he not treated with the same standards as the rest of us? If anyone else had that same hack you would force them to hide it. He says its an older game but people hacked Fuel and Socom and they were forced to hide their games, why does he get special treatment? So with this that, my final farewell
  2. Mahomes is saving my fantasy football season If there Defense can just play somewhat average football, they should at least make it to the Super Bowl
  3. If the Lions can hold on to this game, all of a sudden the Dolphins are going to have a huge match up against the Patriots for week 4.
  4. I don't like the rule either, but as you said, this was a point of emphasis so this should not be any shock. During the Oakland/Miami game a flag was thrown because of a defender on Tannenhill and even I thought it was a little weak. I hope when it comes to the playoffs, they lay back a little on the rule
  5. My Dolphins are 3-0 Yeah we look like shit but at least I can enjoy this for one more week before we are dismantled on week 4. It is making me nervous that Oakland was walking up and down the field on us and we won because of their horrible plays in the red zone Jimmy G looks like he might have tore his ACL. I hope he is okay
  6. I love seeing this list and seeing Eternal Sonata on here several times even though it has no trophies. It was part of that initial batch that was just spectacular. At Toneliqo Atelier Rorona (and for that matter I love the whole series) Final fantasy XIII-2 Hyperdimension Neptunia Kingdom Hearts Ni no Kuni Tales of Grace F Tales of Symphonia Tales of Xillia Tales of Xillia 2 Time and Eternity (this was pretty funny) Trinity Universe Rune Factory Oceans / Tides of Destiny was awesome. It had a great story and the characters were great, the only drawback to the game is the mass amount of grinding you have to do for trophies. But that has no factor on how awesome the game is.
  7. This game cannot be released soon enough. Cannot wait to play this
  8. The best thing that can happen to someone who wants a 100% profile, is to get a few unachievable things on there. I would love to have a 100% profile and I only have about 20-25 games that are not at 100%. Unfortunately I have a few games on there that are impossible so that will never happen for me I thought this sucked at first but I realized I now take more chances at harder games since I know it doesn't matter if I cannot finish. This also makes it easier to walk away on games like Grand Theft Auto 5 that will take an insane amount of time for a trophy or two.
  9. As soon as i saw this trophy I just starting shaking my head. I really love Warframe but I cannot believe this is the only trophy that was in the update, was this really necessary?
  10. Looking over his posting history shows he has a lot to say about me (and many others) even though I have no clue who he is. He is definitely not practicing what he is preaching I will say this though, the username checks out
  11. Didn't really check the price on play-asia. but ebay looks like it is around $30-$35
  12. Yes it does. It is really any game or rather any game people would actually want to play
  13. I agree the games are fun, but I just meant they are making sure every game stacks at least 4 or 6 times. I am honestly shocked they have not made an Antarctica region for their games.
  14. You should be mad at Ratalaika games for exploiting us
  15. You do realize I run a website that specifically was made to save people money especially for the japan games? I think I have written about 100 of those "easy" japan games that you are mentioning as well. If you think they are easy to write, feel free and do it yourself . I enjoy writing japan guides to help other gamers out so I think its funny to get accused for those when a good portion of those I make very easy for others. I also can assure you I am enjoying the games I play so there is no reason to make assumptions about what I may or may not be enjoying. If I was not enjoying myself, I would not play any of these games. And about the assumptions part, if you really have a question about something I may or may not do, all you have to do is ask. There is no reason to just believe for something to be true with zero knowledge on the subject.