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  1. Added you on PSN earlier and have now got this trophy. Cheers for this offer, it was a big help... with no-one on my friends list playing the game, I was concerned about not being able to get this trophy. As an older gamer, it always feels a bit creepy asking random strangers to be friends, especially as they may well be kids! 😳😂
  2. Yeah, cheers. I finally got this a few days back, basically exactly the way you describe, and on the same map.
  3. Anyone got the Caravan trophy? If so, how did you do it? I tried winching trucks together a short way from the lumber mill on a couple of occasions, and nothing popped. Then I read that you need to winch together at the log station and winch all the way to the mill. I was doing this the other day - it took ages and I was saving regularly, but the game crashed near the end of the run; when I reloaded the save, the trucks were 'parked', engines off, and winch disconnected. I switched it off in frustration. Before I try it the long way again, I'd like to know if it's absolutely necessary.
  4. As it doesn't appear to have happened yet, will this also be getting expanded to the Trophy Cabinet/Trophy Log sections on the Profile screen? It would make sense. Personally, I find the PSN rarity to be the only one which really matters, as it's the only true and consistent measure.
  5. I've only got one more trophy to get for the Platinum now... "Finished the job" - just need to wait for a friend to be available for co-op. It's been a grind, I'll grant you that. I'm not sure where exactly it happened, but there was a tipping point between "it's fun getting these collectibles" and "holy shit, how many more of these fecking things are there?" But over all, I've quite enjoyed it. Haven't bothered with any of the DLC yet, though.
  6. It's not that. This happened prior to that, and has been happening occasionally for years. Yeah, I used to get the 'installing trophies' message on some PS3 games; that's just down to some poor coding/implementation - happened on several third-party titles, but never on first-party. It doesn't happen at all on PS4.
  7. A question for anyone and everyone who cares to answer... Have you ever had trophies sync themselves from console to PSN? I was having a brief discussion on a PlayStation group on Google+ and no-one else there seemed to have experienced this, so I thought I'd ask here. I've had it happen perhaps 5 or 6 times over the years, on both PS3 and PS4. The latest were 4 trophies in GR Wildlands, all earned within the space of 97 minutes between 12:30am and 2:08am UK time this past Sunday. I was playing until around 4am. When I'd finished, I closed the game, did a trophy sync, and nothing happened. When I looked, they'd already been synced. By coincidence, PSNProfiles had also tweeted these trophy wins at 2:57am, while I was still playing the game: Now I don't know if they were synced in real time as they were earned, or in bulk at the same time, but the system clearly uploaded them without any interaction from me. Automatic trophy sync is a much requested feature for PSN which has long gone unaddressed by Sony, and yet it clearly seems to happen sometimes. It's rare, and there seems to be no real reason for or pattern to it, no discernible trigger...but it does happen. It surely can't just happen to me... there must be others who have had this.
  8. I would have, but I didn't have the skill unlocked at that time.
  9. You know what? I hadn't even noticed that! 😳 D'oh! Mind you, there's not exactly a shortage of them, and if I can do 2 or 3 in a fraction of the time, nothing's really lost. Oh well. I'll try sniping the driver in future. I managed it once... same effect... stops the convoy, letting you take out the support more easily. Why no-one else gets in and drives, I don't know... they all seem able to fly helicopters when I fudge up stealing those! Still, grateful for small mercies and all that.
  10. The convoy missions were driving me nuts until I made an accidental discovery... you don't have to chase them. Everything about the missions pushes you to feel you have to preserve the target truck (you AI squadmates even tell you to be careful if you shoot it), so you tend to (well, I did) pursue in a vehicle or helicopter, trying to take out the support vehicles while avoiding damage to the target. And so you get ripped apart by the miniguns. Don't bother! Just blow it up. The convoy stops, making it easier to deal with the support, and you can still claim your reward afterwards. It makes them far easier, and so, so much quicker.
  11. 😂 I've not had that happen yet.
  12. Agreed. The OP's idea is perfectly reasonable. Pretty much everywhere has always dropped 'the' from titles since forever. Books, music, movie lists, catalogues... in fact, leaving it in is the unusual/rare/(some would say) wrong way of doing it. The reason is that so many titles have "the" at the beginning that you can end up with a huge section for 'T' and precious little elsewhere.
  13. As I said at the top, it's feedback. I saw it on other sites, and thought it would be nice to have here. That's what this entire forum section is for, so I'm sure Sly will take it in the constructive manner in which it was intended. He doesn't have to act on it.
  14. Sly's API gathers all this info anyway. Implementing something like this would probably take a man of his talents about 10 minutes, if that.