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  1. When most platinums today are "How much are you willing to grind?", why does it really matter than you can plat this game in under an hour?
  2. This game is a hot mess. Especially the online portion. Hosting matches seems to work out better than not. Shouldn't take you long though, I did all the online stuff earlier today on the first track (i forget the name of it, sry) and had it all done with another person in less than an hour. I would suggest that you only play with one other player, as adding more seems to create more connectivity issues.
  3. Which I didn't use.
  4. and what is that...exactly? There is a never ending list of trophies you can earn. I'm never going to be at the top of the leaderboards here, so there isn't a point of even trying to cheat to get there. Whats the point in buying games if you are just going to hack the trophy lists...and only come out with 4510 trophies?
  5. As far as I'm aware. But wouldn't you think that a lot more abnormalities would crop up if I had a hacked list? Don't you think that I'd have a lot more than 52 platinums in 7 years?
  6. I understand this, but a cheater isn't going to offer money to a service he wants to cheat on.
  7. I'm pretty insistent that I didn't use a save, or cheat, else you would see a lot more platinum trophies on my account. I also don't appreciate the fact that I paid your site money to help better it, and I come out being accused being a cheater. It's a pretty dick move. It's kinda like going to WalMart, buying something from them and then stealing from them. If I'm such a dirty cheater, why'd we wait almost 3 years to flag me for it? Sounds like you guys need to come up with better ways to spend money from people who willingly donate to you?
  8. That's just what I'm trying to say. I don't remember having to go back for the 50%.
  9. If I used a save to autopop the trophies, then there wouldn't be a difference that large in the stamps.
  10. ...and I'm saying that I know that I DIDN'T use a save to autopop those trophies. You want me to prove it? Where am I going to keep evidence to either confirm or deny it? Hell I've seen profiles with trophies with no time stamp at all on them. Are they cheaters too?
  11. and I'm saying that I have 51 other games on my list, that I've unlocked a plat legitimately for, several a lot harder than infamous, I've given you people money (which now I'm starting to regret) and I'm attempting to have an intelligent conversation about the matter. I'm not going to sit here and blow smoke up your ass about why that's like that, because I don't know. Whether someone else thinks that my memory is good enough to remember the details of something I did that long ago is irrelevant. The date settings in my PS3 could have been wrong and I could have corrected them. Very logical explanation. All I know now is that I've had honest intentions with my profile since I started hunting trophies and now I have to live with the brand of being a cheater.
  12. That whole string of games, including Infamous, with the exception of Jak 3, were all started 2-4 years before I finally completed them all, with a lot of the trophy progress made when I first began them. What part of my list looks messed up? Cause the only thing i see messed up on my list is that time difference in Infamous.
  13. searinox904 inFamous You honestly think that I am going to remember how or why those two trophies popped out of order? Two and a half years ago? You think I'm going to cheat on a game like Infamous? You think I'd have any evidence whether I cheated or not? I have 52 Platinums and thousands of dollars in my PSN account. If I were to cheat, it certainly wouldn't be Infamous. Also if I were to cheat, there would be a lot more things like that on my account. This honestly has me discouraged from using PSNProfiles any further and it makes me want to stop hunting trophies all together. ...and I just noticed this. The image in my footer also shows how technology doesn't work fully all the time as intended. That shows my profile progress from like six months ago.
  14. Hello Everyone! Looking for some help with both Co-op trophies. I'm available all day PSN ID: Searinox904 TZ: EST (GMT -5) Thanks!
  15. It really wasn't a very good game, I platted it. If you're looking for an easy plat and some fast golds and silvers, its nice for that. There really is no comparison between this game and L.A. Noire.