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  1. Got it done because of you people in this thread! Thanks for the tips and motivation to keep trying. It was kind of tricky keeping the healer and big Fnakker alive. 2 out of 4 runs I could manage to do it and heal up to full health. On 1 run, Bram melted my health so I had to use the ice cream anyway. But on my 4th run I managed to save the ice cream for the final boss and it helped get through the boss run! My Ps4 is set to only record the last 10 mins so I didn't record the entire run But I can link the Bankkrent fights for anyone who may find it helpful
  2. Shooting his heads and leaving about 5 or 6 alive. Then wait until he hopefully teleports to ground level where you can just open fire. For Phase 2 you have another opportunity to open fire if he's on ground level and he decides to use his exploding vein attack. I didn't notice the healer Fnakker was aiming for the big guy! I usually killed the big guy first. Imma try this out. Saving that ice cream for P2 Bankkrent is everyone's best bet to getting this done
  3. I can't explain why but I've had more success if I don't jump around and just move side to side for the Fnakker group fights. They seem to hit you more when you're in the air. After watching some videos on the Impossible run you'll see many players use this tactic. It's not perfect and you'll still get hit, but I've been able to get to P2 Bankkrent several times because of it. For the Fnakker bridge fight (the one where you vs 4) try stick close to the Fnakker who throws healing items. If you don't jump much he'll accidently throw them into you. For Chef Fnakker always stay in the pot even if you can get out. He'll continue to throw healing items in the pot. I'll leave him with a slither of health and just wait for him to keep throwing food in until I reach 200 health and then quickly finish him off before burning too much. Still working out how to beat P2 Bankkrent. Got to his 3rd phase a couple times but keep failing lol.
  4. Yo got the Super Meat Boy plat today! That's my first game of Tier 1 finished. Took 8 months of on-and-off play but i'm glad I stuck with it! Kind of wish they introduced the speed run achievements from Steam to the PS4 list, or even the No Death runs for World 6 because honestly I found this game really fun, nerve wracking, and rewarding. Super Meat Boy! - (0.22%) Also wondering whether there's a bounty on SMB still available, and if I am eligible to claim it? As technically I joined the event 1 trophy off 100%. Next up: Trials Fusion
  5. I would recommend using Arm Spin Style for more ammo capacity upgrades and health pips over any other style. Because what helped me was realising how important your ammo capacity is. More firepower = more offensive pressure, whether you're spraying enemies down with Noppy or 1-shotting everything with the Laser, it's helpful to quickly clear enemies that are in your way. This is a bit RNG but getting the Knife & Fork upgrade early will help a lot. You can use it to increase health if you don't get hit. But personally, I got damaged a lot in Area 1 and 2 so instead the ability was used to refill missing health, which kept me and the run alive. In area 1 you don't have much time to clear all the enemies, so just kill the one's that are in your way. In area 2 you have more time to plan and you should have a larger ammo capacity. If you can't see what's below, then use your ammo to slow your fall. In area 3 if you have a large ammo capacity you can spam your weapon to slow down your fall, jump on a turtle / squid to get ammo back. + Turtles and squids are an excellent source for food to increase your health. With the help from health pips and Knife & Fork you can build up your health from 4 HP to 6 HP in this area. In area 4 have a large ammo capacity and powerful weapon (I had 26 capacity with Laser). You will be falling quickly so use your weapon to slow down and react to enemy placements, just make sure to jump on a non-red enemy to get ammo back.
  6. This event and all you people here have given me so much motivation to get back into Meat Boy really bad! I don't have much cleanup but I would like to take this opportunity to sign up and try pursue some more difficult games and see how far I can take it. Tier 1 Super Meat Boy (0.22%) - 91% Trials Fusion (0.1%) - 0% Wuppo (0.65%) - 0% Lumo (0.71%) - 0% Bound (0.65%) - 0%
  7. Sorry to hear it didn't work. It's possible that more than 1 hidden objective is bugged but I can't prove it. It's also possible that my workaround was just a coincidence. I did the "No Cops Called" objective on 6 previous saves and it didn't unlock. But the 1st time when I purposefully avoided every hidden objective and then completed "No Cops Called", it unlocked. Also I just used Darius and never played coop. Not sure if this affects anything.
  8. So this trophy is glitched and won't pop after completing all hidden objectives, and it doesn't really look like the devs are going to fix the problem. But there may be a workaround that helped me get the trophy. After messaging @DivineAlice who managed to unlock the platinum, it looked like the "No Cops Called" objective in "Amusement Park" level was the cause of the glitch. So big credit to DivineAlice for helping me find this. This is how I unlocked the trophy and hopefully it works for others too. Step 1: Get 100% on one of your save files. (Not sure if you actually need 100% or just all hidden objectives) Step 2: Start a second save file and play all the way up to "Amusement Park" WITHOUT completing any hidden challenges. We want the "No Cops Called" hidden objective in "Amusement Park" to be our first and only completed hidden objective. Step 3: Complete "Amusement Park" without cops coming. You will get the "No Cops Called" hidden objective as your first hidden objective, which then popped the trophy for me. WARNING: Do not complete the "No Panic" objective by hiding 3 bodies. You can hide 2 at most, that's what I did. You have to complete "Amusement Park" without alerting the cops and without hiding more than 2 bodies. Hopefully this helps somebody
  9. Hey I'm wondering if somebody could help me out with the last couple pets I need - Baby Penguin - Baby Grinch - Baby Snowman - Cursed Sapling - Seedling - Turtle - Zephyr Fish Just want to quickly use them for the trophy and give it back. I can give you the other pets if u need Edit: no longer need thx
  10. 1: Chapter 7 Near the end sequence I stayed in cover for a few seconds after killing 4 enemies. It was silent so I left cover and then WHACK. Molotov! Dead in less than a second. 2: Chapter 2 End of the chapter, the game glitched and the door wasn't open to enter the stairwell. 3: Chapter 14 Becker's grenade blew me out of cover into ragdoll mode. Then he shoots another grenade immediately afterwards as I'm laying helplessly on the ground. I felt nothing but frustration and anger as I saw that grenade flying towards me. Too many wasted hours and efforts. 4: Chapter 7 After killing the flare enemy and the enemy that runs up the stairs, nobody else spawned and eventually I fell through the world and the game kicked me out to the menu. 5: Chapter 13 During the APC section after getting out of cover to grab the LAW, I usually flick down on the analog stick to get out of cover, but OF COURSE I have to mix it up a bit. So instead I hit Square to leave cover, I literally went blank, started getting stuck behind the cover and after 5 seconds of running into the barrier I still decided to go grab the LAW. Gunned down in 2 shots from the APC. 6: Chapter 9 Apparently you are not allowed to double tap the commands at the QTE... oops 7: Successful run. Although Becker once again knocked me into ragdoll, I freaked out and started to shootdodge left and right non-stop until everybody died.
  11. HEAVY RAIN Master 66
  12. An avid gamer with a particular interest in anime and action
  13. D4D please. I'm downloading everyone's creations on the list of when I post this. But for future people, please send me a message after you've downloaded mine and I'll do the same for you.
  14. I think they may have fixed the trophy bug as the same thing happened to me when I entered the multiplayer menu. Trophy popped so that's that.
  15. Another glitch with this game just happened. I don't know what to think of it. The 'Highly Adaptable' trophy unlocked when I mastered the game HEROICS instead of game MODES. The description says to complete all challenges in the game mode list. I still needed to get 25 wins on kill confirmed and hardpoint but the trophy unlocked as soon as I finished the last challenge for the game heroics.