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  1. I actually had a friend get banned for this as well. As per the usual they never gave us a reason why he got banned, but it was during the time he was boosting trophies for Unreal Tournament 3 back in the day. (We can only assume though, that it was for this reason as that was the ONLY game he was playing at the time that was online). All they said was "violating terms and service", although we never could figure out what terms they were implying. His screen name had no vulgarity, racism etc., and he wasn't even buying games off the psn store so it wasn't a "stealing hacking" situation. Ah, the good 'ol days when buying discs at the local kmart or gamestop was more common then online. So, sorry to hear about your friend and I hope he gets it straightened out and fixed, God knows it didn't for my friend. He gave up trophy hunting on the spot. Good luck.
  2. LittleBigPlanet Never got around to finishing that one
  3. Lets hope so, tomorrow ia when it refreshes and it will be exactly 1 month. Lets hope (as much as it sucks) that these 3 player ones are on a monthly cycle.
  4. Lol i know right. I realized the new season was starting and we got it that night.
  5. Probably Days Gone, I'm working on it now. So maybe I will have it soon enough.
  6. A group of friends and myself have been working on this for a week or 2 now. We finally found a good combo of Gods we are good with. We did it twice tonight. No trophy for any of us. So, I'm guessing it remains broken and practically the only thing standing between me and my platinum.