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  1. 15.35.75 maaaan I don't even care about the time limit I'm just as happy as any guy who platinums this game lol. Weird cause nearly every forum said to take out the blue bogey first but the red bogey gave me trouble every single time so ok he dies first lol the blue one was just an annoying fly doing his own thing. Good luck to anyone attempting this don'tgiveup.
  2. Excited for these games to be released over here. Anyone remember how you had a PS2 memory card? With games 100% completed and there was no proof to show online lol. I 100% FFX, FFX-2 and FF12 on PS2 n it took forever. And I'm talking about fully doing everything.
  3. I was gonna buy this game cause it looked cool and I've never heard of it. Then I saw level5 created it! Fark that lol. I remember I tried to 100% there ps2 games. Hours and Hours of gameplay. You guys are legends.
  4. More then ten traps? Lucky guy. People usually farm for hours and end up with none lol. I didn't care about traps for some reason. I farmed dark matters and got them all within 10 tries. Was all luck though.
  5. I bought this game, game sucked. But imma 100% gamer soooo i Went online for the trophies annddd no one plays it lol. If you read this and are trying to get the online trophies let me know.
  6. I kinda cheated for the treasure hunter trophy lol? I had only two traps. Turned one trap into three, I upgraded all the accessories required for the trophy. Saved. Sold them all for money, kept two genji gloves. Upgraded genji gloves. Dismantled them (6 traps now) upgraded the weapons with the money I had, got the trophy then quit. Is that cheating or does everyone do that lol?
  7. In the end I think its a lie lol. I saw some guy bragging his fastest time was 55hours and he was in second place. Saw the page and thought whaaaaaat? Has any one 100% FF12?
  8. Hey guys. I know this games old. I plat FF13 in just over 80 hours. But I saw a page and the fastest time to plat FF13 was 41hours. Rubbish right?