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  1. These type of trophy are truly for the hardcore, that’s a hard pass for me. I just don’t have fun hunting one animal for 5 hours in a missable island.
  2. Yeah that's what I was talking about. It wasn't in his guide, that's why I wrote the warning. Glad he added it.
  3. How do you know that it's not as great as people say it is ?. If I eat a piece of pie and I say it's the best damn pie I ever ate, is it not true because you don't believe it is ?. You are getting confused here, your opinion is just that an opinion. When i don't like a game and I see everyone giving it a 10/10, I don't go "Omg this game is trash, they are all wrong". You will not experience things the same way as others, so don't assume that you know how they feel about it. I thought spider-man was mediocre at best, I preferred batman, but I get why people think it's a fantastic game. People really need to get over their opinion, they don't matter. They matter when the majority feels the same way. What does that mean ? I love Gods of Egypt and it's rated the worse movie of 2016. My opinion is considered wrong, doesn't mean that I don't enjoy watching the movie because of it, I don't give a rats ass if people don't like it, I love it. Now you might hate the movie with a passion, but you can't assume to know how I perceive it from how you feel about it. Same with video games. Just a food for thought. TL:DR - You are wrong, I'm wrong, enjoy what you enjoy, stop telling others that their taste is wrong.
  4. I felt the same way about chapter 1 and 2 but I still had fun. The game truly shined for me after chapter 3, I didn't want the story to end after that point. I do agree that the beginning is extremely slow but they are building the character so you care about arthur quest to redemption, at least that's how I felt about it. I won't get the platinum on this one but I love red dead. I got 100 % in red dead 1 but didn't get the platinum because of multiplayer. This one is too much of a grind for 100 %. The huge map requires you to ride horse for 60 - 70 hours just collecting animals, bones and other collectibles, that's simply a pass for me. Great game otherwise, highly recommend it.
  5. The nun quest never appeared for me, but when I rebooted the game to chapter 6, it was there. That's why I said be careful. Also powerpyx did his guide but the honor system at level 4 by chapter 6 is false. You just need to make sure you do every honor quest in chapter 6, it gives well above 10 full honor. That means, don't be fully in red, can't recover from that.
  6. I just finished the game and I made a save before every chapter. Chapter 6 is where you want your save, some of the honor mission are so missable that I missed the nun quest by progressing into a main story. It was random, made no sense how she showed up and making me miss the quest, I have to replay chapter 6, that was the only quest I missed for honor so be careful. If they appear in your game, you will not get the trophy, I wouldn’t be surprise that this one stay rare for a long time. Also, you don’t really have to worry about honor like I seen in trophy guide. You get massive amount in chapter 6 for not collecting the money, and kicking the collector out of the group. I went from honor 2 to 8 by doing all the honor quest of chapter 6. Best of luck on 100 %, this is going to be a tough one.
  7. According to the app that tracks 100 %, you don’t need everything at 100 %, that’s why I’m confused by this.
  8. The entire rdr 1 is not part of the story at all, that was a huge disappointment. You do see 1 % of it. That’s why I’m unsure why they remasters the entire map of rdr 1, unless they will release a dlc of the entire story of rdr 1 or just do a remastered rdr 1 for an anniversary, since all they need to do is remake character now. The only thing about rdr 1 map is collectibles and pretty much explore. Seems to be aim toward nostalgia, I mean the entire epilogue is a nostalgia hard on.
  9. Very easy on new game +, kind of disappointing. You still see the dodge warning, the only thing that really change is damage taken. It’s pretty much 2 - 3 hits death. This is very easy trophy, don’t expect a challenge at all. By skipping cinematic, you get it in about 4 - 5 hours.
  10. Ultimate was insanely easy on new game +. I skipped all cinematic and did it in a few hours. Minus the fact that bullets kills easily, with the slow movement after perfect dodge, that’s a crazy easy trophy, it’s a 1/10 on new game +, if you do it without new game, I imagine it’s 4/10 for constant death.
  11. I experienced a really smooth experience during the 90 hours. My frame rate never dropped under 30 and if it did, I didn't see it.
  12. If you are still stuck on it. Do a bounty from the board in that area. It will unlock the quest after you complete it. Let me know if that worked for you too.
  13. Anyone else struggling to like the game ?. I was wondering why so few people completed legendary. However an hour or 2 in te game and I realize that it’s completely unbalanced. 1 - drops are awful compare to the enemies you face. 2 - enemies way out level you and even when they are low level, they do massive amount of damage. 3 - this isn’t a skill related game so without good drops, you can’t do anything but die over and over. 4 - you are suppose to progress in a game that require no skill, with monster that do 3x more damage than you and that’s on normal. man, I don’t remember having this issue with it back in the day. I looked around and it seems to be many people issue with this version. The unbalance is apparently gone after a certain point but the first half of the game is so unbalance, it makes people quit. They can add me to the list, I refuse to give myself headache because a game isn’t properly done. Enemies at level 7 - 10 doing almost half a health bar of damage while you do nearly none, with a full rng gear drop. I will never understand that.
  14. I totally agree, I thought this was going to be the same as the original but with more gameplay. I was extremely disappointed by it and the arrow thing is beyond annoying. Sure, it’s a easy platinum but gameplay wise, it’s pretty boring. The original was shorter and way more fun.
  15. The game wa really fun, made me laugh a lot. However, did the dev play their game. It takes half the time to do everything in this game. What were they thinking making a trophy 40 hours. You need to play it twice to even come close to that. I had all challenge completed in 21 hours. I hate leaving a console on overnight to get those type of trophies.