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  1. The entire experience is a joke if you use all the coings. I just plat it with the coins and even the final boss can’t really kill you. With the iron coins, you get almost no damage, the silver, you kill stuff quick and recovery, you’ll heal quick. With all of them, you’ll smoke through it. Now if you don’t have them, it can be a painful experience for sure
  2. Re2 did not auto pop for me except half. I had to replay the game. However, each run takes like an hour 20, so it was quick and easy
  3. Unskippable cutscene after 2 play is ridiculous and insulting. I’m leaving mine at 95 % until they fix that.m
  4. I was missing 2, but ended up getting the trophy just now. I was missing 1 victrium and butterfly, the butterfly did not spawn until this patch.
  5. WoW just find out you need to 2 full play with unskippable cutscene, these dev are as dumb as their terrible game
  6. Mine didn’t glitch, but god this trophy is such a drag. Those scrolls are annoying when you are missing 2 in hogwart
  7. I thought they were great, some of the smoothest I’ve seen, worst flight control for any game for me was Lego marvel. I actually loved flying around in this game
  8. They should never make trophy for these dumb dlc. So people have the option to skip. I hate not doing 100 %, but doing all of this for a few bronze, is simple not worth. Plus I hated the game, it was incredibly short and boring
  9. I was missing the normal mongrel, which are very rare in end game and are only with poachers, which are also rare. However, from what I see, others miss that mongrel because they die so quick.
  10. I am at 400 something out of 600, I just put it on rest mode, seems like as long as you don’t crash or restart, the counter keeps working, That’s what people said with mad max and almost 8 years later, you can’t get the trophy for collecting all location, you have to start a brand new save. 98 hours later, I refused
  11. I swear this company is completely ridiculous, they have had this issue with everyone single and they never ever ever patch it. Mad max had this exact bug and never patch it, you had to start a new game to get all location clear.
  12. Omg I got so lucky, first time attempting, I landed with a really good player and got 4 easy game. Took me maybe 15 minutes and we destroyed them. Never thought I would get it honestly
  13. Such an awful, terrible game, I can’t believe people enjoy this garbage gameplay. I haven’t hated a game as much as this one in years. The gameplay is beyond boring, story is terrible. I am struggling to find the motivation to finish this platinum. Absolutely hate hate hate this game
  14. Good guide, took me 36 hours without a guide except the yaya. With a guide, this game can be plat in 28 - 30 hours for sure. It’s actually a really easy plat for a jrpg. It’s also fun, up until finding that last couple yaya.
  15. My game was so glitch, I am 100 % - 202 gold bricks, 15 red, half the character. Yet I had everything done. this was by far my most glitch Lego game, and there was moment where it was terrible. I gave up on it a year but decided to go back and finish it. After playing skywalker, it was definitely a drag. I was stuck at 99.9 % and finally figured out I was missing an item that you get once everything is done
  16. I can confirm they all count, I didn’t collect every single green cube, but when I hit 59 with luffy and zoro from some bosses, I got the trophy
  17. they were pretty much a joke with food. The toughest one is daflamingo and Aikoji, but if you go in there with frost resists he’s super easy. My luffy hit for 20 - 50k, making the bosses, 3 or 4 hits. Disappointed but game was still very fun
  18. Yep go back to the final tower, move past the floor, into the grass area. There’s a tent there, do a party and farm that area. When they get the extra objective, make sure to do them. You’ll get between 4 mil and 30 mil, it really varies. I got 99 in 30 minutes, it was wild. Just know that after 70 thé stat increase is minimal also it seems post game, that grass area give way more exp than it did prior to beating it.
  19. One piece odyssey and after a week finished the platinum. It was fun and way easier than expected.
  20. After playing the demo and seeing the trophy, I expect this game to be well over 80 hours to platinum. The first area for the demo had 8 chest and im sure there was more. I will be getting it for sure, I love one piece and this one looks like a treat for fans,
  21. Devil may cry, that would be your top platinum, but it is a very hard one.
  22. I love one piece and will be playing it. It does seem extremely grinds but I expected this from jrpg.
  23. I had a lot of fun, up until the raid. Now ironically, I joined a group to do some of the harder challenges like the arena and this dude threw down a weapon and a shield. The weapon was level 1 and does 20 mil damage +. i guess people cheat that game like borderland 2. Thé game was fun though, it starts rough but it’s a fun and easy platinum
  24. Keep playing the game, the other 11 just have to be discovered, but they are all easy. The only annoying one is the 26 random fight
  25. I played the original and it was really good. This one is okay, the length is indeed 4 hours but so boring. The story is so bad, they just repeat what we already knew in the game. The challenges are fun kind of, but annoying at times. Overall, I played for a few hours, I'll probably platinum it tomorrow. The 500 000 isn't a cake walk during hostage but it's duable. The 10 millions is cummulative, and so is everything else. The hardest one is the 100 % challenge because they are so many. Getting 50 % took almost no time.