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  1. You need to draw the fire element that's on the path before you begin the fight. It's just before the little arena you fight him in. Just keep hold of it till the end and he's almost dead, you need his health to be almost gone before using it.
  2. I can confirm the pre-patched version of the game is the same all the glitches are still present in the game. I have the disc (still) and have tried several times. Even tried in on a factory reset ps4 with no Internet. The patch was a roster update and nothing else the game was always broken.
  3. I made a topic on the ps4 version of this and was told to change the title. The game crashes long before you even get close to joining a 5-star team. I have emailed bigben several times and they just ignore that fact that there is a problem. This is a really easy game lots of people should have platinum.
  4. How are people getting the platinum for this game?? I have tried many times and the game crashes at the same point of career mode every time without fail. It's impossible to get far enough to get an offer from a 5-star team or complete all the challenges because of this.
  5. Gave this a try on a spare profile to see if I got the glitches as I see a German player has 100% unless they bought from the US store. I'm totally stuck at the end of chap 3 at the fight with the G.O.D. Boss I can't even get him to half health. I have no idea how you are supposed to do this without civilian casualties.
  6. Does anyone have any insight I to these, why did they have to give no clue what you need to do.
  7. This is unfortunate I had the same thing happen to me in the swamp level when I loaded up I was already in the water and drowning and was freaking out about using chapter select luckily I got out by mashing all the buttons and pressing in all directions and even then it still took many drownings before I wriggled free, I don't know if you'll be able to since your stuck inside a wall but I can sadly confirm loading the chapter will void shadow ranger but you'll still be OK for the other.
  8. From what I hear your stuck sorry
  9. Have you played before or just starting
  10. Thanks for the replys, I'd get the maps it's very difficult to make progress without them, I'm not just advising you too I got them too and wouldn't have if I didn't think it was safe. After watching this for a while here are my conclusions as far as the trophy glitches go I'm pretty convinced these are fixed at source with the server update (not the patch but you'll need it anyway) everyone I've encountered since update has gotten their stuff. The reason you still hear the odd person not is because they were started or past it before the update if this is the case the game doesn't keep checking to see if you've reached the criteria unlike a single action trophy. Much like ghostbusters if you started before the update it doesn't look good for you the update or patch won't fix your problem, if your new your good to go.
  11. This is what I mean the dlc is the obvious culprit but in reality it doesn't fit lots of people got on just fine with dlc installed. What I wonder is if no-one knows the cause what did they patch when they said they fixed it in 2013, it didn't work obviously perhaps it's rarer now than before though
  12. Thanks for trying but I'm sure you know people with and without the BF3 have had it happen to them. There are people playing I gave it a couple of hours the other day on my spare account didn't get as far as to test global warfighters.
  13. I want to play this game but due to a severe lack of information I'm paranoid about getting locked out of the platinum. It's been 3 years and nobody even seems to have the first clue about what causes it. some say dlc but others with no dlc have the glitch. I've seen people say it popped on an alt account bit glitched on their main so the conditions are identical. Please guys any info at all will help
  14. I'm always a bit dubious of the ridiculously high level guys there's quite a few lvl 100 guys at the top of the leaderboard bit filter for cheats and the entire board is decimated it's pretty sad actually. These guys should have their page marked and boot just excluded from the leaderboard.
  15. This might let you play online but will it track wins, ghosts captured etc. If it doesn't you can play perhaps but still not earn mp trophys.