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  1. I can't get the coins for the scratch card, and I can't find some useful info on how to do it. The only thing I found is that you get coins from the mission in the inn, and you get coins for the characters that you use. That doesn't work for me, I need Robin and Chopper coins, and I have already done more than 20 mission with them, and the coins doesn't drop. Is there a specific mission where you can get coins more easily? Thanks in advance.
  2. The only way to be sure the game does save for me was to close it completely and restart again. It's very boring, but at every completed level I closed the game, and this way the game was saving right and the trophy popped. Good luck.
  3. Game it's pretty easy, except for level 10 with the enemies with rockets, the price is honest. Not a good game in any way, but well worth a play.
  4. Yeah, I think it too. As Talia is the country in which the story takes place, there can be others "Legends of Talia" with other characters. Plus, Arcadia talks about other characters and groups that are never showed.
  5. You can get it in base game. Go to El Matadero, there is a house that has a gatling gun on the roof. This way takes more time than the DLC, if I remember 3 or 4 hours, since there are very few persons that walks in the city. If you manage to get a high bounty it will go faster since the bounty hunter will come in the city to get you. Be sure to save from time to time because if you die you will lose the kills.
  6. I'm just curious. Personally, since I like to read, and I like visual novels too, and don't care about the fast time of a platinum, I have read all the story. It's just 2 hours long, so not much. I'm used to 30 hours long or more, no big deal. The story was ok, for what is worth, but Arcadia, the heroine was very unfriendly and dislikeable.
  7. Yeah, I have read something, didn't go to deep, but I have read that sometimes you get stuck with only one or two characters and it's important to keep all leveled and the arena thing. What I didn't understand really well is how the level works. I have read that the levels are tied to the weapons, so you have to keep using the gun to get level in that weapon, and then they sum up with the machine gun level or something like that. I guess that I will understand better if I start to play. So, from what I have read here , it shouldn't be that hard, with the right preparation. The platinum isn't something that is necessary for me, I mean, I will try to get it, but I'm fine with just completing the game. I will try for sure in the next days. Thanks everyone.
  8. This is my last game on PS3 (if I don't buy more in the next days) so I want to play it and finish with the console, but I keep to postponing. I bought this game five or six years ago and never started it. Now I keep reading that this game is hard, and the battle system is hard to master, but in the trophy guides people says that it's easy to platinum and I see that a good number of people got the platinum. So, as the title says, how hard it's really this game? I'm a good player of jrpg, playing the genre since the PS1 era, finished all the Final Fantasy series (excluding 15), all the Dragon Quest, Suikoden, Xenoblade, and a great number of minor jrpg. I think I can handle it, but I want to know the opinions of people who had played it.
  9. I completely agree with you. If I can find people and get the trophies good, if not, no big deal, I play another game. I really don't get why people avoid such great games only because of trophies, but I'm not going to judge, everyone is free to do has they please.
  10. This is why I hate online trophies and tend to avoid them if possible. I have had my share of bad boosting session, sometimes I was the one setting up and people who signed not show up at all, and sometimes the very OP didn't participate in it's own session. But, I have had some very good sessions too, with very efficient and organized groups, who guarantees the trophies for everyone. Sadly it's pure luck when it comes to sessions. I have to say that I agree with the OP, and I think that something needs to be done. A feedback / reputation system could be very useful, like others have suggested. If you help others and play after you get your trophies, you get points, if you leave as soon as you are done, you get less point, if you sign up and don't show up you get a flag so other may know that you are not to be trusted. Obviously it comes with concessions, like if someone show up 30 minutes later it's fine, you don't down vote him.
  11. Hopefully they will fix Aloy face, and write a better story than the first game.
  12. I have played two run in version 1.09, almost 70 hours of gameplay without a single bug.
  13. Refer to the other linked post, it's very easy to downgrade the game. And it's usually best to start a fresh new game to avoid other issues.
  14. Unfortunately no, version 1.09 it's the only sure way to get the platinum without issues. Save yourself the hassle and downgrade the game to that version, it's not that complicated.
  15. The "Diamond Geezer" trophy is buggy? I have played the game on ps4 and vita without issues, but my brother didn't get the trophy for the escape from the art gallery. He didn't have a back up save, so he can't try again. Hopefully he can get the trophy in a second run, which he would do anyway for the really missable trophies, but still, this is a nuisance.