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  1. I don't think they will do a prequel, cause there is the movie in production, and the story will have young Nate on his first quest. Doing the same thing in a game will be redundant. And we already got the prequel anyway as Golden Abyss. I'll bet my money on sequel/spin-off with some of the secondary cast, probably Sam and Sullivan. My wish still is for a remake of Golden Abyss on the ps4/5.
  2. Hi, could you update my status, I got the platinum in SK Shinovi Versus, so now I have two games completed. Thank you.
  3. Thank you. That was the reason. I didn't know they changed the payment policy. I have solved the problem and bought the game by accessing the old store from a old link.
  4. Every time I tried to buy Festival of blood, when I got to the pay screen, it says that "there is been an error". I know that my card is working and has money on it so the problem is somewhere else, but I can't find a solution online. By the way, I know that there are two versions on the store, one says that is not available for purchase, the other is at 9.99 euro, I tried to buy this on the Italian store.
  5. Hi, I want to join. I have the platinum in "Steins;Gate" and "Steins;Gate Elite".
  6. I have defeated the boss of the third chapter, but have not got the trophy. And also, the game doesn't save. I have turned off the ps4, and I have lost the completion of the level, plus a lot of medals. Anyone knows a solution? The game is not good, and I really don't want to play the levels again. Edit: I have got the trophy after beating the boss again (fuck him), because the game didn't save, this time it worked. Dont know why, and I can't find anyone reporting this bug on any forum or website. Fuck this game too.
  7. I'm still unable to sync trophies on PS3. It just loads but the percentage goes stuck at like 10% for six/seven minutes.
  8. It's seems they have fixed it now. I was able to sync the trophies without issue just some minutes ago.
  9. I'm having the same problem. I checked on another website for the error code and it says it's SCE_NP_COMMUNITY_ERROR_HTTP_SERVER So it's from Sony. I hope they fix it soon.
  10. Search the other threads, you have to downgrade the game if you are on 1.12, there is a guide.
  11. Only hard part is the online trophies, it's hard to find a decent group of people that will help.
  12. Play version 1.09, trophies works with that.
  13. I know that many people have already said this but one more can't hurt. Version 1.09 it's the way to go. I was lucky that I had already the game installed at this version cause I had bought it some months ago, and never played. I decided to give it a try after reading this thread and it has worked perfectly. Not a single crush in two weeks of playing, just some minor bug like random car exploding or people stuck in the walls. Played completely offline and got all the trophies without issues. I have really enjoyed my time in New Bordeaux with Lincoln.
  14. It's the game still available only in the UK stores in Europe?