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  1. Hi everyone. My question is what the title of the topic says. The reason why I'm asking this is because my PS Vita has a problem with the left analog stick, sometimes it goes stuck, and characters moves on their own. I can't get the platinum in Uncharted Golden abyss for this, because Nate keeps exit from covers and dies on harder difficulty. Back to 36 fragments of midnight, I have already got the platinum on the ps4 so I know the game and I know it requires precise control and so I don't want to start it and get it on my trophy list if I can't complete it. Sorry for the long explanation, thanks in advance to anyone who will answer.
  2. No, you just give your account to a "friend"...
  3. As title says, which name you pick for your main character? I have chosen the female twin and named her Stella, which means Star in Italian. The reason being because I simply like the sound of that word.
  4. I have done it. Leveled up to 30 and then I was able to damage the boss normally. So the solution is to be at least at that level, don't know why.
  5. Any solution for this bug? My character is at level 20 and only does 1 hp damage to the boss. What I have to do? Level up? Or is there a way to beat him? The game worked fine until this boss.
  6. Does it need Psplus to play? I want to try it now that is free, but I don't have Plus at the moment.
  7. I have recently finished the game and got the platinum on it. Then I have noticed that one mission in the season pass is not in the game. When I go in the E-store section of the game it's listed in the bonus content. There is the option to download the mission, but every time I try to, I get a error message that says that the content is not available at the moment. Anyone know how to make it work? I tried Google it and found that it's a known issue, but I can't find a real solution. I know that its only a short mission, but I have paid for it and I want to play it. Thank in advance.
  8. Episode one was free from the start.
  9. It was the right time, setted by internet connection. But anyway I don't care anymore, I have deleted the game and the save data, wasted too much time already.
  10. Game is easy. Maybe you are not good with the genre. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying in a bad way. But if 100 people say that it's easy, it has to be.
  11. Fuck this game. I have reached zone 3600 and didn't get the trophy. Edit: I give up, this time for real. I have transcended again, and then ascended five more times, made it all the way again from level 1 to 3600 and the trophy still doesn't pop. I had enough.
  12. Congratulations. I have reached zone 3200 today, 55 ancient souls, 3 transcensions done. Now I have leveled Solomon with 200 billion hero souls and ascended again. The next run should be the last one, hopefully.
  13. The remastered in the title is necessary for differentiate the original game from the remastered version. They are not the same game.
  14. Uhm. I really don't get how hard it is this game. People have done it in 3 days with the glitch, but I haven't still figured out how.
  15. I failed again. 😢 With 2,200 M hero souls, as how is written in the game (i guess it was 2 billions), i have only reached level 2400, worse than the last time. I have 3 autoclickers now, I will try to leave overnight too with the double zone glitch and try again in the morning after, for the last time. I'm wasting too much time on a single trophy.