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  1. Can all of these trophies be done in single player? I don't see any that are obviously multiplayer trophies.
  2. Thanks!! 499 plats with a rarity under 40%? That's impressive! What's the plan for number 500? I think you're right, that does sound like a headache. I think I'll leave it in the backlog for now lol. Thanks for your help!
  3. Yeah the PS3 version, it's been in my backlog for years. I don't like the sound of the ransom crashing though, maybe I should just wait for the remake lol. I used to love playing Streets of Rage back in the day on the Megadrive, those were some great games.
  4. I do need to finish those up, I actually just dusted off Arkham Knight to finish up the community challenge trophies. My save file keeps getting corrupted for GOW 2 and I've had to start over numerous times. Sadly, I can never get 100%. I played a couple of games before I really started trophy hunting that have unobtainable trophies. I should probably unhide those trophies though, damn you Spartacus Legends!
  5. That's a really good suggestion, I do like the Wolfenstein games. However, I'm fairly certain I don't have the skills to get Mein leben. Most of my rarer trophies are obtained through stubborn persistence not skill lol.
  6. After 11 years of consistently and regularly hunting trophies, I'm finally closing in on 200 platinums. I'm looking for suggestions and any input as to which game should be my 200th platinum. These are my milestone platinums so far: 1 - Assassin's Creed II 10 - God of War - Ghost of Sparta 20 - Red Dead Redemption 30 - Prince of Persia - the Sands of Time 40 - The Last of Us Remastered 50 - Arkham Knight 75 - Bioshock Infinite 100 - Resident Evil 125 - Dead Island 150 - Grand Theft Auto V 175 - Uncharted 4 I was thinking about RDR 2 as my 200th platinum but I was recently looking at DrBloodmoney's rankings and saw he had Hitman 3 as his number one game. I love the Hitman games and don't have one as a milestone so now I'm leaning that way. These are some of the games I'm considering: Hitman 3 Red Dead Redemption 2 Metal Gear Solid V Silent Hill 2 Crash Bandicoot Skyrim Death Stranding Fallout 3 Please let me know if anyone has any other suggestions. I mostly play third person action or stealth games and I suck at FPS Call of Duty type games. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Finally, 200 platinums!!
  7. This was incredibly helpful, especially for getting all of the weapons. Thanks!!
  8. That trophy wouldnt pop for me until I installed the Extended Cut DLC btw. But yeah, I think HuntingFever is right, you'll need to be online. The campaign is fairly short anyway.
  9. So I completed this game to 100% but several of the trophies won't unlock. Specifically, the trophies for completing the weapon missions, competing the rescue slaves missions and collecting the Ithildin. Has anybody else this problem or does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Do not use a guide for your first playthrough, it will ruin it. I would also advise against using a guide for the collectibles because that may alter some of your decisions. Just play it blind and enjoy it, it's not a long platinum.
  11. You're right, I can download it. I assumed I wouldn't be able to since it's no longer in the store. Awesome, I was really wanting to play thus. Thanks!
  12. That worked. Thanks Skateak! I can't download Spider-Man obviously since it's no longer there but I see a couple of other games that I forgot I bought. They always get me with those sales lol. Thanks everyone!
  13. Thanks for the replies. My download list only goes back to March, is there a way to refresh it? I guess in future I should download a game when I buy it lol.
  14. I bought this game on the PS store a little while on one of their sales. I didn't download it because I didn't have enough storage space. I went to download it today but I can't find it on the PS store. Has this game been removed? If it has, does PS store ever bring games back once removed? Thanks in advance for any responses, I know this is an old game lol.
  15. Juse recentry finished Forgotten Sands for my 4th platinum in the series.