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  1. fixed now
  2. no option to buy the ultimaste edition isnt working either on the link
  3. did the trophy today got all 6 plants have you been by em all i missed the one at the top for a long time
  4. good idea wish i had done the same
  5. have to agree the combat is so bad , wildlands was at least fun to play
  6. tried the coin and did the mission 4 times now still the same BS well wont 100% that then
  7. have bumped her cause it problems and gave a drink nothing happens after the popup of investigating she just continues the cycle
  8. also hate the MP trophys but hope they can be boosted from start to get them out of the way
  9. she wont be distracted by the gramapfone is there another way to get this done ?
  10. havent had a crash yet
  11. looks nic cant find it on the store tho
  12. anyone know the date?
  13. think it was pulled from the store by the publisher whitin an hour after release , called PS support they confirmed . and they dont know when it will be back