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  1. get an np-32091-5 error says i have to reinstall user but all other games are fine
  2. .take the yuri stage then you get the gun powerup at first prize then just happer all the other prices and collect the trophy may take a few tries
  3. any release day info?
  4. got them all fixed
  5. that list is weak
  6. looks great hope the release is soon
  7. yay its finaly here
  8. the treasure hunt mega rocket and that score goal thing. only have arena versus and bots
  9. like the list and MP is done quick
  10. some trophies downt pop for me either and i only played since release hate that allways make glitched trophies
  11. no phycisl release saw on their twitter
  12. no MP trophies so a day one buy i think
  13. nothing happens when i press download on the website it just says error
  14. new headset is coming with the new console
  15. dont give trophies just FYI