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  1. some trophies downt pop for me either and i only played since release hate that allways make glitched trophies
  2. no phycisl release saw on their twitter
  3. no MP trophies so a day one buy i think
  4. nothing happens when i press download on the website it just says error
  5. new headset is coming with the new console
  6. dont give trophies just FYI
  7. anyone have guide for this or clue on where they are ?
  8. gonna be fun to try and get all stages
  9. now its on the danish shop
  10. you change the diffulty on the touchpad of the controller can see in lower right corner in the level red is hard but can see when ypu press the touchpad
  11. how can people complete it that fast just the last level is like 600 clicks and it will take minimum 10 mins just by clicking them all
  12. yes will buy day 1 if its possible in denmark
  13. no guides around ?
  14. I like it alot , just have a huge backlog. will plat it tho great fun game. The time trails can be s %#!? Tho