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  1. i belive it has to get tarot read and then dont do what it shows
  2. playing the way they were released so a new hope first
  3. got it now on the store but cant play when i start the game this screen just comes and can only go back to main menu picture found the issue sorry console was in local language only works in english
  4. list will open up on release
  5. yeah did it the GamingWithAbyss way no pop
  6. cant get it to work on 1.06
  7. never been dissapointed about ps5 great games and great hardware
  8. got my answer from the devs
  9. cant even get to the first level game crashes when i start the game hope they can get me a refund on the store
  10. get an Error Code (CE-34878-0) when starting the game on both ps4 and 5. just FYI and have multipple consoles so it aint the console
  11. played at newest patch found bear and got the trophy before going to 2nd boss its easy and not bugged
  12. gonna try it out
  13. no crashes here yet played 3 hours
  14. havent crashed and no bugs so far so good
  15. they aare free i dont pay for them i pay for the subscription