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  1. makes no sense why create multiple accounts so your friend and fellow players cant contact you... instead of paying like 3$ a month like you dont pay that for pizza each month
  2. no guides around ?
  3. the servers are bad lost connection couldnt play more than one tutorial rest is just lost con all time and you cant play offline even tho you play single player
  4. I like it alot , just have a huge backlog. will plat it tho great fun game. The time trails can be s %#!? Tho
  5. cant scan the Electrohammer Purge Trooper in Kashyyyk so cant get plat
  6. keep getting "error retrieving anthem live service data " i can play other online games and download games fine , seem its only on ea games is there others with this issue ? -trixter
  7. no plat .... really ? looks like its gonna be quick
  8. cool thanks for the info cool thanks for the info i have found all 10 just wanna know you have : It's A Zoo Out There Report to the Queen about animals. is it to complete the book to scan all animals ? then imscrewed as th frog and moth dont scan for me got all the status tho with the save slot exploit
  9. found it just misunderstood the word seals ealier thought it was the markings in the trophy room
  10. the golden ring at the seals ? cant find it can you send me screenshot ?
  11. yes drone is a quest up by the tables think its around amusement park if i remember correct you follow the drone then after wards you can use the computer to steer iot and collect the pollen
  12. played a few hours i think its a great game just look away when you boot it up cause of the ea logo
  13. cant find the trophy for Report to the Queen about animals. Feed the little bees found in old hive in birth room after the tropical house visit side quest just keep repeating until it pops
  14. bully free zone is the kid you have to sting 2 times so he leaves the event spawns random on map i think little bees i have 6 they are small on points of interest one i know is by the donut stand or whats it name by the boathouse one is at the gazeebo on the right side of boathouse on the water surface one half way over from gazeebo to the donut stand can take screenshot and PM you if you need
  15. any know the placement of the edible frog and migrant hawker? the hidden message is that in old or new hive ?
  16. if any need a radio the is one near the boathouse fast travel point you can hea it playing
  17. looks like a fun game , even tho there are MP trophies you might be able to get them out the way quick think its gonna be a day 1 purchace hope others do the same so the MP gets done
  18. have to say bloodborne and nioh
  19. she wont be distracted by the gramapfone is there another way to get this done ?
  20. fixed now
  21. no option to buy the ultimaste edition isnt working either on the link
  22. did the trophy today got all 6 plants have you been by em all i missed the one at the top for a long time
  23. good idea wish i had done the same
  24. have to agree the combat is so bad , wildlands was at least fun to play