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  1. the treasure hunt mega rocket and that score goal thing. only have arena versus and bots
  2. like the list and MP is done quick
  3. some trophies downt pop for me either and i only played since release hate that allways make glitched trophies
  4. no phycisl release saw on their twitter
  5. no MP trophies so a day one buy i think
  6. nothing happens when i press download on the website it just says error
  7. new headset is coming with the new console
  8. anyone have guide for this or clue on where they are ?
  9. looks like a fun game , even tho there are MP trophies you might be able to get them out the way quick think its gonna be a day 1 purchace hope others do the same so the MP gets done
  10. dont give trophies just FYI
  11. the servers are bad lost connection couldnt play more than one tutorial rest is just lost con all time and you cant play offline even tho you play single player
  12. keep getting "error retrieving anthem live service data " i can play other online games and download games fine , seem its only on ea games is there others with this issue ? -trixter
  13. gonna be fun to try and get all stages
  14. now its on the danish shop
  15. you change the diffulty on the touchpad of the controller can see in lower right corner in the level red is hard but can see when ypu press the touchpad
  16. how can people complete it that fast just the last level is like 600 clicks and it will take minimum 10 mins just by clicking them all
  17. yes will buy day 1 if its possible in denmark
  18. no guides around ?
  19. I like it alot , just have a huge backlog. will plat it tho great fun game. The time trails can be s %#!? Tho
  20. cant scan the Electrohammer Purge Trooper in Kashyyyk so cant get plat
  21. no plat .... really ? looks like its gonna be quick
  22. cool thanks for the info cool thanks for the info i have found all 10 just wanna know you have : It's A Zoo Out There Report to the Queen about animals. is it to complete the book to scan all animals ? then imscrewed as th frog and moth dont scan for me got all the status tho with the save slot exploit
  23. found it just misunderstood the word seals ealier thought it was the markings in the trophy room
  24. the golden ring at the seals ? cant find it can you send me screenshot ?