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  1. The Doom 64 time would be legitimate. The game has a bunch of save slots, and the way the trophies pop and with usage of passwords you could set yourself up right before the trophy pop in every save slot, then load them in sequence to earn them.
  2. I realized this today while looking through guides for Skill Card stuff, Abyss Closes Dungeon, Floor 8, X:20 Y:05 chest is supposed to have a the Achilles Socks in it. Maybe double check you for sure grabbed that chest.
  3. I never got any more while regrinding in the last story dungeon, but I did get a pair on floor 48 of LL just now.
  4. The "We'll only do this one time" is a pretty standard thing from Support in regards to basically anything, I don't expect they actually know anything about it when the account management thing we can do still implies it should, so they likely have that same information. You could always get support to do deactivation for you if you were locked out of the web one, and they'd basically always give that response if they did it.
  5. You could try going through NA support and see if they can do anything for you: https://support.playstation.com/prechatenglishform#!/ AFAIK there isn't text chat support for EU region, so not sure if they can do anything for people who don't have NA accounts.
  6. I actually got an email today confirming that the deactivation occurred, as well as one asking for feedback on how support was 😅
  7. I got the form through support chat on Monday, but still waiting for a response on it.
  8. I have 3 of them and I'm in the last story dungeon, so they can be got earlier than LL. I haven't been paying much attention to what I've been doing though so haven't noticed which enemy. I'll try watching this last bit and see if I get another one.
  9. Typically no Yakuza game outside of the Western releases have English translation, as they're released in the other Asian countries before the western version so there's no English translation to release with them.
  10. Chapter 18 is blocked, so if you want a plat screenshot save something for last that isn't completing Chapter 18 on Hard difficulty. Everything else is fine. Though I do think it pops the trophy after the blocked scene ends when it shows you your inventory at the end of the game, so your screenshot would be of that.
  11. No it doesn't, you can do the entire 100% with modded gear and everything unlocks fine.
  12. I was told by the person who I was given a code by that Tinybuild (I believe) was aware of it, but I'm not expecting a quick fix considering how shit a job they did even releasing the PS4 version in the first place, along with the situation where the entire company is on work-from-home atm. Unless someone purchases it to check and sees otherwise, I'm fairly certain that even though the store calls it a "PS VR Game" this is actually considered a VR App so wouldn't have trophies. It was published by Sony themselves so would be extremely out of the ordinary for them to fail to upload the list for.
  13. If you're running the support/defensive/etc Loadout that has it its normally left dpad to select it then click l3 to place the healing area at the location you're pointed at.
  14. For killing with the BFG try having it not be the final kill of the game, and wait like a minute before ending the round you get the kill in. That's what I did the second time when I actually got it to work.
  15. You have to completely run out of lives to have your save wiped in Extra Life Mode, so it's permadeath but you who have to be almost too inept to even finish the game in the first place for it to matter, and you can back up your saves if you need. Online can all be done in private matches, but you need 3 people. Can't do 1v1.