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  1. No, has to be done on a new/NG+ playthrough like every other game.
  2. Items, money, skills, KamuroGo mission completions (other than ones related to friends). It starts over all friend and side case progress
  3. Early game you do Blackjack thing I've got written out here: Once you can do Paradise VR you do Long Challenge course when you have it unlocked. Going through every square possible and getting all the bonus activations you can get 7 million or more in one run.
  4. Play roller skate girl, jump and hit I think L2 and she'll grab them in midair and throw them. Most of the AI except the last two which you don't even need to beat should be easy enough to take out this way.
  5. First challenge the only difference is you are missing the bottom left piece so it should be fine, worked for me. Puzzles there should be videos up by now to follow.
  6. You didn't copy correctly, because the app won't ever forfeit seeing as you would be the one doing it. Half the time the AI in Judgment will forfeit before the app actually gets into checkmate.
  7. On Android "Shogi Free - Japanese Chess" by Cross Field Inc. Play practice mode, set AI to 15, change starting side to whichever is correct (I don't remember off hand) then flip your phone upside down and copy the console AI to your moves on the app which will be at the top, then the AI moves on the app to you on the console. Can also just use that basics of shogi book if you want but this is faster and the level 15 AI on the app normally wins very quick.
  8. Basically the same as all of them other than 6. I rate it a 6/10 basically for the puyo and drone requirements, but everything else is like a 4.
  9. You have to do them all in one playthrough, they don't carry between, so legend playthrough you'll have to find them all again.
  10. That's what I've started doing, playing as him you get a bit more relief at the beginning so you can actually practice more. I've got to about 21 now, only done this for about 2 hours. Definitely do the three columns to the right strategy and play as the fish character. You can still get boned by RNG, but that lets you get farther so can actually be practicing more. Hopefully can get this tomorrow. I got it Got to 31 then lost to the bear, don't actually know what number I got the last rival at. Playing as the fish to avoid having him as an early opponent and then doing the 3 columns is 100% the way to go.
  11. I'm fairly certain it's just based on the character you're facing, so you can get lucky and get the easy ones first or the game can give you the finger and start you with the fish guy who will get combos on you before you can even get a the 3 rows set up on either side.
  12. It's somewhere above 20 - 25 that they can start showing up, but it can take longer since it's random. Friend who did it over the weekend got it at IIRC 28.
  13. No, it'll probably be the last thing I end up doing since there's not much to explain about it. I got to 5 yesterday but then stopped after getting slammed multiple times in a row by the first opponent. 😩
  14. You have to win between 20 - 30 times in a row for the last rival to show up, meaning in one go without losing yourself. There's not really going to be any tips for Puyo other than "git gud", as it's the most basic mechanical version of it so there's no real tricks other than learning how to play it well and knowing how to set up chains. It's really poorly set up in game as well as far as learning goes as the AI basically starts at a 10, so you're basically climbing a vertical wall.
  15. They basically hit the limit, main list has 125, with limit being 128. The network likely isn't set up to allow more than that on one list right now so this is what Sony approved them to do. Driveclub effectively did the same thing sticking cars dlc on the bikes list.