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  1. You chose to end the game. You beat the final boss then have to attack the the item in the middle of the area to end the game, so you can stop and go back to clean up stuff beforehand.
  2. The guy in the video said the achievement didn't even unlock for him when he completed it. That's two confirmed don't works, one possible glitchy one. I didn't think to use the gun for bosses and stuff, seemed real bad during the level. I'll have to take a look through his run and see what all items and stuff he uses otherwise.
  3. Aside from the crashing there's not anything really aside from just weird quirks and that previously mentioned one where if you buy the one ability it screws up your ability inventory and the end boss trophy not popping (which I can confirm myself now, maybe it will pop after beating it in heroic, or that one could be bugged too lol). Personal experience I've never had the game crash aside from the time I mentioned before of talking to the one NPC, and it appears it was only doing it at the specific point in the game I was at as I talked to them today after doing a bit more and it wasn't crashing. Hopefully the patch next week fixes all the current issues. I've really enjoyed the game so far, though I do like Dead Cells a fair bit more.
  4. Much longer than 4 hours. Based on just the size of the game (I'm right before each of the two bosses prior to the final boss) the 4 hour time will be the least of your worries. Once you know where to go in each area and know you can just skip enemies actually getting around won't take that much time. Actually beating the bosses at level 1 will be the issue. Pretty sure the last few will borderline one shot you at level 1, and from what I've got there isn't a massive stat bonus from armor items/upgrades. Unless someone finds some easy strategies or outright exploits I think this is likely going to be like a 9/10.
  5. Oh that's fair then, didn't even realize there was a level cap.
  6. I also found that if you try to talk to one of the characters in the Sanctuary after a certain point the game crashes 100% of the time. Trophy for killing one of the bosses might be bugged as well. Friend of mine has finished the game and hasn't earned the trophy which he should have got. You have the option to fight said boss in heroic before ending the playthrough so it would seem it doesn't pop. It doesn't force you into NG+ though, so once you beat the final boss you can go back and clean up and do everything else in heroic.
  7. 4 hour time should be fairly manageable once you know the game. The game as a whole seems a lot smaller than Salt and Sanctuary just going off the first few areas. Bosses aren't really damage spongey either, will mostly come down to knowing how to dodge their attacks. I'm not really sure I like how the dodge works, though that's likely just me coming off playing Dead Cells which plays way faster than this does. Much less of i-frame space in this, so you have to know which direction you want to be going or whether it's better to dodge with a jump.
  8. The only edits done to any the forum posts of the guide were done by you, so unless you're thinking of a different game I've got no idea what you're talking about. Your guide was replaced by a different one last year.
  9. It currently redirects to a spam website, ie it's not on that website still like you seemed to imply in your prior post. I can see all the stuff in the staff forum, including the discussion on when you were banned and what you've done in the past including being shitty to guide team members. Basically self vandalizing guides/threads that are helpful to the community will get your booted. Your award was taken away due to you doing this and Vyrastas made a new template because he wouldn't act like a child and remove his due to a petty disagreement.
  10. It redirects to a scam website, so no its not up on there. You were banned for repeated trolling on XBA.
  11. cough Stacking cough 😇
  12. That applies for nearly every game. It's an oddity when a list has a higher % on psn.
  13. Lots of easy strategies and exploits for the main game. DLC you (apparently) only have to do the final level of each for Mein Leben and they're easier than main game.
  14. You haven't proved your point. You're the one making the accusation of cheating, and burden of proof is on the person making the accusation. If you who is making the accusation doesn't feel like providing the proof that this isn't actually achievable then nothing you say in the thread should even bother to be read by other people. If you have in fact earned every other trophy on your own (effectively three times over apparently) quit posting off a smurf account and post the real one that you've earned the trophies on, then people might take you the slightest bit more serious.
  15. It depends. Newer games it normally doesn't matter, as the prices are set to be basically the same with exchange rate. If you're looking at older games (PS3 and early PS4 games) the price will be the same so will be a better deal on the Canadian store, due to the prices being set the same at the time and not adjusted after. . This sentence makes no sense.