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  1. They cost 12k of the in game currency you get with leveling, or 750 Apex credits which is like $8 USD or something around there
  2. Memory card is basically tied to whatever account was last used with it. If you put it in a Vita that has a different account on it it'll make you wipe the memory card before it will allow you to do anything with it.
  3. PS3 and Vita are cross play, PS4 is separate
  4. PS3 is separate, it's just the PS4 versions that share stats.
  5. They uploaded the recap included in the game to the official YouTube channel, it's really short and glosses over a massive amount of info. If you are set on playing it right away and don't want to play through the other games first your better off spending a few hours watching one of the recap series that have been put together numerous times by other people on youtube.
  6. Now appears to be fixed and playable in some regions, still no patch released in NA. Amplified was released in NA this week (January 22nd), but it appears the patch to enable it still hasn't been released. You can buy and download the DLC (1.6 GB) but then nothing shows up in game and there's no new trophies. I tweeted the dev to see what they say about it.
  7. I don't think Disney likes to awknowledge that those movies actually exist. 👀
  8. Ah that I didn't know, thought they had fixed most of the exploits for it. I don't think there's really any reason not to play current then since max legend just breaks the game if they've not changed any of the balancing of it from when it was first introduced.
  9. Only the Vita version, which you can just reject the patch on. It's also really only useful for leveling yourself as it's fairly limited in scope from what I remember and 1.0 version of the game on Vita runs pretty poor. Some other potential things, Dying Light you'd be better trying to find the patch that was released around when The Following came out. Assuming I'm remembering correct you could self dupe the care packages at one point, then you can turn in large amounts to increase legend level to max which pretty much breaks the game. Firearms at max basically makes Bozak Hoard a joke because you one shot tanks. I don't know if they reduced damage or anything in newer patches though. If I'm remembering correctly about the new version of Kerbal Space Progam on the 1.0 version you could earn trophies using creative or whatever the equivalent mode is for the game, which made it far easier. They patched it after so that you can't. I believe The Long Reach had something similar that got brought up elsewhere at one point, though that's on the patch after 1.0 so the patch url would need to be found for it. Death's Gambit you can get debug on base game version (iirc), makes the entire thing a joke, then just update to newest patch for doing the final trophy. Or if the patch number can be found they accidentally readded it in one of the patches after they fixed the bugged trophy.
  10. That one you're best to just pick one up and hold on to it if you're wanting to go for the locket, try and get SG12 extend mag/barrel and you can just spray at people.
  11. Actual answer, short of them completely changing the entire unlock criteria for all characters, unlikely. The other skins for the zombies characters were all added as separate characters that don't count (IX skins). If they add different skins for the icons they would likely function the same. This only happened with the Specialists because they have alternate costumes on the characters themselves, so making them all available and changing the unlock to the Numbers outfit still fulfills the trophy requirement because they didn't change it, so the specialists are all still unlocked. Based on how they currently have it set up its not likely they'd do the same thing with the zombies characters or icons. Though they never said anything about the specialist change before it just happened in the patch notes, so no one can actually tell you for sure either way. If it happens it'll likely just happen one day without any prior announcement or acknowledgement, other than like I said above them completely changing the unlock setup which I think they'd announce beforehand.
  12. I do think it would be worth making a Whisker then. Depending on your money you can basically just buy everything to level it except the behemoth tear to get a second Penetrator X ability on it. When you use it if you can get up to around 2k strength you'll hit for around 8k with Martial Arts after one hit with the whisker to proc Penetrator. And setting up Death proof like Mesopithecus said does help if you find you're getting slapped to easily. If you're interesting in setting up a build relatively quick you can look up the steam lazy melee one, which is set up basically using all garbage materials and then ones purchased from vendors to disassemble stuff into gems and shards. That's the setup I used and the bosses weren't as bad once I knew about the strat to proc Penetrator and then hit with martial arts.
  13. What strategy were you using to do it? Assuming you had a Whisker setup from prior stuff easiest way is hit them once with that to proc Penetrator then hit them with the Rampage Martial Arts until you're out of MP. Warp to point to regain MP and then repeat, using the ult when it's charged, working on downing Ravus first then Ardyn.
  14. You can't spawn the Letter to the Emperor in custom, and neither Reznov's hat nor Woods Bandana spawned for me in the game I tried with a friend. It doesn't save stats or anything like I expected, so even if the items somehow spawn I think it very unlikely they count.