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  1. I never had a single issue with it the entire time I was playing on 1.0, all I could tell that 1.01 did was change the price of those cheat items and add in DLC compatibility. If you want to get the items for cheaper you have to start playing unpatched, because the game won't allow you to use 1.01 saves on 1.0.
  2. It'll be sold separately, same as how the DLC worked in Yakuza LAD. They release this stuff for everything single game, it's always available separately.
  3. There isn't the crowdfunding thing to sink money into and you get way more SP just fighting dudes, so there's not the same need to grind Dice & Cube like the first game. The school stories and side stuff start giving quite a bit of money once you get into them, so like there's more stuff overall you need to do but it should be less tedious than the first game.
  4. Two playthroughs, works the same as the first game.
  5. I only did one race so far, but I assume it's going to be generally the same. You do it in Ijincho this time though which is a larger area, so maybe no super tight races and stuff like flying through the Millennium Tower lobby.
  6. I'm on 1.01 on both versions of the game. Patch changed those cheat item costs and added in compatibility for the launch DLC.
  7. They only cost that much on 1.0, the patch early in the week raised the price of them to 30K each. 😅
  8. I have 30 so far, I've stopped specifically looking for them for now to see if there might have been something in a school story or side case I hadn't found yet that gave a hint for them like QR Codes in the first game.
  9. The launch dlc has trophies (dating the 3 extra girls). Game has save transfer PS4 > PS5 (option on the main menu, pulls directly from hard drive like Ghost). It doesn't retroactively autopop story stuff, so you have to do a Borderlands/ACV and make saves and set it up or play through the story twice at the very least. Stuff like completion and skills does pop when you look at the menus. 100% will be longer than the first game due to the extra school stuff. Shop and City missions are about the same, though slightly less mahjong required and no Puyo. School stuff is quite lengthy. No missable trophies at all this time.
  10. Can always choose not to use it, or play with the Hell Mode setting if you want. 😇
  11. Option you can turn off and on at any time. At the start gives 20% extra damage reduction, increasing by 2% each run you fail with it turned on up to 80% max reduction. Not the same sort of ez win deal as Celeste, basically helps you out a bit. Without using it the plat is like a 7/10, using it like a 4/10. Won't really reduce the overall time to do the plat either, because the longest thing is leveling all keepsakes which just comes from playing.
  12. I've fallen down this rabbit hole now finding out about these games and I am now deceased.
  13. Party members keep those in NG+, they don't need to be given again. If you gave them to all characters first playthrough you would only then need one of each for the other main character who is now a party member.
  14. Yeah you redo whatever action that would trigger the trophy and it pops them for you iirc.
  15. Everything should work on 1.00, game will just potentially crash a lot and is generally buggier.