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  1. Level 20 apparently pops immediately if you didn't have it yet. All progress is saved on server, any trophies or achievements you earn on one system autopop on the others when you load your game.
  2. If you are fine designating your PC account as the main cross save one and are fine not playing the PS4 created one yes. But then if you want to play a PS4 created one you have to disable cross save then have to wait 90 days to enable it again.
  3. You can move back and forth as much as you want once you've picked which character is your cross save one. The 90 day wait is if you're switching basically which entire account you're using as your main one. Create character/account 1 on PS4. Create character/account 2 on PC. For cross save you choose to use 1 as your main cross save one. This makes it basically ignore 2 and you go back and forth between systems using 1 as much as you want. If you decided you wanted to switch to 2 and use that instead you can, but that basically disables cross save again then you need to wait 90 days to reenable it.
  4. They announced yesterday they're doing maintenance the entirety of Monday, so I would think patch is likely going to be during the day Monday. Should give plenty of time to download it.
  5. They're not doing patch until day of this time apparently, so if it goes up at patch time it won't be until next week.
  6. No, it's still just as shit. The only potential improvement is the better damage against enemies using the wrong weapon type so you don't really need to worry about switching for kill grinding, but I did a few levels today and was having the same issue with running out of hammer weapon ammo and money is all basically the same.
  7. When was this extended period of time where you had no internet and lost a bunch of trophies all at once?
  8. Images captured using the share button go in the same folder as the trophy image ones while playing that game, and you can screenshot trophy pops and have them appear the same. Not saying that's what went on, but you could duplicate trophy screenshots in that manner (though they wouldn't show the tag "taken when you earned a trophy). So actual number of screenshots in said folder doesn't actually mean anything. I get what you were meaning, in that you can't duplicate the actual trophy screencaps (outside of doing a full system backup or likely with CFW). Following flag rules this should stick and be hidden, but something like this is why staff should be able to just remove times from 100% club and not actually flag them as I think this was likely some sort of fluke.
  9. They can add 3 more trophies to the main game list, which would hit the max of 128 and keep it in line with the PC list, so it is possible. It's not the same situation as payday where that has far more achievements on pc so they couldn't fit everything even if they wanted to.
  10. When doing mission replay you get more from mission completions/no alarm sections, otherwise if you're doing freeroam you don't get more so it's not worth playing above lowest difficulty.
  11. The transfer rate on the PS4 from external to internal is bottlenecked pretty hard regardless. If you have an SSD you're better swapping it into the internal drive instead of using it as an external.
  12. I didn't change it until after I did everything else when I was doing mission replay for money, so that's not it.
  13. It is about 5 hours to run through all missions again in one session, that's what the first person who got the plat did to get it. I'm planning to do that on the weekend likely if nothing is done before then.
  14. You can look at the stats and see if it's counting or not. The stealth kills stat under the heavy eny type is what's required for Sting like a Bee, so if that's not going up the you know it's not working. Ripper shouldn't have that issue I don't think, I got it from doing the front gun takedown on normal human enemies.
  15. You remember where abouts in the Zitadelle mission you earned the trophy for 10 kills in 5 seconds? I was looking for spots and it seems there might only be like one spot for it and you have to really go out of your way to try for it because there's never that many enemies. Edit: Figured it out, the group of enemies that spawn behind the first Zerstorer that breaks into the area with the statue. That trophy is a load of garbage, no room for error there and you're basically just stuck with hoping the AI runs out fast enough to die.