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  1. That link doesn't appear to work. If you're trying to upload an image use a site like imgur. There's 4 main bosses + Grisha twice as a miniboss.
  2. The missed items that are required for trophies you can get in a second playthrough (and there's at least one item you need to get in a second playthrough anyway). The only thing you can totally miss is getting the item for defeating the tutorial boss, but it's not required for the item trophy. I stuck with Hallowed Sword the entire time. The range shouldn't be a big deal because for the 3 region bosses you just do jumping attack at them almost the entire time, and final boss you want to basically be sitting underneath it. The L1+R1 ability on it is also really useful because you can't take damage during the entire animation, it'll deal a good chunk when it hits, and stuns all the bosses for a few seconds to let you get another normal combo in.
  3. It still keeps your total spent in NG+
  4. I finished plat last night, the no shell run is honestly not even as hard as just finishing most Souls games IMO. Dodging is extremely forgiving for i-frames, and any time you aren't able to dodge you can basically crutch on using harden. The final boss is the hardest, only because you can't really fight it the same way as the other three bosses or it'll take forever. I found it actually better to try and be aggressive for the final boss so that you can stop it spawning other enemies during the fight, which are harder to deal with when you have both those and the boss swinging at you.
  5. You can still use Obsidian Form when doing no shell, you don't actually need to be in a shell to use the altar iirc. I figured the same thing with bosses, and don't feel no shell will be bad now I've done the final boss. Regular 3 bosses you can fight effectively the exact same using Hollowed Sword, and the final boss I ended up only being hit once when I successfully did it, and was more just a dumb error that I could have avoided easily. I'm giving it a difficulty of 6 for guide, I'm more just annoyed at this point with the stupid hidden lore that you can only find by just running around slapping walls.
  6. Unless I'm mistaken doing that in Souls typically requires really specific magic builds you have to go well out of your way to do. Won't work in this as there is no magic. NG+ also wouldn't really make the game any easier, as there is no leveling, only weapon upgrades (which you can cap on a weapon really early) and shell abilities (which you obviously can't use when you aren't using a shell). There is no difficulty selection.
  7. Well with the way the game mechanics work it's not really a no hit run. But yes it's like playing as normal, except you just die in one hit, then get sent back to your last rested point.
  8. Next week.
  9. Shell upgrades don't matter that much, they're only abilities and not stats, but a lot of them have really specific use. Weapons can still be upgraded. No shell means you die in one hit at all times lol.
  10. The way the motion controls work you could practically just flail around and it would pick up, so it's not exactly hard. Basically just need the controller moving the entire time. It's also only up/down/left/right so less actual motion it might be looking for.
  11. Need to complete the mission to have it save the objective completion.
  12. Like 3 - 4 hours when you're doing speedruns. Similar length to Wolfenstein 2. TLoU2 unless it skipped the walking and talking parts you're looking at like 10 hours.
  13. The Doom 64 time would be legitimate. The game has a bunch of save slots, and the way the trophies pop and with usage of passwords you could set yourself up right before the trophy pop in every save slot, then load them in sequence to earn them.
  14. I realized this today while looking through guides for Skill Card stuff, Abyss Closes Dungeon, Floor 8, X:20 Y:05 chest is supposed to have a the Achilles Socks in it. Maybe double check you for sure grabbed that chest.
  15. I never got any more while regrinding in the last story dungeon, but I did get a pair on floor 48 of LL just now.