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  1. If you're in the area with the laptop it's a jammer that's in that area.
  2. Might be it. Both I and the person who commented on the guide only needed 2 skill purchases to pop it.
  3. Had someone message me on psn about this too. Did you quit the game in the time between starting the new save and buying the skills?
  4. Had someone comment on the PP guide saying that if you start a new game and buy more skills it counts towards, the 57 total. Going to try when I get home. Edit: Confirmed works. Do the 24 challenges in your normal save, then choose New Game from the main menu and buy more skills. Trophy progress is probably saved in the settings file and not the actual playthrough file, so you could potentially cheat 24 challenges this way too if you wanted.
  5. Devs don't playtest on public builds of the game, testing is done internally on a different version that isn't synced to PSN. PS4 trophies have been hacked for a while now, so this was definitely just that. I don't remember the names but there's at least a couple profiles viewable on other sites that are accounts just for hacked PS4 trophies.
  6. At this point I'd wait a bit and see if they fix the issue with the challenge tokens, otherwise I had a good time with it.
  7. Did you end up needing to do basically every challenge? I basically only have the 3 token (only stealth kills) and a 2 token (interrogate the target) on the 3rd mission left and if those both actually gave me the tokens on completion that would be enough for the last two perks I need, but I got absolutely shafted over and over by the stealth kills one randomly failing and then checkpointing me after it had failed.
  8. New patch has fixed all the stuff on the map, so collectibles appear again. I'm going to try redoing some challenges and see if they give tokens now. Edit: Doesn't seem to Edit2: It does seem to have broken all some of the turrets though (unless it's one of the perks I have on that wasn't working before). Random ones don't seem to be targeting me now, dunno what's going on.
  9. IMO all of the 3 token ones are relatively easy, as most can be done just abusing checkpoint restarts aside from the one for not checkpointing, but then you can take that level as slow as you want. The one for completing it in under 25 you want to do a specific route so that the two targets can be killed in specific spots, otherwise they move and take longer to kill. Can be done in about 20 minutes or less. Currently with the bugs you basically have to do every challenge except one of the single token ones, because I don't know if it's actually consistent which challenges don't award tokens or if it's the game randomly doing it. Powerpyx guide is completely done now, I have info bits for all of the challenges and level walkthroughs.
  10. Pretty sure they tried fixing it in 1.02 and broke it more, because I had some more stuff showing up before launch but then after 1.02 I have the same now where next to nothing actually shows up.
  11. Nice I'll give that a go. I was messing around with that last night but couldn't get it, probably killed the guy who would be near there. I was originally going to do a collectible guide, but because they showed up on your map from like 200 m away when you got that close it wasn't needed. Then whatever they did in 1.02 seems to have broke a bunch of the icons on the map, not just the collectible ones. Someone posted on steam about the icons being missing completely, so I think it wasn't intentional. Someone also posted on there and I got confirmation from the guy with the plat the challenges not awarding tokens when you complete them. It seems to happen just with some in the 4th and 5th missions, but this fucks you up and makes it so you need to basically do all but one of the single token challenges. I posted on the steam page about that and the collectibles, hopefully get some sort of response since the dev is talking to people on there.
  12. I only need a good spot for Chain Killing a main target and getting a Zipline kill, then I'm more or less done. Have one more level/challenge walkthrough to write up. I've had the game seemingly not give me challenge tokens for a couple challenges, so currently it looks like I'm going to have to get like 5 more tokens than I'm actually supposed to need. 🙄
  13. It's not, only was able to play about 5 hours before actual release so I only just got through all missions last night and started a bit of cleanup. I'm going to add some general walkthroughs for challenges and mission objectives, challenges being the main thing that will require the most effort. Should hopefully be done tomorrow night. New patch from yesterday (1.02) might have messed some stuff up. I've not been having any collectibles show up on my map anymore, and it seemed to drop my bounties off on one of the levels. I've also now ran into a couple other glitches. If you die and restart checkpoint before exfilling objectives it sometimes ticks off the objective but doesn't give the reward. I've also ran into some funky map geometry in a couple areas, and managed to get myself stuck in an area I wasn't supposed to get into in the final mission. 😅
  14. IIRC it's 10% more xp until level 25, which means for most stuff outside of activity completions you get 1 extra xp point per kill etc. Very pointless. I think you do get some other stuff with the Ultimate edition that's more worth it though.
  15. I'm estimating at like a 5/10, 15 - 25 hours. Game runs well, not a technical disaster like 3. I've had one crash so far and that's the only issue I've come across. For $40 or whatever it is if you like the gameplay of the others I'd highly recommend this, best of the series so far. I would guess it's a "glitch", but you can get the hard difficulty trophies when you replay a mission just by completing one contract objective and turning it in. Don't need to play through each level on highest difficulty.