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  1. Accolades are basically just the in-game achievements, X kills with X weapon/ability/etc. People have done level 20 in the demo when you only have a third of the abilities, so shouldn't be too big of a deal in the full game if you just play through the story with each class and make sure to switch around weapons. All Class Related with a single class will probably take the longest to do.
  2. The buy button is still there on the store, it for some reason doesn't show up anymore. If you are looking at the page for an item move the cursor to the top row so you can see it again, then move it one down and it disappears, but will actually now be where the buy button should display and you can select to buy the item.
  3. Has nothing to do with the quality of the parts, that's just the limitation of physical media at this point. There's a limit on how fast a physical disc can be read based on the Blu ray spec. Xbox has similar install times for physical discs, it's just what you'll have to deal with.
  4. You don't need to even need to progress any on Merciless, the trophy pops like right when you choose to start the playthrough.
  5. You redo the unique enemy request in the final jail over and over for 10 - 15 hours.
  6. You don't need to do it on Merciless, and you only need to play for like 20 minutes to get to the point you can do fusion.
  7. You don't need to touch Merciless at all, and it's not worth playing unless you absolutely don't want to grind bond the fast but boring way at the end of normal playthrough. You only start a playthrough on Merciless then can just reload the old save on first playthrough. If you do want to play Merciless, it's really fucking rough. You get like 3 shot by enemies at the very start of the game.
  8. There will now be two within an hour of each other once the recent achievers list for that trophy updates 😇
  9. https://(URL not allowed)/user/view/Pantsu___#games It's fine I did it again on another account without signing into PSN.
  10. The leaderboard thing is nonsense, they never even worked for me on PS3 when I redid it on my current account. Retro isn't an online trophy. Leaderboards are also still up on PS4 version, nothing has changed with the game at all.
  11. The person I messaged said they unlocked it fine, and other people have earned it too, so I don't know what the deal is. I'm not going to play anymore until it's patched again or someone figures out the deal with it not popping, whether it's due to something specific during a run or whether it's just like the character itself being fucked and won't be able to earn the trophy.
  12. I've done the new requirement twice now and still haven't earned the trophy, so there's something wrong with it but not for everyone as three people now have earned it and I messaged the one person and they said it popped fine at 20. Today on my couple tries I ran into more bugs and combat being fucked than I ever remember happening before. One run for whatever reason my health stopped going back up when healing, and my life stones all went away. Very frustrating they changed so much and still fucked up what they changed.
  13. Someone seems to have earned it after the patch today, I messaged them to see what they said about it unlocking. I'll probably end up trying again tomorrow.
  14. Trophy doesn't actually pop when you reach trial 20, or 21, or 22. So they either fucked up and it doesn't pop at all now, or maaaaybe pops when you reach 30 and finish. I'm not going to find that out though, someone else can do it.
  15. Man I was reading the whole thing wrong, thought they had added a separate tower that capped at 30. I'm going to work on it today and see how it goes. Even if getting to 20 is harder than before the other things they added should make it more manageable.