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  1. The things you buy are basically just letting you choose food buffs. They still last the same amount of time/go away after the next mission you do. You buy it on a new character it doesn't go away because you don't do missions, and the timer doesn't actually go down when you're in the crafting menu so if they do add more stuff and you want to do more on the standalone you'll have that crafting boost on the second character for quite a long time.
  2. They've said your save will transfer to the standalone.
  3. Varmit rifle yes, it's far more accurate than repeaters so makes shooting birds easier. Selling pelts isn't really worth it due to the low carry number.
  4. No because that's an online only game. Can't play online without the latest patch, so the trophy is completely unobtainable. There's an invincibility glitch that was patched out
  5. That's what you get for getting 100% in 2.
  6. It does, doesn't matter whether a physical version exists for a game, has nothing to do with that.
  7. There's nothing of value in either of the posts I quoted from either of you, so I'm pointing out how you and Undead are making yourselves look stupid using meme terms to talk down to other people. There is no more conversation to be had here, this thread should have probably been shut down a week or more ago as the vast majority of regulars on here aren't capable of actual critical thought about this situation and have rabbled on for half a month about how censoring gratuitous sexual content in incredibly niche games is going to kill the current largest console brand. I'm not even gonna bother with you, not a single thing you've posted in this thread has been worth taking seriously.
  8. Wow folks, really getting that good discussion going. Calling people meme names is definitely the way to go about having a nuanced conversation about censorship and the like. They did a 180 right off a bridge into the statement of not giving a single shit what goes on Steam now.
  9. Except you can't, as all the character challenges aren't available for Blackout and you can't unlock more then four characters (which isn't enough to unlock any of the trophies) and one of the trophies is currently bugged on release version and can't even be earned.
  10. The lists are probably up already due to being submitted for the original release date, then when they delayed the game they didn't tell Sony to delay putting the lists up. The requirements for 1 and 2 are basically earn "true 100%" from a collectible standpoint and do some random other misc things. Nothing should be overly difficult and nothing should be missable. Nowhere near as hard as Crash. Spyro 3 has some annoying minigames but they're still not that hard overall (and you don't need to actually earn 100% by the looks of it so you can ignore a lot of the worst ones). Probably looking at 20 hours per plat if you've not played them before and don't know exactly what to do.
  11. Doing original Red War destination one is by far the fastest. Effectively no RNG involved since you can buy each item from the turn in NPC when you get 10 turn ins, if you manage to not get all 5 while doing the 10 packages to get there in the first place. Yes the Legend of Acrius needs to be fully upgraded to count in the collection.
  12. Keep in mind I played this like 8 years ago, but I'm pretty sure there isn't infinite spawn stuff. You can keep killing the enemies and eventually they stop spawning.
  13. Been like that for near 2 years now pretty sure. Steam stats can't be trusted at all from how easy it is to hack steam achievements, so realisticaly that doesn't mean anything. I figured since they only announced the patch today this one wouldn't be the one to fix it, so I'll wait for someone else to get it and confirm before I try anything. Not wasting time to have it not pop now 😅
  14. Boss has to be beat on a new run, so no rigged save usage.
  15. It's patch already, debug is removed, trophy isn't fixed. 🙃 I'm thinking this was probably a knee jerk patch they put through last week when debug was found out, and the new patch just got submitted. Probably next week be up Needs to be done on a new run apparently