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  1. There's no online at all in this one, you have to do everything local.
  2. Which version are you playing? I did PS3 and PS4 in February, and PS4 leaderboards worked fine, but PS3 didn't work at all.
  3. Unless they fixed it in the patch yesterday you can't, you have to do them again in a new agent or redo them with other players.
  4. Can't do it in a legitamite manner, it uploads it based on your PSN account. It would also be flaggable on here if you did it with save resigning because you'd have autopops without having the original list on your profile to show you did the PS3 version already.
  5. You pick which character to transfer on the PS3 version, so might only let you do one at a time.
  6. The ones specifically for this trophy glitch if you die during them/after killing the end boss but before all fodder enemies. Weekly/daily bounties that cost target intel don't, if you die you can just restart them, but the project ones won't. The first week I did every single possible Bounty/project that I had available and didn't get the trophy, so it wasn't possible for me to have missed one or replay one. I didn't get the trophy until I replayed a few of the area bounties with random players. The trophy itself isn't glitched if we're being pedantic about wording, but the required bounties can bug and disappear (unless they've fixed this in the last week since I got the trophy) making it so you couldn't earn the trophy in your own game world on the agent that the bounties disappeared on. They had to be redone either with another player who still had access to them or by starting a new agent and doing them again.
  7. You can do them with other players through matchmaking which is how I got it to pop, otherwise no if you've lost one by failing it you can't redo them yourself unless you start a new agent.
  8. It is "glitched" , because if you die during it you lose access to it yourself if it fails the Bounty on you from no one being in the area. But as long as you make sure to fully complete each one by yourself or in someone else's game you get the trophy.
  9. Vita version was pretty busted overall, and never received the patches that fixed the game. If you want to try for the plat at all you should be playing the PS4 version.
  10. Because it's a different website and it's run differently. You can see they still have missing timestamps because it labels the game with "Invalid Time Sync"
  11. They both have trophies with missing timestamps. That's why if you sort by date it messes the order up and says the gap between everything is 43 years.
  12. Japanese, only language on the list other than the default.
  13. No, just the project ones. I had the same thing but managed to get it to pop yesterday after redoing a couple of the bounties through matchmaking with other players. Check out the list posted by Chozume and just try to find those through matchmaking, and if you get put in one complete it again and mark it off, then hopefully it pops after you redo a few of them.
  14. I think a fair number are legit now, not really worth going over that much at this point other than stuff that's incredibly obviously out of order at the start. Few initial ones were obviously cheated, most of them now are fine.
  15. Speedrun of just the story done by someone who's been playing the game for 5 straight days != first go completion time of the platinum.