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  1. Nothing required for trophies is missable. I didn't, because I've been playing God of War for the last 3 weeks ;P That's correct for basically all of that. The main thing you have to pay attention to it's what's required for Relics since some of those are from Favors or other random stuff that's not specifically required for other trophies (kill all Ravens > fight a boss that drops a relic).
  2. Can't currently skip cutscenes, only some text when talking to characters about favors. The second playthrough I still took 20 hours to complete the story, but I was still grabbing everything possible and had a 2-hour detour for side content in one area looking for something I was missing on PS5. The main time-saving thing for the story would just be ignoring everything unnecessary like lore and chests that don't give stuff required for trophies. There's no Workshop equivalent thing, just a bunch more large areas with lots of side activities. Most of the side stuff is in entirely separate areas from the main story path, so there's not a lot of backtracking through areas like in the first game if you actually grab all items as you progress through the story areas.
  3. After the third save point in Chapter 6 you enter the building with multiple floors, on the first floor it's in a chest in the room underneath the staircase.
  4. Castle area at the end of Chapter 1, when you first enter the tall circular room near the end you can go left up the one staircase to the highest floor, then there's a wall you break with Eygon. In that room one of the chests has that Rune.
  5. This has been around since March 2021
  6. Restarting checkpoint from the pause menu does add to the time. I restarted my run on PS4 because I was taking too many tries in the Zurk chase in Chapter 2, and was already up to 30 minutes of playtime when I went back to the main menu and checked my save.
  7. They're saved per chapter, so if you miss one you can chapter select to get it, you just don't have any way of knowing what you missed unless you kept track on your own. I also do think the way they're tracked is weird and you don't actually need one in every chapter technically, just in an area included in that chapter. So like Chapters 4/6/7 you technically only need to do it once in Chapter 4 since all of those Chapters you are in the Slums area, and in Chapters 10/11 you only need to do it once in Chapter 10 since you're in Midtown in both. I missed a couple on PS4 and when I went back and redid them it popped after I did the one in Chapter 9, which is a wholly unique area, when I know I hadn't done ones yet in Chapters 7 and 11 where I also missed them.
  8. The game doesn't have any save transfer. Its short enough, just play it more than once if you want the trophies again.
  9. No, none of that stuff is missable and can be cleaned up right at the end of the game. Just don't sell any upgrade materials because those are limited during a playthrough and Silver is pretty useless anyway.
  10. You have to kill the final boss then make a choice to trigger the ending and go to NG+, so just don't do that. You can even kill the final boss and then leave the area without making the choice, but you have to kill the final boss again when you come back (as well as have to kill it each time if you save scum the endings).
  11. Confirming that they seem to have still not updated the Seal trophy requirement (I had the slightest hope they might have but really didn't think they would). Doesn't count from the Seasonal title, so would still operate under the assumption that only the Forsaken ones count. So currently you can only earn it from: - Rivensbane - Cursebreaker (Which you can't earn this season unless you have Horror's Least) - Dredgen - Unbroken (Which takes three seasons to earn, and they're reworking it after the end of the third season from now, so if you wanted to earn it you have to get your first reset this season) If you ignore Cursebreaker because it can't be earned this season unless you already have Horror's Least, Dredgen is still quickest technically, but with the recent changes that they made to the mode some of the requirements are harder to do now. I've only got 1 kill for Light vs Light because no one ever uses their super for invasions. I'm probably just going to do all the requirements for Cursebreaker aside from getting Horror's Least, and just assume that the strike will be in Nightfall rotation next season.
  12. Progression is shared online, but settings/trophy progress is only saved locally for that game version. So for the long trophies tied to progression/unlocks you don't need to do all the leveling again, you only need to do the action that triggers the trophy, but you have to do the whole requirement for all the cumulative "do X thing X times" or one-off trophies again on the other system.
  13. This attitude is the reason tons of modern AAA games fill their games with garbage bloat to meet the arbitrary and toxic "hours played = good value" idea.
  14. I'm currently only missing the location of one of the journals and a location to do Pretty Fly. Aside from the speedrun, nothing is missable. You can reload your save after the ending and it puts you back right before so you can cleanup all the side content. Speedrun should be very lenient after you have played through the game once. Someone could probably do a walkthrough where you find everything first go in under 3 hours, blind playthrough looking around everywhere will be about 5 - 6 hours. (Archavia who is helping me with guide did speedrun in about 2 hours) Hardcore unlocks after the first playthrough. Difficulty selection during the game only actually affects boss damage phases/anomaly destruction sections, and on Hardcore it just makes the time you have extremely strict restarts you at a checkpoint whenever you take damage, and restarts boss fights if you fully die. So not any sort of no-death thing like was required in HLD, but still quite difficult. Will just require working at it until you get it though because you just retry most stuff immediately.
  15. They've now made it so you get no progression in Portal and no ribbons/badge progress in All-Out bot matches. 😅 I can't even play normal online matches today because I'm getting the error in every online mode where it loads the match then immediately drops me, so I can't even earn progress. And my level 25 trophy didn't pop at level 25. Hopefully they get some of this stuff figured out tomorrow, though I don't expect Saturday right after launch to be any better for server connections.