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  1. You just have to keep track yourself or base off time played. Once you get past 10 hours you're close to done or about 3/4 done assuming you're winning every time and finishing relatively quick.
  2. Fastest recorded speedrun (that I'm aware of) of just the story is 6.5 hours, doing the rest of the cleanup takes about the same amount of time as the story if not longer if you ignored all the collectibles when doing the story (which the speedrun times do). Doing all of it sub 4 hours is outright impossible.
  3. Been a little longer than a few weeks on the God of War one that's obviously not legitamite. 🤐
  4. Yes you can do it with public turned off, just as long as you're still online while doing it so it's still giving xp.
  5. I'd honestly say just try doing all of them, none of them take that much time to do and you can do them all solo. Hat Trick is the only one you can't do yourself in MP but like Dark said there's an easy way to do it in prospector.
  6. It can be played offline yes, the issue is I've not found anyone saying that it does count for the 50 completions trophy. I know someone else who is starting the game who is going to try and confirm whether it counts by playing their 50th match offline and see if it pops that trophy.
  7. Badges would be the only thing I think would be unobtainable (Instant Artist) , and that's for a 50% rarity trophy. Everything else is possible in quick match with invites or solo offline as far as I'm aware.
  8. When it asks if you want to leave your session pick no. I'm also playing MP standalone version, so if you pick no and it still doesn't let you it could be something specific to MP standalone.
  9. And my dad works at Nintendo. I'm surprised no one called you out on this either, but it basically confirms for me all you have posted is lies. PSN (and all gift cards) need to be activated before they can be used. Activation is done when they're purchased. If they're not purchased, they're not activated, if they were activated without being purchased, then they're stolen. Best Buy is a massive multinational chain. If a store closes, they send the still new stock back to the warehouse or to another store to sell there (pretty sure gift/prepaid cards can also just be returned to who they're from). They don't just give random shit to employees totally 10s of thousands of dollars. If they did then they're stolen. So, either you're making up everything you post on the forum (which is more likely and would be the better option) or you are an accomplice to Felony Theft (which would be bad for both you and your "uncle").
  10. You don't, if you sign out and start the game it lets you still play coop by yourself. The issue would be whether it actually counts as everything else has to be done in "public" online games, and stats are all saved online.
  11. Starhawk isn't region locked, I've played with European people before. I don't think this would be the case of something like LBKP/LBP where they just turn it off on Japan, especially when it's showing the notice in all EU region stores.
  12. Trophy was originally 2000, requirement was changed after the list was put up to 1000. Because of how the site is set up it still shows the old description in certain places.
  13. The very first game on my profile is unobtainable, and had been unobtainable almost right since I made an account. I've never let it bother me or worried too much about it.
  14. This list would be for the Korean/Chinese version based on the list languages.
  15. Think it's near zero chance of being fixed now, and will likely be shut down if Nexon doesn't decide to just make it F2P or something.