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  1. I feel like I must be missing something with some of these enemies in the tower. Up to level 10 is normally alright, but above a few of the enemies just start chunking over half health with bullshit. Bonecrusher: I've gotten a wave where it spawns like 7 Elites of these in a row, with the end of it having 3 out on the field at once. I absolutely don't understand how you can deal with that aside from just somehow managing to Archon Fury through them all at once. If you use any weapon skills they'll just instagrab you right when you stop swinging and the grab attack will do 3/4 of my health and leave me stunned, where I then just get kicked from behind because the grab throws you to the side. With that many out they also just constantly chase around so can barely get anywhere. Black Tide Brute: Same issue as the Bonecrusher, except they have way more health and have stupid tracking attacks. The fact you constantly get this guy and the Enforcer + other enemies is awful. Nyak Pulverizer: The damn lighting puddles feel like they do way too much damage and stay way too long. Accidentally step in one for a second and instantly have shock, which takes off over half my health if not outright killing me because of how much damage the debuff does. I like the Dreamstone missions and those feel relatively balanced still all the way up to Exalted Macros, but the way the tower scales just makes it horribly unfun to play and it takes way too long for shit rewards compared to just running the dreamstones IMO.
  2. Only leveling to 30 doesn't really do anything though, because the point is leveling past that for the extra stat bonuses. You can also level people to 30 quickly running the sewer in NG, that's not the reason it takes so long. I don't really get the point you're making here unless I'm misunderstanding something.
  3. I was actually wondering about this. I think you can change difficulty whenever in NG+ (you just can't raise it above normal in first playthrough), so if you do get that much more XP on Legend in NG+ that might be more worth the time to hammer through then just drop it back to normal and do the Towers again.
  4. The stuttering I'm very certain is a memory leak issue. In my experience it only happens after an hour or two, then if I keep playing the game eventually crashes. If you notice it happening restart the game and it should stop for a while.
  5. I wrote in the guide. 😉 Safe assumption is to do them all, though I think one of the two who had it done last week said they didn't do every job. You can probably get away with not doing one or two for each character depending on the setup on the characters you're actually using. I've really only got like 3 jobs leveled with each so far, because it's such a stupid slog and I had to deal with other stuff most of the weekend so I could work on PS5 guide stuff this week. If you want some more gear it's probably easier to just run through Kamurocho sewer fully a few times and open all the gold safes at the end, then just buy materials to upgrade a weapon on each of the characters your spending most of the time with.
  6. The trophy is for specifically during a battle, it doesn't count if you just run into a car while outside of battle.
  7. Yes, it still functions basically the same as in prior games, you just don't need to complete the whole thing. Finishing objectives in the challenge list also raise Kasuga's Personality stat levels, as opposed to being there just because like some of the other games.
  8. Did you grind through gear crafting before doing True Final Tower? Or just level grind everyone to 99/99?
  9. They're in the game, but don't need to touch them at all if you don't want to.
  10. Nothing is missable, you basically don't need a guide for the game at all. You can't select difficulty at the start, so you're just on "normal" difficulty at all times, and can't up the difficulty until you do NG+. As far as I've seen the stuff added with the NG+ DLC from the Japanese version is just in the game to begin with now. It's not, it's the extra dungeon from the DLC that was added to the Japanese version, just moved into the main trophy list. It's a reference to a mechanic in Dragon Quest, you basically find random spawning NPCs in 5 spots who you pay money to and it raises your personality stats each time. That would be basically the only thing anyone would have to look up, because there's not any way to know what the locations are without just finding them accidentally.
  11. It does in some manner. I've played stuff with the internet on my PS4 turned off while playing review copies of games, and the times are still relatively correct. So the PS4 firmware still tracks it in the background and sends it to the network when you go online.
  12. Potentially, but since the game is new there won't be any known schedule or anything for specific banners as far as I'm aware. That's the stated rules for the current character specific banner.
  13. It's a gacha, if you aren't paying for them this is basically how they work. 0.6% is standard rate for 5 star characters when they don't have increased rate on banners. If you're not paying for currency then you're not really "grinding" for characters, because you don't get that much of the currency in game to do pulls with after the start where you've got through the intial stuff and you're at the point of basically daily grinding. Pulls are done with fate items. It's 1600 primogems for 10 fates, doing a 10 pull guarentees you at least one 4 star item typically. From gameplay reading the tutorials when they pop up is 1 gem, opening chests seems to typically give 2. Achievements are typically 5. Finishing a tier of objectives in the adventure log is 50, sometimes story quests also seem to give 50. The monthly sub (which I don't know if you can actually buy on PS4) gives 300 of the MT currency (which you can spend 1:1 for primogems if you want) and then gives 90 primogems per day when you log in.
  14. That link doesn't appear to work. If you're trying to upload an image use a site like imgur. There's 4 main bosses + Grisha twice as a miniboss.
  15. The missed items that are required for trophies you can get in a second playthrough (and there's at least one item you need to get in a second playthrough anyway). The only thing you can totally miss is getting the item for defeating the tutorial boss, but it's not required for the item trophy. I stuck with Hallowed Sword the entire time. The range shouldn't be a big deal because for the 3 region bosses you just do jumping attack at them almost the entire time, and final boss you want to basically be sitting underneath it. The L1+R1 ability on it is also really useful because you can't take damage during the entire animation, it'll deal a good chunk when it hits, and stuns all the bosses for a few seconds to let you get another normal combo in.