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  1. I suspect like most shmups that it will be a hell of a grind to get everything. And I also suspect hard mode will actually be hard.
  2. Though I've only played the game on PS4 so far, if I were to play on PC or Xbone as well would the trophies become missable? For example, if I do something that would pop a trophy on the PS4 version, but I did it while playing the game on PC would it just not pop? Or is it a case where the PS4, PC, and Xbone SMITE accounts are separate from eachother
  3. You might as well try for the LBP platinum
  4. This one And this one Fucking weebs
  5. -Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts Covenant Vastly underrated RPG series. A unique setting that you don't see in JRPGs (World War 1) and a unique battle system that I can only seem to compare with Lost Odyssey. Definitely games I'd love to see on the PS4 -Grandia II Now that we know that Grandia III will be heading to the PS4 why not do the same for Grandia II? -Persona 3FES Great game and with Persona 5 coming out soon it would be the perfect opportunity to get late adopters more into the series.
  6. Osaka from Azumanga Diaoh expressing her thoughts every time she checks this website's forums
  7. I'm pretty interested if this is true. I have only ever played Dead Rising 2: OTR and Dead Rising 3. One thing that I always disliked about the series were the timed missions, but I guess that gives it a replay value so you know better what to expect. Sandbox mode is also fun, but only after a certain amount of time.
  8. -Red Dead Redemption Still the best game Rockstar has put out (in my opinion) and I would love to see some sort of remaster for it. Especially since the PS3 version suffers from terrible frame drops and screen tearing. Seems like a no brainer now that the Xbone can play the game (and honestly the 360 version was so much better too). -Nier Especially with Automata coming out soon you would probably get more people interested in the series by having them check out the 1st game (then again you might also turn people off the series with how hit and miss the game is) and could potentially fix problems the PS3 game had. Actually why not remaster the entire Nier/Drakengard series -Vanquish A favorite among fans of Platinum Games. Fast-paced, action, CUHRAZE, why not? I could list many other games (mostly RPGs), but I just listed some that would greatly benefit from a remaster/port