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  1. I scrolled both my list and my father's multiple times looking for it, guess I could try another couple times lol It was a PSplus game I believe, but we both have playstation plus currently, so I'm just not sure what's going on.
  2. okay so when Sonic Origins released on PS5/PS4, they went back and delisted the PS3 versions of both Sonic 1 and 2. now I figured that this would not effect my ability to redownload the game, however it's nowhere to be seen on my download list nor the download list of my father who also used the PS3 at the time. (also not visible upon directly searching for it) it's a shame because I logged trophies for it 10 years ago and would like to finish it off to those who had bought the game years ago: is the download missing for you?
  3. I'm just now getting into the God of War franchise and I'm gonna just pop on the streaming version of this so I don't get cucked out of literally the only online trophy in the entire series if the servers randomly decide to shut down
  4. after literally just dealing with the painful grind that was Grimm Eclipse it's actually comical how easy this looks lmao
  5. Don't think i'm gonna get this one bros
  6. i actually am playing it on the Vita version and it's been very annoying. I might honestly just give up and deal with just having an unobtainable (lord knows I already have enough of those). Although I don't believe they said they were shutting down the Vita version, but I can't imagine it won't get shut down lol
  7. fair enough lmao, guess I don't run into that many trophies like this
  8. Truly Awesome legit has to be one of the worst trophies ever conceived. Were they even thinking it through at all when they came up with it? lmao
  9. I know I lot of people are indifferent on it, but I really love Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, and it always annoyed me that it never got trophies, let alone a plat.
  10. because of the magic punch, you would have to get to the very end of the game, but there would be no need to kill the final boss. It should have been a 100% completion for the plat, but honestly at this point i'm just happy the fucking thing even has trophies. Ape Escape doesn't get shit these days.
  11. ay thanks for the tips, about to hop into this and noticed there wasn't a guide. played the first one so I assume it's gonna be pretty similar to the first.
  12. i joined this site 7 years ago and that's kinda fucked up

    1. Platisfaction


      I'm member no. 10 😅

    2. MidnightDragon


      You two are old! xD 

  13. god fucking damn it, they really had to go and change the web browser playstation store
  14. Yeah I bagged the platinum recently. Had to boost it with another person cause the servers are COMPLETELY dead. At least with Killzone you could still actually get into a game through basic matchmaking cause there was still a (very very very small) playerbase. Resistance doesn't even have that and I'm surprised the servers are still goin'.
  15. dude I dodged a major bullet here was thinking of doing this one shout out to the way less popular Resistance: Burning Skies still having it's servers up lmaoooo