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Welcome to my profile


I'm a 19 year old guy from Finland. My favourite colour is purple. My native language isn't English so you can expect me to make some mistakes. I'm a really shy person so don't be suprised if I don't talk almost at all. My favourite music genres are techno, trance and handsup.


Feel free to add me on PSN and here. Just remeber to put something on the friend requests on PSN because I don't usually add people who send blank friend requests.


I started trophy hunting in 2009 at the same time when I got my PS3. I have had many breaks from it, but currently I'm trying to complete my games that I start to 100%. As you can see from my profile here I'm doing a pretty good job. :P


My favourite game genre is first-person shooters.  Favourites are Call of Duty and Battlefield. I'm a very competitive player. Usually +2KD on most games.


Thanks for visiting :wub:








Battlelog - Destiny Stats


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