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  1. Yup, did all that multiple times and it didn't work. Anyway, I decided to give it another try after two months of not touching the game. And guess what ? This time the trophy popped ! What I did diffirent this time is that I moved my head forward until I'm way inside the house ... then I looked arond. And ding !. Got my trophy and a new platinum. So if anyone's not getting the trophy ... peeking through the window might not be enough...try shoving your head through the window till you're inside the house.
  2. You could be right. I tried deletng my game and restarting it. Still no luck. Argh !!! I was cheated out of a plat !
  3. I've tried multiple times . How long did it take before it popped ? I tried peeking into the window for about 10 secs. I also tried peeking into the top window and the chimney. Also, tried restarting the game ... also tried shutting the console off and restarting the game. And tried completing the level to see if it would pop. Still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.