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  1. I've been searching simple match for an hour but it couldn't pairing me up with anyone , throwdown challange works fine though , honestly I'm thinking to leave it overnight just to find one simple match
  2. That doesn't works with me unfortunately , I've been searching for 30min but it wouldn't put me in an empty lobby, however I noticed that TDM only start if there is 3 players in lobby . Probably they fixed it
  3. I had the same problem . After countless attempts I changed my internet connection and after that it works with me immediately .
  4. For my case I spent like 400 gold in 15k Reword however my level never progress , Then when I start buying a random items from chapter pass I jumped like from level 8 to 13 for 3 classes Each item in chapter pass cost a 100 gold .
  5. I hope vergil is playable from 1st mission.
  6. Unfortunately it glitched on me and i wasted alot of times . The only way to fix it is to make new save and redo the entire tutorial + the characters specific tutorials, after you finish them re complete Robo -Fortune tutorial and after you done her tutorial click on next unfinished lesson turn off your ps4s and start the game again and go to trails do First Parasoul trail and you should get the trophy.
  7. Any fighting game on PSN has no trophy for mastering all characters combos or long survival like beating 100 opponents or beat Unfair score attacks with all characters like P4A it should be an easy fighting game . Idk why in other sites MK9 platinum rated 9/10 . SF4 Combos should compare with game like KOF13 imo .
  8. Community Goals end when the highest tier listed has been reached or the time limit ends, whichever comes first. Wait till Thursday .
  9. Awesome, I really want to play this game and finish it , I was wondering that community related trophies how many weeks they takes to get them done ?
  10. You should find it on ps store. I remember I got it from there for both Ps3 and Ps4 .
  11. What if I beat all 40 characters trails ? How much il gain bec beating survival with all 40 Characters on Easy/Normal/Hard / it sounds very boring .
  12. Glitched on me too , I can see in challanges progress that I completed thrifty challange but I didn't get the trophy I won like 4 times without purchasing a primary weapon.
  13. I got the trophy yesterday when I got 1200 kills , I'm not sure how this Glitch trigger but what I noticed sometimes when I log in the cross play turned on automatically that might effect on trophy ?
  14. Thanks for the guide Blazhead. I just beat all missions. For mission 17: I used M.Bison against hugo all you need to do is just backwards Mk>Hk and you can take him down very quick and for other opponents I just spam Zangief power bomb. Mission 19 : i used Rolento & Zangief Against Akuma I used Rolento Crouch Hk> Patriot Circle >Crouch Hk When Rolento health 25% low Switch to Zangief and just Spam Double Lariat .
  15. It's not too bad really, There's many great strategies , You can use Faust hat for dante missions and you can easily get an S rank ,and for Nero if you want to get an easy SSS style rank try to use Nero Punchline arms its really useful . It's great game you should play it .