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  1. Yeah even my ps plus subscription somehow disappeared at least its not showing while i log into my main but it appears while i check it from alt
  2. Is there anyone currently having a trouble to log in into game? , im not sure if servers currently in maintenance , i only need few rounds left for my last trophy
  3. I totally forgot about that , thanks for your reply , i just switched to Eu and i can find match in few seconds now
  4. Is there anyone having trouble to find a match in Tip toe tournament? Been trying to find a single match for 2h and no match found yet, Yesterday it was working fine though
  5. Tokyo Xtreme racer 3 Aka zero one on ps2
  6. I've been watching this thread from time to time what can I say it's my favorite thread I like how everyone is positive here everyone is doing great job so I was thinking and finally I decided to join here I know it's late to be here as we are nearly in the end of the year so I will only do games for Tier 1 Here is my list Tier 1 Assetto corsa (0.23%) Battlezone (0.23%) Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (1.47%) HOT WHEELS WORLD'S BEST DRIVER (3.54%) CARX DRIFT RACING ONLINE (1.19%)
  7. Yes I did even though it wouldn't let us start the match when it says joining it even wont let us to cancel the matchmaking so we have to close the application and reboot the game
  8. I've been searching for 30mins so far I'm trying with some friends but it wouldn't let us start match no matter what it usually says joining but wont start I'm afried it's down again
  9. yes its possible with AI now , I've played on my alt too and manged to fin both MN3/MN5 you can leave AI down without reviving him and stil can fin mission that's really a good thing , also you can switch between partners for example in MN5 I used lunar staff to kill genshin and then I switch to the other player to use Dragon sword to kill Liz
  10. I've been searching simple match for an hour but it couldn't pairing me up with anyone , throwdown challange works fine though , honestly I'm thinking to leave it overnight just to find one simple match
  11. That doesn't works with me unfortunately , I've been searching for 30min but it wouldn't put me in an empty lobby, however I noticed that TDM only start if there is 3 players in lobby . Probably they fixed it
  12. I had the same problem . After countless attempts I changed my internet connection and after that it works with me immediately .
  13. For my case I spent like 400 gold in 15k Reword however my level never progress , Then when I start buying a random items from chapter pass I jumped like from level 8 to 13 for 3 classes Each item in chapter pass cost a 100 gold .
  14. I hope vergil is playable from 1st mission.
  15. Unfortunately it glitched on me and i wasted alot of times . The only way to fix it is to make new save and redo the entire tutorial + the characters specific tutorials, after you finish them re complete Robo -Fortune tutorial and after you done her tutorial click on next unfinished lesson turn off your ps4s and start the game again and go to trails do First Parasoul trail and you should get the trophy.