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  1. The most difficult part in #190 the first 3 checkpoints if you manage to make it through the hole perfectly you'll be like 3~4 seconds ahead of gold medal, keep trying and eventually you'll make it , If you get through the hole perfectly you have a great chance to get gold medal
  2. Stormrise RTS game Enjoyment: 6 Difficult: 5/10
  3. Hi, go to the first mission in Ng+ at the first shrine go left and you should find a mini boss just fight with him when you about to kill him and he got like 10% health left just kill yourself and repeat , i got like 1500~2000 proficiency in 2min , and it takes 3~4h to get 180k proficiency
  4. The game is way easier then nioh 1, i finished all missions without too much trouble ,There is no missions for two bosses at once , Also you dont have to beat all twlight missions for Samurai of Legend trophy .
  5. Ya, it happens for me too it's really annoying each 5 attempts i play 1~2 match
  6. Took me 8h My time was 23:54:80 finally it's done Hell is over.
  7. Thank you i did this and i got the Swirling Flood map
  8. Mine was marvel vs capcom infinte 15h 59min i'm currently the fastest achiver on the leaderboard
  9. i would like to hit LvL 100 with 600+ plats
  10. i thought there will be some kind of combo challnges thank god there's none. i guess it's easy and abit grindy from 50~75h good luck everyone
  11. Yea i think so because the us ver will release 25oct
  12. I need a certified item in any of these Shot on goal Normal goal Long goal I'll give it back once i get the trophy
  13. 1-Dark Souls & Demon Souls 2-Skyrim 3-Dragon dogma
  14. Doodle God
  15. My first ps3 game was Mw2
  16. Probably Eu
  17. Umbrella corps just please stay away from this game u need 150-200h boosting
  18. i love four kings
  19. resident evil 4 resident evil REVELATIONS 1
  20. reach lvl 35 get 80 plats completion 95%
  21. the crew resident evil 1 tom clancy blacklist gow2 prinse of persa hd collctions tomp raider the ps3 version and the ps4 version
  22. all tenchu games remake