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  1. @jgm4789 Thats a good observation. Does that site only release the patch info after they come out? I guess if we see another one on the 2nd will know this is something we can probably expect every three days. @VeldinX Lol what is it with that Toy Story 2 game? I see it brought up all the time. Ive never actually played it myself.
  2. @VeldinX I wouldn't say never. They aren't actually altering the code on these. The trophies just sit on top of the game and use existing triggers. I feel all Sony would need to do is reach out for permission and they could easily add these to 3rd party games. The patches are coming in about every three days now, so I guess will have to wait and see if a 3rd party game pops up then will have our answer.
  3. Wow they are really going to add trophies to atleast all these first party games. That's amazing! Since Sony published Ridge Racer 2 I can't wait for that list to come.
  4. The Getaway The Simpsons Hit n' Run Destruction Derby GTA Liberty City Stories GTA Vice City Stories Stuntman: Ignition Scarface: The World is Yours (I know this one will never happen)
  5. @Mercenary09 I wouldnts say itll never happen. If Sony has a small team working on these and they are using existing triggers to overlay these trophies. Then they could technically add them to third party games without needing access to the games code.
  6. I cannot believe Sony is doing this! What a pleasant surprise. I could be wrong, but it seems like they have just figured out how to retroactively add trophies to these classics or they have heard the cries for trophies to be added to more of these games. Either way this makes me extremely happy to see. 😁
  7. This is fantastic to see Sony patching these trophies after release. It gives me hope maybe the others like Ridge Racer and Tekken 2 may get them one day. 🤞
  8. Just glad to see this and Hot Shots Golf 2 with trophies. My hope is atleast one game from the Premium games has a trophy list each month.
  9. Just glad to see more classics with trophy support.
  10. I'm just so glad these games are coming to an end. Not just the Stroke games, but all of them. It has forever damaged the quality of the leaderboards. Never have bought any of these and I never will. I firstly play games for enjoyment not just for trophies.
  11. So glad we got another classic with trophies. Really hope they do more going forward.
  12. Thanks for the info on this
  13. I completely agree with you. With the change to the square tiles on PS5 they should just use the game cover art. I dont know why I'm so anal about it, but lazy tile art really annoys me.
  14. @Neme-ita First it has nothing to do with how good the game is, but the lack of effort on the tile. Not everyone is the same as you man.
  15. Could they have put any less effort into that main game tile? Such a disappointment with a game im looking forward to.