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  1. Yea the flag system is so broken. Whats crazy is if you want to hide the game you have to do it on your PSN account for it to count here. Its pretty sad there's not an option to just hide it in this site.
  2. Thats to bad. Guess I won't be buying this one.
  3. Thanks for the update. Let us know if it ever gets fixed.
  4. Its really starting to irritate me how sloppy Sony has let the trophy system get over the past few years. Its started great on the PS3, the main tiles would pop at you when you'd hover over them. They were usually cut out designs that looked great. Then PS4 came and when the indie scene started hitting big I noticed Sony letting devs get sloppy with the naming convention. You'll see 'Trophies', or 'Trophy Set', or even worse 'Trophy set for X' at the end of games names. These were all minor things I looked passed, but then the PS5 comes out and they change the main game tiles completely to a square. I dont think this is a bad idea, but Sony and clearly some devs (look at this KeyWe game) dont know how to implement the list correctly. On PS5 its the worse, it looks cheap how the PS4 games are just compressed down into the smaller square thats clearly just meant for the PS5 games. Point is the trophy system has just gotten really lazy since the great days of the PS3. I know a very small portion of the community will care about this, but I just felt I needed to vent when I seen this.
  5. So glad the mp trophies are gone.
  6. Super excited for this 😁
  7. Blasphemous Dark Devotion Time Spinner
  8. It really does, looks like someone that had no idea what they were doing designed it. Like you said they should have just left them as rectangles. I hope one day they fix it because it really irritates me every time I look at it. Luckily I own a PS5 currently, but with this update to PS4 it's even more ridiculous. They crammed the PS5 square tiles into the PS4 rectangles. Really just seems like they just don't care.
  9. Yes, I completely agree. Seems like such an easy fix for the employees Sony has. I honestly can't believe this look was okay'd. What I don't understand is it looks exactly how you are describing it on the app. I wish there was a way to contact Sony to bring this to their attention. I've reached out to them on Twitter a few times and never get a response. Hopefully, they fix it to look like what you said, but I'm not real hopeful.
  10. Now if Sony would only fix how bad the PS4 title art looks on PS5. Its a complete eye sore since launch and looks like an amateur designed it. Them changing the tiles on PS5 broke the look of the trophy system completely.
  11. I haven't hit any DLC trophies that made me want to quit the game till I did the stuff on Fortuna. Ranking up in Solaris United is infuriating with those worthless Debt-bonds. For one, Tinker either not having the higher level bonds or them costing a ridiculous amount. So then you have to grind bounties over and over and over and over again in hopes that the RNG gives you the ones you need. The other one is that K-Driven trophy. Theirs no way your going to naturally ride a million meters.
  12. So I read on a guide that you could load up two controllers in quest mode and let the second controller die and he wouldn't respawn until you made him. Essentially giving you 7 lives to get through the hardcore playthrough. My problem is that's not working, when I load both controllers and player 2 dies it automatically respawns him and I dont know how to turn that off. Was this something the devs patched and im just screwed or am I missing something?
  13. Okay, well thanks for all the feedback. I'll take it that the one trophy is glitched and pass on buying for now.
  14. Does anyone know why the platinum is 2.2% on PSN, but 0% on this site? I was interested in getting this while it was on sale, but I don't want to purchase it if one of the trophies are glitched.
  15. Thanks alot man. Im interesting in getting this and that game PUSS! But it seems that game has glitched trophies so im going to pass on that one. I seen one person finished this one and just wanted to make sure it was doable.