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  1. I've got the plat in Bloodborne
  2. Dude that ain't nothing. I own about 700 games just digitally on PS3 and am currently sitting at 300 on PS4. My thing is I don't buy any indie game at full price. Only AAA games that I really want. Even though my backlog is huge I either got most of the games from Plus or I got them on sale. Now I did have a revelation like you a few months ago and realised that I needed to make a change with my buying. I didn't go to the extreme you did of not buying at all. I just now only buy games that I really want.
  3. Ok I was just curious bc I really love these kinda platformers, but didnt want to buy it if the trophies are glitched.
  4. I noticed no one has completed it, so I was curious before I started this?
  5. I would love this!! I wish we could get the trophy community together some how and just bombarded Sony on Twitter with request for this. I really hope this spreads to PSP and PSX!
  6. You all should send these to Shuhei's Twitter. He needs to know we support them doin this because there's a lot of negativety come at him from non trophy hunters.