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  1. Yes this guy is correct. Just need to have those two challenges done before that Nov cutoff.
  2. This is really great to hear. Sony needed to backtrack on this. They've got enough bad press around them as is.
  3. Smh 🙄🙄 Pure trash plat
  4. Fyi Seems like the patch issue may be resolved. I was able to download Castlevania's just now.
  5. Thanks for checking and confirming.
  6. Can you not access your PS3 DLC for a PSNow game. I know you can do it with the PS4 games. Maybe check the XMB when your playing Castlevania LOS.
  7. Yea but what about the games in this list. We better get a refund for those.
  8. This is sad we're having to deal with this before the store even shuts down. Sony has turned into a joke over the last two years. I haven't bought a PS5 yet and have no plan to with how there handling customer service.
  9. Just thinking out loud here, but im so tired of these cash grab platinums. Between the Rata games and ones like these that I see come out every week, it's really starting to put me off trophy hunting. Its watered down trophy hunting as a whole. Every time I see someone with a high trophy count and I check their account and see its littered with games like these I immediately back out. Don't get me wrong im not judging anyone that does these. I myself jumped on the Rata train at first and did 9 or 10 games about a year ago and just didn't like how I felt after platinuming them, I had no feeling of satisfaction because they required no effort. If I could id delete them from my account I would.
  10. Yea give it a few more years and the effects will start to show. I believe there recent purchases of a streaming service and EVO shows that there preparing for other options to make money in the future. Id say about 4 to 5 years when MS's purchases start to produce games and with Nintendo nipping at there heels, on top of the relationship MS\Nintendo have Sonys in trouble in the future.
  11. I said "if that happens" and if you honestly think Sony wants that negative publicity your crazy. There already getting enough because MS is buying up the market and they can't compete financially with them.
  12. Keep putting your foot in your mouth Sony. Before you know it you'll be watching MS when this war and push yall out. Let them ever shutdown my ability to download my purchases or sync trophies and I could see a class action lawsuit on there hands, and id be at the front of the line.
  13. Yea I noticed that, oh well. Thats Playstations fault. The new store is garbage to me. Not to say the last one was good, but this is definitely worse.
  14. Dude thanks alot for the heads-up on Inside. It really is free. I would have never known if I didn't see your post.