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  1. Well that explains alot. The Adventure Pals is a great game as well.
  2. Its funny the idiots out here that waste money on this trash. Good on the developers for capitalizing on these morons.
  3. Just gotta say that main game tile looks so good. The change to the square tile has brought alot of basic pictures during the PS5 era, but sometimes you get really talented people like this that know how to make them look detailed and great!
  4. I much prefer a list that makes you atleast finish a game over the flood of 5 min garbage games we are getting nowadays.
  5. Its pathetic Sony hasn't done anything about it. Ive stopped looking at the PS store to buy new games because I'm not digging through the mounds of these games to find the real ones.
  6. Theirs no point, its already been closed because I told the CRT their dispute process was a joke after I gave valid evidence to my claim. The whole process is just in place so this community can give you a virtual stoning even though ive got almost 400 other games played on my account that have never had an issue besides the hacked lobby I was unknowingly on in GTA5.
  7. Dude I can tell you now it doesn't matter what you say in a dispute their still going to ban you from the leaderboards. They allow these garbage 3 min platinum games to infect the leaderboards because its considered "legit", but don't dare have an issue with a single game outside of those, or the lynch mob will come for you and will never lift your ban no matter what proof you bring. So I honestly wouldn't worry about it. The leaderboards are a joke anyways with most accounts littered with hundreds of pay for platinum games.
  8. Good month besides Sony trying to push another dumbass mp game on people through Plus. I won't even add Arcadegeddon to my library.
  9. Did they seriously use the same main trophy pic as the first game?
  10. Just curious if this has glitched trophies because its currently on sale and have been wanting this for awhile.
  11. Rata atleast made real games. These are just trash cluttering up this site and the PS store. Sony really needs to get control of these.
  12. Look im not bashing anyone who does these garbage games, but its really starting to turn into a shit show trying to navigate the PS store and digging through them on here to see what new trophy list for good games are out. Their needs to be an option on here and the PS store to filter these out, so their available for the people that want them, and the people that dont wont have to dig through them to get to actual games.
  13. Its a live service game of course its trash. I would have never touched it in the first place.
  14. I know this is kind of a late response, but did you ever find a good method or certain player to get this trophy? Im on the last chapter and still haven't gotten it. I see you finally did, so any advice would be appreciated.
  15. I completely agree, the start of 2020 i made at vow to myself to get my completion percentage up from 65% to the 90s. Well fast forward till now and im at 83% atm. Point im getting at is ive been having to play alot of my older PS3 games, and over the past two years of this I've realized how much more I enjoy the games from that era. Seems all we get nowadays are F2P live service mp crap. Hell even Sony are going to abandon sp games in lieu of 10 plus live service games they have in development. Needless to say ill be playing PS3 long into the future with where the gaming industry is heading.