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  1. Thanks!! Wishing you a happy new year!!
  2. Have you tried recently? Does it work now?
  3. Hey everyone! Is the disc upgrade okay now? I found it 30 bucks and I really want to play it on 60fps
  4. Redownloaded the game to try everything you said. Nothing changed. When I turn the PS5 language in French, I can't attack any more after I attack for the first time 😂 at least I didn't buy it
  5. There isn't a PS5 version sadly but the game runs smoothly and there are not that many loadings
  6. Oh, I see. I really wanted this one to be good and not a flop. Alright, I will be buying it soon as the retail version is quite rare and it's like 40 euros in where I live. Thank you champs.
  7. Smh it only popped "Welcome to the city of the dead"
  8. The game has released 3 days now and I haven't seen any review or something. Barely no one talks about either like is it good? Bad? The whole development of the game was weird from the start and with these delays i dunno. From people who have been playing it, is it any good? Is the game big? I've read from an interview that it's like 40 hours only for the story but i've seen a comment stating they finished it 8 hours which felt really weird for a JRPG VN.
  9. I've a guy saying he finished the game in 8 hours and I really he is joking
  10. Thanks king or queen
  11. You literally get this trophy one hour or two in the game so it's a good move even if it is a publicity stunt
  12. just found out that i don't have either game's saves on my cloud.. Here we go again
  13. So if i got this right. I have platinumed both games but LL was a rental. Now let's say i upgrade my UC4 disc version. I'm gonna get the legacy of Thieves and the platinum automatically?
  14. Finished the game and aiming for the platinum! I will gladly take any guide Zeptograms 😁
  15. Welp I will play the PS4 version another time them. The fell of combat on PS5 is excellent