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  1. Minimalist from Slay the Spire - win a run with a five card deck. Takes a lot of good RNG and a tight balance of risk and reward, probably took 30-odd runs before it all fell into place.
  2. No, afraid not.
  3. I got it before the end of my first playthrough, didn't do anything special to get it. Certainly didn't farm as diligently as some people here! Unlike Persona 4, I get the impression you need to hear 250 voice lines, not 250 UNIQUE voice lines.
  4. Update update - it doesn't - must have different requirements than just finishing a third time?
  5. Had my save right at the end of the game, once the patch was installed I replayed it, got "At the End of Everything" instantly. May have also impacted other trophies, I'll play through now for the Germ one and report findings. Update - you can also get "Hold Onto Anything" by just replaying the ending where you get "At the End of Everything". Replaying it a second time to see if "Make it Last" also pops.
  6. Hey, I've got P4G and DAN, sign me up. Can't wait for P5 =)
  7. I'm having a trophy bug, I only need the two extreme survival trophies, I'm at rank 7 (20+ sols) on an extreme (inferno) planet and the Stranger in a Strange Land trophy never popped. Counter is still ticking up towards 32 sols, but I'm worried that trophy (The Sentinel) won't pop there either. Anyone experienced this yet? Any ideas? I'm hoping it's similar to the Planet Zoology glitch and doing something random will cause it to pop eventually... EDIT: Nevermind, the silver trophy just popped... at 21.1 sols. No idea why that would have happened at that point.
  8. I'm having the same problem, went from 2.1 sols to 7.3 sols on an extreme toxic planet, now the counter won't move. Have found an extreme heat planet, same problem.
  9. Hi, I have finally gotten a Pure Bladestone to drop. I can drop any upgrade materials now if anyone is still hunting, hopefully I can save someone the 8 hour farming I've just been through. Currently level 158 on EU server, can level up if needed. Add me on PSN (NotYAWS) with a message of what you need?