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  1. Cheers for answers
  2. Gonna say Dark Souls, since you have Demon's Souls, but not Dark Souls.
  3. I played Rainbow Moon like exactly a year ago and I just loved the feeling of it. The graphics were charming, the gameplay was awesome and the music was good aswell. I want more games like these that are either turn-based or similiar throw backs to older games. Oh and also, anyone have a similiar game to MOH Frontline and the first Call of Duty? I love old school shooters aswell. I'm thinking Far Cry maybe.
  4. How did you not understand my sarcasm there? I even threw in " to make it more obvious. Let me explain it to you. I did not mean to double post. I feel regret towards double posting.
  5. Oh I must be doing something wrong? There's no chance the game is just bad? I played more league matches than you and more asian champions league matches and I scored WAY more than you. I just got it, somehow... I picked a new team new player, unedited. Unfortunately the team wasn't qualified for the champions league but apperantly that doesn't matter. Simmed 2 matches, benched for one, suspended for one, played the rest(about 10-12).
  6. Thanks for answers, I picked an existing player and as I said I played more games than anyone of you in the league and I played a lot in the AFC league aswell. My performance sure as hell wasn't a problem considering I scored more than 4 times each match. The trophy is just glitched or something. Note that this is my second try. First time I only played AFC champions league matches, according to a trophy guide it was only that which was counted. But I didn't get that time either. I didn't rant post about it then because I thought it was my fault. But obviously the game it's the game's fault this time.
  7. Well I "obviously" meant to double post.
  8. I hate that trophy. I scored over 100 goals in 19 appearances, 8 were in the AFC champions league the rest in the league. And I didn't even get in the top 3... I hate this game, it's so bad and the trophies are even worse.
  9. I hate that trophy. I scored over 100 goals in 19 appearances, 8 were in the AFC champions league the rest in the league. And I didn't even get in the top 3... I hate this game, it's so bad and the trophies are even worse.
  10. Arrow? Are you kidding with me? The script is horrible, the plot is unoriginal and uninteresting. For me atm it's True Detective, Sherlock... Black Sails has some potential but it haven't got the best writing. Sons of Anarchy has lost it's path.
  11. Oh, sorry about that. I was quite in a hurry to write it and I didn't lay much thought in the title. You're right.
  12. Hi, so I just stumbled upon a discovery that can make the game much easier to 100 %. The trick is only doable with the character WX-78. He's the robot character that is unlocked after 48 days give or take. One of his many bonuses are that he can consume gears and instantly pop full health and also increase his stats. Now I was walking around with WX-78 and I stumbled across the clockwork monsters(you'll know them when you see them). They're couple of weird looking creatures that do lots of damage. One of these buggers is a gigantic rhino. His attack is a charge that decimates EVERYTHING in it's way and I mean everything. I just managed to avoid it but he smashed one honey bee nest, one tree and his clockwork buddy, whom when he died dropped gears, I quickly picked up the gears and munched them up to evade certain death. The tides of the battle quickly turned and I could kill the remaining clockwork monsters. So my trick is to use the clockwork rhino to kill the other clockwork enemies, eat they're gear and you'll basically be op. Atleast towards common threats. WX-75 has few weaknesses, rain is one of them. Fortunately you can set custom worlds, where you can have eternal summers and no rain. Which makes it easier.
  13. Couple of things. First of all, there was only 24 players on the PS3/360 version. Second of all, close to the PC version, yes you're right. The PC version has 24, 32 and 48 players conquest maps. Ah yes, indeed. Fix the game first, however I don't see any trouble in opening up official DICE servers. They do it all the time, without much effort. But yeah, I understand fixing the game is quite urgent.
  14. Sigh... As I've said, I've got average internet. I cba buy expensive internet just so that every third game I play in BF4 will be more smoother, when they've already implemented an option that not only makes it smoother but also MORE ENJOYABLE. All ya'll seem to be ignoring the fact that it's already in the friggin game, DICE just aren't hosting them. "I have no problems taking sniper's dog tags in big conquest mode lol" What? Whether I was ranting or not, which I wasn't, but maybe it came off as I were. Doesn't change anything- Look, I know you find it hard to believe but I actually made this thread because I genuinely think I'll have a better time playing 16v16 than 32v32. It'll go smoother and I'll enjoy the gameplay more. And I don't have problems getting a good score either, if that's what you think. Why did they create conquest 16v16 option then? Seriously, what's so difficult about hosting a few 16v16 conquest servers? They have loads of 32v32 that are empty.
  15. I've already done it, however as I said I was curious about other people's opinion on the matter. Never really explained why? Well I thought it was pretty implied. First of all, not everyone's internet can take 32v32. My internet speed is pretty decent and I get a lot of lagg atleast 1/3 of every game. Framerate drops occur aswell, which last time I checked is the PS4's fault. Why would they then not making a 16v16 available since a lot of people share my problems and concerns. Also the smaller conquest maps are actually already implemented in the game, however DICE for some reason have not hosted official servers. And there are none that host themselves. So considering that it would go a lot smoother, some people think it's more fun and it's already implemented in the game. I really don't see how starting to host 16v16 isn't a good idea.