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  1. (Sorry if the thread doesn't belong here). My question is that, since it seems you have a tab in the new PS App that shows you all your PS Messages, rendering the PS Messages App useless (imao). Is there still something useful about it now, or is it wiser to delete it from my phone and free up space? Thanks in advance!
  2. That's what I like about Trueachievements' site: you can leave feedback after each session that translates into a +/- into your overall percentage score, giving you a little hint about anyone that joins a session with you in regards to his commitment to it. But then again, a-holes are everywhere. Idiocy doesn't know of age, gender, nor nationality. Hope you have better luck next time.
  3. So, the issue is real, altgough somewhat random as @EdinhoN stated?
  4. Brand new and sealed! Nice to finally add it to my collection.
  5. Hi! I was under the impression that the only change in the game was that "Test Your Mettle" was about to become unobtainable after December 31st, but to my surprise, I've seen reports of people not being able to play on a rented server (you could rent it, but I would not allow you to play with it). Did this feature got cut out of the game for good? Because the past week I've seen a few "rented servers" on the lobbies' matchmaking, so I wouldn't know what's happening. Can someone confirm it got canned or not? Thanks in advance!
  6. Gladly I have the trophy already, but I was playing yesterday for quite a few hours, and not a single event showed up. Did this feature get removed from the game? Does it have anything to do with the Limited Mode (haven't tried playing multiplayer, so I wouldn't know)? Thanks!
  7. I think it's safe to say it's a counterfeit copy. The reason it exists doesn't mean it is indeed legit. Nevertheless, wrappings don't mean much these days. I've seen Y folded wrapped NTSC games that are not new. Others that would come in shrinking cellophane that are new, but for some reason were resealed. So there are my two cents.
  8. It was posted by someone on the Facebook page of PS3 collectors. Never said it was 100% real, but the TC asked if someone as ever seen anything like that.
  9. Yep, and it even was the holy grail of PS3 games:
  10. Well, what gives? Sign me up! Hope to be up for the challenge and help people out.
  11. Hi there! Great job so far. I'd add some known PS3 games that have its servers shut down (they should be moved from the "still obtainable" list to the "unobtainable") - Mortal Kombat 9 (this one was missing) - The Last of Us - Uncharted 2/3 And I'd like to add to the list of "still obtainable" the game Deception IV: Blood Ties. It has 6 online trophies (if I recall and counted right). Haven't done them yet, but I know they are there 😉.
  12. Dead Rising. Seems like a hard task to do the 7-day survival trophy, but I would be up for it eventually.
  13. As said previously by some other people, the main idea for a new console should be, games (IPs). But that does not mean I'm against remasters/remakes/reimaginings at all. As long as it is not a 4th-time re-release (RE4) or an all-out cash grab (GTA V), every once in a while is good to see a game you treasure to be given "another go" on a current-gen console/PC. My picks would be: • Dead Space trilogy (give the 3rd one the atmosphere of the first 2) • Siren (both PS2 games and the PS3 release) • Resistance trilogy (would love to partake in the MP of the 2nd one, which I've heard was wonderful) • Killzone trilogy (that MP was a joy to play indeed, very well made) • Resident Evil Outbreak (c'mon Capcom, you have a huge milking cow there waiting to be milked) • Sega Soccer Slam (had a blast playing it on PS2) • Tenchu series (only played Wrath of Heaven and Fatal Shadows, and they were great, especially the former) • Timesplitters trilogy (need I say more? My favorite trilogy, at least on the PS2)
  14. No right is absolute. Not at least in the Consumer/Provider relationship.
  15. That's where you're wrong. The "imaginary scale" you state is indeed important to measure the depth and reaches of the penalty, whatever it is. I do agree with a TOS/ROC every now and then, and that doesn't give absolute right for the provider to do what they please or see fit, (and please don't give me that "it's my service/product and I rule over it's use" crap), and there are "abusive clauses" in every single one of them if you look close enough, and "consumer rights" beign violated, that you should know about.