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  1. Well, that's my inquiry. Do these trophies stack? Or must I fulfill the requirements separately? Thanks in advance!
  2. Well, I have a spare sealed copy of Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! that I'm willing to sell for a fair price. If anyone is interested let me know. Pictures of the game available if needed. Cheers!
  3. Well, that's a real bummer. Just a few months ago bought the professional edition of the game, but never played it in my PS3. So no harm done, I guess. It is sad nonetheless that I will never use it (at least in my main account). Also have it in the "Ultimate Stealth Triple Pack" compilation. In regards to that compilation, does anyone know which of the three games is installed directly? I wouldn't like it to be Hitman now.
  4. Ok. Good to know. Was baffled because of the "Perfectionist" trophy saying that you have to get all medals on "Custom" maps in Challenge mode. I thought "Custom" was meant to be some sort of community made stuff.
  5. Well, I asked because he wrote that on January 29, and said that he "just used" his alternate/fake account and did the contracts fine. That's why I was confused.
  6. So, what you meant with this is that the online trophies are still obtainable?
  7. Does anyone know if there are more online/multiplayer trophies than the 11 shown a the bottom of the main game's trophy list, and which everyone knows about?
  8. I see. Well, that's good enough to count!
  9. Well, IMO I guess it would be a little unfair to count the cross save examples, because I think it doesn't come from an action "within" a game, rather than "within" or "between" two consoles (it's just my interpretation. I could be wrong in it or even give in if enough people post this kind of examples). In Linger in Shadows though, did they all pop at the same time or just over the course of the playthrough?
  10. Hello everyone, really haven't browse that much, but haven't seen a similar thread. So the question is simple: what are the most trophies you earned within a game from doing just one thing and one thing only? It does not matter if you met almost all requirements for several trophies prior to unlock them all at once. It is just needed that, with one simple action, you get a streak of trophies all unlocked at the same time. For example, in my case, it was Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. I've met almost all the requirements for the platinum. I just had left the extra mission of dating Kaz. That way I unlocked all these trophies at once when finishing that mission with an S rank: -EXTRA OPS All Cleared -EXTRA OPS All Rank A -EXTRA OPS All Rank S -Big Boss (clear all missions and extra missions with an S rank) -Costume Collector (obtained all costumes) -Kaz Mania (attain an S rank in the dating extra mission with Kaz) -Vic Boss (platinum) Ok. Let's hear you out!
  11. It all seems too simple, but what do you do with save files that DON'T ALLOW to be transferred to a flash drive/USB, and can only be backed up in the PS+ Cloud? They are lost forever. EDIT: I just saw this question being asked previously. And the answer is that those saves are forever lost. Yes, I see myself out...
  12. Glad I picked up Twisted Metal with enough time before the servers' shutdown. Only trophy left is the live training, which I'm stalling for dinging the platinum as my 25th. Will try the RE5 platinum once my PS3 deigns to read the damned bluray.
  13. I have this game in my backlog, along ACIV BF. Hate to hear this will be a torment to attain 100% completion. Really get on my nerves when gameplay-wise a game just blatantly punishes you for being...the human player.
  14. Well, as most of the people here, I use TrueAchievements. It's got you covered on every basic need a trophy/achievement hunter requires: good guides and FAQs, nice looking achievement tracking system, cool profile interface, A LOT of gaming sessions (unlike it's PS Counterpart), and plenty of options to browse. So my vote goes for TrueAchievements.
  15. Keep it short and to the point. I like your style. Anyother opinion?