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  1. Mail call! Arrived yesterday and I'm most excited yet. My brand new-factory sealed copy of The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Lionheart Edition!!
  2. I don't know for sure. Was browsing the PS Store from my cellphone, and The Last of Us Online Pass was listed as "Online Pass" and costs USD 9,99.
  3. Sad thing is that the online passes for Uncharted 3/The Last of Us aren't part of the now-free stuff...
  4. Nope. They have been shut down on July 16th, 2014, following the Gamespy servers closure.
  5. Late mail arrived yesterday!! Super excited to finally add this to the collection. It's brand new and sealed. And, as servers for this game have been shut down a few years ago, it'll be probably sitting on my shelf collecting dust.
  6. Here are my latest additions. Happy to finally find a brand new and sealed copy of White Knight Chronicles. And Guardians of Middle-Earth is also brand new and sealed! For collecting purposes only, this I consider being a great find. PS: Don't get spooked about the $600 tag on Guardians. That's the value in AR$ (Argentine pesos), which equals USD 15,00.
  7. I'm in the same boat as you. Once you dinged the specific trophies, you have to make sure that particular run-through counts, otherwise you're left with a "blindfolded" run the next time.
  8. I've got the platinum for this, but not the 100%. Might join any session out there boosting the DLC. And yes, I'm too lazy to start one myself.
  9. Well, I've got all my Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 MP trophies a while back, so no harm done to me at least. Missed on Killzone 3 MP standalone, though, that would've been cool to have too. But I see your point. I think this goes beyond some cosmetic trophies. You are left with a half-assed game because online play is (according to me at least) a 50% of the game experience. And wiping that out because you can't afford to keep them alive is wrong. The developers know what they're doing, and so they shouldn't use a lame excuse as "we can't spend resources in old games" to shut down their servers. I'd rather have no MP at all in contrast to have a timed-feature that's not going to last in the long run. But that's just me.
  10. Well, I have the specter armor set in the vanity slots. And the person that gave me the armors has them all according to the wiki (at least, the ones that count towards the trophy). He said he helped three other people and they all popped the trophy. So I don't know what else to do...
  11. Hello everybody. I'm having a really hard time getting this trophy. Been on two separate worlds with all armor sets, tried them on once each, had them in my inventory, but nothing happened. One theory that an acquaintance has is that, when I tried it the first time, I got disconnected halfway through, and that might have "corrupted" my character in a way that the trophy is no longer achievable with said character. I really don't know if that's even possible. I know I've tried everything: equip all armors/have them on my inventory/equip non-required armor such as the empty bucket and the angler set, but nothing works! Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  12. My latest picks. Afrika is still sealed (though the shrink wrap is a little bit torn in some areas), as well is Bulletstorm.
  13. Yeah, my bad. Come to think of it, Terraria does require you to experience almost all the game has to offer. Going for all the items would be going too far then, I guess. But, nevertheless, it does not require that you trigger all the events (pirate invasion is not needed, if I'm not mistaken), you don't need to traverse/visit all biomes (desert and sea are not needed at all). But I get where you're going.
  14. Well, I'm just bored, so I figured I'd start to write something here. Well, that's my question. I don't know if you trophy hunters go after 100% completion rate on a game (cases that, obviously, don't require 100% a game for the 100% trophies obtained). I've been playing Dead Nation and Terraria recently, for example. The first one has a gallery mode that can be left incomplete, with little to none picture to get other than the ones unlocked when completing a level (which, still, have no impact on your 100% trophy score); and the last one (given it is an RPG of sorts) doesn't require that you get all the items, or fight all enemies, nor craft/find an uber weapon. Many games nowadays let you just go for a 100% trophy completion rate without even "scratching the surface" of said games. But it's all for the trophies now, not the completion rate of the game. I've yet to see a boosting session for obtaining a particular player "title" in a fighting game, or unlock all cars in a racing game, to say some. This is not a rant by any means. I'm just curious about what others may think about the topic in question. Cheers!
  15. Oh, thought they were. Well, I guess it means more grind. Thanks!