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  1. My first game for the PS3: Prototype. I bought the system and the game on 12/11/2009 and earned my first trophy that same day (although I didn't have a PSN account up until two years later, so it has a "missing timestamp"). Since this year my PS3 (and therefore, that game) will turn 10 years in December the 11th of this year, I thought it would be nice to "close the circle" that day.
  2. I have recently boosted the online trophies for Earthworm Jim HD, and I remembered why I wouldn't 100% the game in the near future. I really don´t know yet if I "gave up" on obtaining these two trophies, but maybe push them further away into the future. Earthworm Never Dies Clear Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting without losing a life and Superhero! Get through Single Player mode in Original difficulty in one sitting in under 50 minutes I'm nowhere near the level of patience and (obviously) skill needed to tackle these two trophies, at least yet. I struggle badly with the asteroids race levels, and I don´t even want to think how bad I´d perform on the level you have to protect Pete. I've seen a video of a Russian dude obtaining the gold trophy, and makes it seem like a walk in the park. But, as I said, I don´t have the patience, focus, nor the skill to do that right now. Completing the game in less than 50 minutes though is on another level. I need to have jedi-like reflexes, button pressing must be on point (getting the whip-swinging is hard as hell for me) and know the routes that would take me less time to complete certain levels.
  3. Guess I'm missing the PS4 then 😆
  4. Yes, I was referring to that particular set of trophies in the game. I even check from time to time the thread about the guy that almost single-handedly tries to reach out for anyone in Ubisoft so they bring back the daily challenges. But maybe yes, I should forgo to play that kind of games or accept to play them knowing that I'll never see the platinum trophy (nor the 100% trophy mark)
  5. Yes. I think the people involved in the boosting made it special somehow. Maybe because we shared much more time than the common "boosting session" that would last a week or two max.
  6. Nice! So you got all the trophies you were after! And met some great people down the road while you were at it. Wish I had bought Resistance 2/3 when they were on their prime. Resistance 2 multiplayer was a blast from what I've heard. Warhawk, on the other hand, I have it but was chicken out of boosting it because of the hackers that would really mess your progress up.
  7. Yes. Sad news about GameSpay servers back in the day. Would love to do games like Bulletstorm or Splinter Cell: Blacklist. I've heard there is a way to boost the former, but the later seems unplatinumable by now. Alright! That's the kind of stories I was looking forward to find when I posted this! Really glad that you found your way through without any prejudices or harassment from your fellow boosters. I concur. There's plenty of games with ludicrous multiplayer trophies set that just aren't fun (let alone welcomed). And this might have been the case with Uncharted 3, but I couldn't simply neglect the multiplayer trophies and leave my profile more incomplete than it already is. I'm aware that trophies as a whole are a hit or miss trend (I've even created a topic a few months back wondering if trophies are more important than 100% completing a game), but there they are, and it's ok to accept them as a new challenge or just dismiss them. I feel you. Bought all the add-on content too (minus Uncharted 2 which I redeemed a code for them)
  8. According to this site, there is a chance that the sequel for Super Smash....I mean, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale might be happening in the future, as a Playstation 5 launch title. It's tentative name would be "Playstation All-Stars Arena" and it would play nothing like it's predecessor, but rather like a blend of Dissidia and Power Stone. It would also use cel-shaded art style, and it's (possible?) roster is nothing to pass by: it could even include Snake and Cloud, but that is a long shot. Personally, I had nothing against the original PSASBR, it was a nice alternative for those not owning a Nintendo console. For a sequel, I've would have put a more mundane battle system (with life bars and supers) and leave the original mode, with stocks, timed battle and etc. as a "classic mode". Other than that, would have given the minions a more active role, with supers of their own (both offensive and supportive) to help change the tide of a fight. And, of course, a proper arcade/ campaign mode. But we'll have to see how this unfolds to pass judgment.
  9. Well, I guess mine would be Battlefield: Bad Company. It has a glitched trophy, stupid awards requirements, you name it. Besides, there doesn't seem to be a good boosting group for this, despite the many sessions I saw and was part of. But ultimately, it will really become unobtainable once EA announces the servers' closure down the road. Only two servers available at all times without the possibility of creating a third one because it crashes? Good luck on that!
  10. Yeah, I try to save the single player campaigns of games for later on, when I really need to lay off my head of everyday's monotony. Have a nice backlog just waiting it's turn!
  11. Well, thank you! Tried my best to do a cohesive and understandable post while not being a well-versed English speaker.
  12. Alright, so I decided to write a little on the aftermath of Naughty Dog servers being decommissioned. I'll try to put down in words my personal experience about this last three months. I'm a 30-year-old guy, who works on his own and still lives with his parents because I can't afford to live on my own. So, that in mind, I saw the Naughty Dog's message of servers shut down of Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, and The Last of Us on last days of May, on this very site. I said to myself "Wow! That kinda came out of nowhere" (despite the obvious logical thinking regarding the games' servers being 6-10 year old) and wondered "I own these games, started 2 of them (both Uncharted) and now my trophy profile will be a lot more incomplete" because I barely touched the multiplayer. With that in my mind, I hesitated a week or two, and then embarked on this journey that would test my patience, my courage (it was just a videogame, but hey! to each his own, right?), my luck, but most of all, my resolve. Given that I didn't have much "work" going around those days, I felt that this was a "go big or go home" situation, and decided to move forward on this trophy hunting. Let me tell you now: the people I met over the internet hunting these trophies too, the laughter, frustration, and sense of achievement shared, the stories told in between matches, the camaraderie, the feeling of belonging...all that made it for me not just another boosting (which ultimately was). I took it as a daily chore, almost like work. Somedays I wouldn't even play the damned games out of being saturated or burned out. Other days, I'd spend hours sitting in front of the TV for a single trophy. But as days passed by, I knew I was accompanied. I was on the same boat as another person was. It made me feel worthy of something. I don't even play that many games overall nowadays, but these last three months were like a throwback to my youth, and that really means something for me. So I thank you Naughty Dog, and all that walked alongside or helped me one way or another on this little three-months endeavor. Cheers to you all.
  13. It took me a little more than a week, but that's because my internet connection is pure crap, plus the servers not helping much in the matter. I'd say, with a solid group of 2 other people for level boosting/map wins, and the occasional 8 (in total) needed for two specific trophies, it would take just 4 days (5 tops) to get every trophy for everyone.
  14. It took me 8 days. Before that, I was getting at least one new treasure every day, without tampering with the IP/changing characters/any other crap. But getting my last treasure (Chenrezig Buddha) took me 8 days from my second to last treasure. I came to think the game was aware of my needs and wouldn't give it to me. But it was there, waiting. It even appeared in a chest in Sanctuary while playing alone with my SS. As many here, I thought I had run out of luck after 3-4 days of not getting the treasure. So my advice is to keep pushing. I didn't boost more than 3 hours a day, and still got every treasure.
  15. What I can figure out about what you're saying is that you connected the console directly to the modem?