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  1. #29 THE CONQUEROR (Assassin's Creed: Revelations) #30 MASTER ASSASSIN (Assassin's Creed III) Just working my way up the Assassin's Creed saga on the PS3. #30 Platinum being Assassin's Creed III seems about right, since I quite enjoyed it (was gonna be Twisted Metal, but I'll leave it for #50 if I ever make it that far) Now passing time with other games in my backlog, doing inline trophies. But the idea is to have all the Assassin's Creed games (the PS3 ones at least) completed to 100% in order on my profile. Think it will
  2. No biggie mate, an honest mistake there, but that's about it 😉.
  3. The entire Siren games are made by Sony, so they are exclusive to Playstation, hence not meeting the criteria of this thread since there isn't (and probably never will be) an XBOX counterpart.
  4. Never played those games. I think the only Codemasters' game I own is Clive Barker's Jericho. And I. HAD. A. BLAST playing it, despite what all the haters may say, which I don't give an F about. Driving games aren't my cup of tea, so I couldn't tell if those games themselves are that bad or not, because they are the same boring $h!te to me.
  5. I see. But that message states that, as of 03/21, the server are discontinued, and I was able to play and earn the online trophies on 03/24 and 03/25. So that's why I'd suggest for someone to reach them out again and ask if the servers are down for good, because maybe (just "maybe") this one is a temporary shutdown.
  6. I would advise anyone who's still hunting the online trophies to reach out for WB to ask them if they finally shut down the servers (I know it sounds stupid, but given that the shutdown post was a few days ago, stating that the servers were down for good, although they weren't, it would be ok to know for sure). This could be a "Batman Arkham Origins" case, where despite the servers shutdown notice, they were (and I guess they actually are) still up although with connection issues some days (like not being able to connect at all for a couple of days, but then they were back online). I'm done with the online for this game anyway. Thanks to all the people that got me through it.
  7. So the keyword here (at least for most of the cases) is NAT Type 1, either from the person being the host or from the one joining. I'm NAT Type 2 unfortunately, and I can't tamper with the modem since it's not mine, so I would need anyone with NAT Type 1 to try it out. If there's someone out there with NAT Type 1, give me a shout please! The 2 PS3s method seems to work with NAT Type 2 connection though.
  8. I'm in. I'm from Argentina (neighbor country with Brazil, in case you're wondering), so it could work. Let me know when you'd like to try.
  9. I'm currently speechless. I know nothing about basketball, but I do know he was one of those all-time legends of said sport, that got even better with the passing of time. Shocked, to say the least. He was well known for his humility, his charisma and his professionalism, in and out of the court. A sad day for sports in general. May he rest in pace.
  10. IMPRESS WARREN VIDIC Took a couple of tries (and a little help from a guide), but even so it was a test of patience and skill.
  11. JULIUS CAESAR (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) Nice trophy to have, especially since I didn't boost the multiplayer, so I kind of consider it a milestone (used the guide for some of the other SP trophies, so that's why it isn't my most proud achievement) Anyways, thought I should have recorded the moment to keep it for future generations 😆, but I didn't. Now I regret that.
  12. I'm on the fence on this one. For once, I have some PSN games (PS Home and Spartacus Legends) that have their servers shut down, so they are incomplete. But then again, they somehow define me as the gamer I am, they kind of say something about me, what games I like or dislike, how much effort I put into them, etc. As a side note, I'd like to call out all the people in this thread that dissed on those who would like the idea of removing trophies from their profiles for "perfectionist" reasons only. They are not phonies nor a minority. Hell, why would this site allow and promote something like the "boosting sessions" where everyone there goes after a particular trophy or a ser of trophies (minus the people who just create "just for fun" sessions)? Or what about the numerous threads about people asking for servers of a game to come back for trophy hunting sakes? What's with the "Know servers shutting down" topic? If trophies were just a cosmetic display for everyone, there wouldn't be such things, don't you think? EDIT: just recently got the platinum in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and after it popped I thought to myself "Damn! Should have recorded it". That would be a valid reason for me to erase a trophy.
  13. I do have some sealed "doubles" of games that are hard to come by (Deadpool PS3, for example), but that's because I want to have a back up in case I decide to sell my collection of games (which I never felt the need yet), or if it gets stolen. One that I have for the sake of a cover variant is Bulletstorm for the PS3. Other than that, I have some games three times counting regular versions/collector's editions/digital. But that's about it.
  14. Some jibber-jabber I came up with while being drunk/high or both (or none of them). It sounded cool when I first thought about it. Now it kinda doesn't. And everyone pronounces it wrong (it's a goddamn invention dude!, but it has it's grammar anyways). So that's that.
  15. Was thinking about making a similar topic ("Trophies obtained without any boosting"), but might as well revive this one. My proudest achievement: ABSTERGO EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood) No boosting at all. Just sheer patience and luck (and some skills too, let me give myself some credit). Extreme Variety and Triple Escape were some of the (if not the) most brutal bonuses I had to get. And got them the same day, if I recall correctly. I just really couldn't believe my eyes when it popped. This next one is not exactly accurate since I used a guide for the mother brain easter egg, but sums up the MP side of the game, which I did solo without any help: PLATINUM SINGULARITY (Singularity) And most recently: THERE IS NO I IN SQUAD (Battlefield Bad Company) Thing is, I wasn't aiming at this trophy when I got it, so it almost caught me by surprise. Suddenly one kamikaze dude from my squad started spawning on me (I was hidden in a house playing as the support) in the Acta Non Verba map, and he kept on dying and respawning. That's when it came to me that this could be the opportunity to get this trophy. My other teammates spawned occasionally on me too, so that sealed the deal. Needless to say, I was entranced when it popped up.