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  1. telltale's the wolf among us was a great game to plat and experience. But hitman absolution is very easy even though i have 83 percent at the moment which is based off of head shots and completing it on professional difficulty :(. just depends on what you like and the genre you enjoy i will usually suprise myself with a game i like and will play it but platinum hunting will be the cabela games
  2. Well its been awhile since I gotten into the series kinda late sadly and i regret it more and more but Its fantastic under rated games just like spec ops the line was but all in all i saw that in one of the guides that you have to go online and get the exclusive vendetta hit list or so finish up the last targets online which i wondered if they shut down the servers or are they still up?
  3. @B1rvine PVZ seems to be the one you can get no problem even though i never have played PVZ
  4. oxenfree or firewatch?
  5. One time I stayed up til 12am and started around 12pm that day just to get until dawn clean up trophy for the plat ugh as well as having messed up badly in finding the collectables and going back and forth and also having to charge my phone and computer just to find the stupid a** collectibles. Lets just say i wasn't happy the next day lol
  6. NP-37950-8 error code is what I keep receiving anyone else getting this code?
  7. I thought the second one was easy but I remember them bring jack sparrow in the game for some odd reason and i actually thought i was pretty far in but also the ffx is a little tough on me due to if you make one wrong move its hard to get out of it due to you getting wrecked in the process.
  8. 3ds

    I mean yeah amazon would be good but that I just don't know yet kinda iffy. But yes all I see is the 2ds and it doesnt look very appealing to me not as much as the 3ds xl
  9. The remasters are hard even on normal fro me they have been kicking my ass for years since they came out on the ps3 but they are good like I have not yet beaten the first because i dont think i have good equipment which I am having trouble with FFX remaster as well. UGHHHHHHH wish i was a little better at those games lol.
  10. 3ds

    Where can I find a new 3ds. They are so damn hard to find now i just cant believe it. I want a new 3ds xl but I cannot come across one I know its weird or may seem weird to want one but there seems to be some good games that have kinda caught my eye.
  11. sadly i bought it brand new and it quit but that was at least a year or two ago ugh.
  12. Well damn cant suggest anything because you have about all of your plats but I guess give metal gear a try or dishonored
  13. Damn you have a lot of things coming but hey thats awesome list. Bad thing is if you have a backlog better start getting to it so you can clear up some console space. Im having to do that. Ugh so much to get done ps3,ps4,xbox 360,xbox one and vita alot of great games but damnit there are alot
  14. So I cannot play any of my 360 games (backlog) due to my fan not wanting to run on its own i usually cannot play any i mean any games without having to get a issue with my console having to shut off due to it supposedly getting overheated which it sorta is. Now my question is should i try to repair myself with anyone having any clue to due it and give me a guide to it or anywhere i can get another 360 that is at least generation 2. I have the xbox one but the games I have they have not yet to put them on the backwards compatibly sadly.
  15. Lists,lists,lists of games gotta beat one to get to the next basically all of the metal gear games even though i will be skipping peace walker and continue onto mgs:V but alot on ps4 ps3 and xbox one i would love to get another xbox 360 because of the stack their is but due to microsoft killing off the 360 which is stupid but oh well but still alot of games ugh