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  1. Hey, that's weird, thanks for the heads-up and glad you got it!
  2. Hey, For your information, Crea-ture announced a big update for early 2023 (including many changes), which will then be followed by a DLC (release date unknown). Don't know if it will add trophies. You can read the full developer blog post here. I'll update the trophy guide for it to fit the new version of the game and write one for the DLC if new trophies come.
  3. Hey! Just so you know, my trophy guide has been published Big thanks to the guide team again! Shredders Trophy Guide
  4. I know, I didn't even notice when I got it, but on some forums some people are struggling hard with rotations. It's usual in trophy guides to try to find the easiest possible way to get a trophy.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to find an easy way to get the 6666 single score trophy ("Trying to impress me?") for my Shredders trophy guide, I think this section can be better. Some people seem to have a hard time getting it on gaps so I wanted to find something else. I found this but as I already completed this trophy without paying attention to it I can't try if this works with jibs. Can someone who doesn't have it yet try this and tell me if this works? Thanks a lot for your help!
  6. @mika8276 @ollo99 We discussed it with other players, and we found out what happened : It only works if you have not completed the main story and complete a story mission for the first time. Replaying doesn't work. At least this is what I think for now with the experience we have. We'll see when more players try it to see what's really happening. I made it clear in the guide, I'll tell you when (if) it's published. You will have to invite someone or reset your save (that was my case, did it with another player). Send a message on PSN if you need help with this @ everyone : I'll take any information on what happened on your side when trying to get this trophy (popped solo or not / story completed or not / any details). Thanks!
  7. Some story missions require you to only use your snowboard, this is why it's sometimes off. But I agree with you, the game's interface and ergonomics are really confusing and unclear. The gameplay is very good so I'll live with that, but during the first hour or two this really felt like a big mess ^^
  8. In some story missions this is disabled. You'll be able to use it freely in Freeride mode and in some parts of the story.
  9. Hey everyone. Got the plat and already working on the guide since yesterday @ollo99 3 stars everywhere aren't needed at all, collectables and gaps also grant you items, I got all items before finishing the gaps. @RedlChris-_- To spin more, hold the L stick in one direction when preparing for the jump and when you release R2 launch both sticks the other way (like you would do with your shoulders IRL to launch a fast spin). The double backflip can be done anywhere but the Invitational Slopestyle park has a lot of big kickers (they are many more everywhere but I like these). You can call the snowmobile everywhere in freeride mode when you have met Knut and his skidoo during the story missions. Hope this helps, guide on the way to be submitted in a few days
  10. Really looking forward to this Finally a good snowboarding game for mountain lovers, without crappy fluo items! Rider's Republic's art direction totally repelled me, this one looks great! I may write a trophy guide for this game, it would be a nice follow up to Session: Skate Sim! Edit : Just bought it, see you on the slopes If it inspires me, a guide will be coming soon. It should be really easier to write than Session, looks straightforward.
  11. If a game is impossible to plat, I play it on another platform or account if I can. If it's just hard and I really want to play it, I'll push myself until I 100% it. Some games took me years, but so far so good! 12 years in and still at 100%!
  12. Yeah I feel the same. I respect Ubi for the dozens of awesome games they released throughout the years, but now it's too big and repetitive. That's a shame because they look beautiful, the gameplay is good, but it quickly feels bland. I loved this last AC trilogy, really, but I think I'm done too, unless they chose to make smaller games with a heart again (Child of Light for exemple was awesome and in the total opposite direction of their big IPs). We'll see what they do next, may they listen to reason! They should do more new IPs like Immortals Fenyx Rising and stop circling with the same game mechanics that they put in all their redundant games. Passed on the last Farcry and Watch Dogs games despite I used to love these IPs a lot, maybe I'll stay off AC next
  13. That was really not incredible gameplay-wise and pretty quick, kind of a weak ending. The game was really good in many aspects, but with a lot of average filler-content, as usual with Ubi. 100%'d everything, all maps clear, quest log empty. 245h in total. Goodbye Valhalla, it's been good but I'm relieved to be done with you 😅
  14. No trophies? Great!!! Wil still play it just to say goodbye to the game, it's been a long run!..
  15. Great. They should just ban the studios that make these Journey Nitro / Stroke the XXX and other "press x to plat" things (I'll never call them games) without a second thought because it's pure scam. As they are 'cheap' and misleading (they cannot say 'hey let's just buy a plat!' in their description, so they tell BS stories that are not in the game), for me this can lead unaware people (like parents for their children) to buy this, thinking it's a small indie game, but there is no game. I know most of people who buy them just know what they are doing, but still. For me it's a scam, ruining the quality of the store, the image of Playstation, the trophy community, and ashame the gaming world. Hope they disappear quick and never come back. I hope we don't forget that we are gamers before being trophy hunters. I love hunting trophies, managed to stay at 100% during 12 years (with some <1% games) and like to see the numbers go up, but I'd prefer to delete my account rather than seeing one of those abominations in my list. Earning trophies yes but with actual games I want to play. Easy games are ok as soon as they are... real games. I don't judge people who buy them, everyone sees things their way and do what they want with their money, time and PSN profiles, but these things just shouldn't be available in the first place.