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  1. # 386 Pixark SurvivorCollect all trophies. Psnprofiles 32.37% PSN 1.2% I'm really surprised this isn't higher to be honest, Took about an hour and half could have been a lot quicker but could not find a Biome with the Ice castle, that took over an hour was really unlucky. Game has in game access to the console commands if you are the host so can practically spawn what you need a bit like that god awful Conan the Barbarian #385 CODE: REALIZE - WINTERTIDE MIRACLES Wintertide MiraclesObtain all trophies #384 WORD SUDOKU BY POWGI Letters Rejoice!Collect all the trophies
  2. If it helps anyone it did unlock
  3. I cant bring myself to spend IRL skins I'm tempted but I'd rather by a model, more games or more warhammer ¬_¬
  4. I pulled Le Mallin today I love the at Louise skin but I still don't have her I've pre-ordered and paid for this the other day https://www.play-asia.com/azur-lane-dream-tech-18-scale-pre-painted-figure-prinz-eugen-iro/13/70d849
  5. For the sharpshooter trophy will just not unlock I've been in and out up to the bridge to throw the can, down the rec centre for the basketballs Must have dropped and threw that can 10-15 times and have shot 100 baskets nothing Have had to walk away from it so annoyed
  6. So I have finished the game but noticed that I did not unlock a story mission trophy. I assume it's gone offline with out me knowing. Does anybody know if they unlock during new game plus of you replay or are they glitchy?
  7. Fixed had to start a new game on wife's PS4 and delete my data and had to play Eos but unlocked
  8. I think originally it was for Waifus but want to play it the best I can now
  9. No that is brilliant it helps a lot I will have a look into the points youve made Thank you Thanks really appreciate the feed back
  10. These are my Fleets, I'm only at the point of using 2, not sure if that increases in the future. And these are my units To be honest I'm only really using the ones I liked the look of All help is appreciated
  11. That's cool I'm no where near that level ¬_¬ and thank you I will send them over my fleets and my other units
  12. Thanks for that I appreciate it, I'll look into Centaur, To be honest I'm still trying to learn the game again, and no idea what is good. If its cool could I post my fleets and units and see if making some serious mistakes and or have better units I'm a little lost with it Appreciate all help, really trying to get back into it
  13. Drew these today, Not sure if they are work investing into? To be honest I'm not sure which units are good or not. May need some help ¬_¬
  14. Resident evil resistance
  15. Hi everyone recently got back into the game, (Not played for a year or so) May need to come back ask some questions A lot has changed so may need some help