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  1. Thank you
  2. #318 - Final Fantasy VIII Lionheart PSN 2.2% PSProfiles 15.8% Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty 4/10 Time 26hrs using 3x speed up Brings back so many memories of my childhood Think I may go back and get the VII platinum I missed the Barret date ¬_¬
  3. Doesn't look to bad Maybe get all vault Rewards may involve a lot of work, glad that there isn't any character specific.
  4. Looks okay but read the game isnt great The whole reason I jumped on a switch pre-orders was when this was announced, as the first on PS3 is one of my favourite games, At least No more heroes 3 is coming.
  5. Thanks for the advice got it yesterday, noticed it crashes a lot on me too
  6. This is news to me and I cant wait the first is actually one of my favourite games, even though yes i know its not great but i love it
  7. I've decided I'm gonna take my time with it
  8. Saying that though worst case each boss in ultimicia's castle carries a missed GF you can draw if you missed one
  9. #314 Sword art Online Fatal Bullet Trophy Hunter Acquire all trophies. PSN 1.0% PSNP 6.0% Difficulty 5-6/10 Enjoyment 8/10 Time 50+hrs My new rarest platinum, actually really enjoyed the game, I just started playing it again on a whim and kinda got drawn in. A lot of grinding, having to get 100 skills and gadgets, getting over 10 million bounty and getting every weapon type to efficiency 1000 I may get the DLC when it goes on sale and play through that
  10. Hopefully it will come over eventually
  11. I've put a pre-order down as it one place still has it cheap, and has gone to a day one edition, So artbook and badges. Though the achievements list of steam worries me as it has 8 ¬_¬ Though it is in early access so hopefully will be a full list with platinum. Only other issue is its the same week as Trails of Cold steel 3
  12. Think I've solved snipers using a very high rate of fire sniper But damn launchers if going to be slow
  13. So at the kind of end game grind now to get all the weapon efficiency up It seems easy enough besides sniper riffles 😑 I've used it pretty much my whole playthrough but can't seem to get it to 1000, I've been running around some of the area killing the monsters which seemed to work well with the handgun/ assualt riffle/ shotgun and SMG but the sniper riffle just doesn't seem to move Not started the battling yet Any tips
  14. I'm not too far in but wanted to know if any of the questlines are missable or not?
  15. Yeah I have I'm not sure if I let the criteria before the SBC actually which may make sense if so I can complete it go back and I assume then it'll unlock