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  1. With the reviews I think I'd be a little disappointed if I'd pre-ordered and paid for it luckily though I won a limited edition copy so I'll be playing it
  2. I'll give it a go, glad the online ones aren't there But its free with my Odyssey gold edition so got nothing to loose
  3. UK today, But holy crap its expensive especially for a free Mobile game
  4. The surge is great, but already platinum'd it I think Id rather have the smaller Indie type games, Not played Conan read you can plat it in an hour with a debug menu may do that for the plat
  5. I'm in one though which one I don't know =P I haven't played in a while. Worst case we can make one. But I can try organise doing the 10 mission trophy if needed as I need it too, Add me on PSN and we can try sort it out, can't promise when it will be though
  6. Trophies look pretty easy majority for failing. Hopefully will be cross buy
  7. Its been a while, now updated Far Cry Far Cry 3 Far Cry 4 Far Cry Primal Far 3 Remastered Far Cry New Dawn
  8. #282 far cry new dawn Not a bad platinum game was enjoyable if not a little short 2 trophies were a pain which was do 3 expeditions with a friend, luckily found someone on a session here And the second was to get 10 kills in one wrath, took me ages Actually enjoyed it more than far cry 5
  9. That looks like a server issue, I get it sometimes when I've received a game early or some times there's a delay. I remember warriors Orochi 3 and Valkyrie Drive though looking at this it looks like its been out a while. Maybe try open a ticket with Sony
  10. Thanks one of them wont connect with the enemy So I think I'll try re-start the level try again
  11. Yakzua 0 Love that game but don't have the time to 100 percent it
  12. Yakuza is great I recommend starting with Zero I'm actually playing through fist of the north star at the moment
  13. I'm near the end of level 2 and I have to use the bow to open the magic door. But nothing happens. I looked online some playing it on another VR device and there should be some orbs above. They don't seem to load for me. Did anyone else have this issue So far the game seems a total janky mess. I assume it's not going to get any better.
  14. I haven't been on for a while so it's a bit of a catch up - Ace combat 7 - Ace combat squad leader - Fist of the Northstar paradise lost - Zone of the enders the second runner mars - Warriors orochi 4 - Metal Max Xeno - Valkyria chronicles 4 Would have uploaded images but it won't let me do it the same way as I used =\
  15. #277 Assassins creed odyessy Epic Cycle really enjoyed it probably my game of the year, going to do the DLC now. not too hard but took 79hrs and 34 mins to plat so very long