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  1. 1. Sword art online fatal bullet Just really enjoyed it, a bit of a grind but was fun. 2.Final Fantasy VIII Relived some childhood memories 3. Death end request Really enjoyable, looking forward to the 2nd game. 4.No heroes allowed Probably the most fun I've had in VR 5. Persona 4 Dancing all night (PS4) A lot of fun great music, gone back to the vita one to try clear that up
  2. A bit of an update https://www.siliconera.com/death-end-request-2-opening-movie-shows-off-its-heroines-and-theme-song/
  3. Well it's black Friday and psprices has only 1 new listing today 😑
  4. There's a few games on my wish list I'm hoping will join the sale
  5. I saw it listed on amiami, I'll most likely get it I enjoyed the 1st one even got the platinum.
  6. I played the campaign on titanfall 2 it was fun, but I already own it, no real interest with Super cross
  7. Persona 5
  8. Maybe best to organise a session on here bud.
  9. #324 Call OF Duty Modern Warfare Tier 1 PSN 0.6% PSNPROFILES 25.49% Really enjoyable, Some of the trophies were a good challenge. Veteran was not too hard and the game gives you a lot of checkpoints. #233 Devious Dungeon 2 (Vita) Platinum Adventure #232 Neon Junction (PS4) Platinum Junction #231 Steins;Gate Elite Skyclad Observer
  10. Zero escapes are great Danganronpa 1 was great, 2 was good but I kinda lost interested at 3
  11. Thank you Its only because I know the online one you can get psychical but have to be on a JP network
  12. Silly question as I am aware there is another Phantasy star that I know is sensitive to where you play it. I come under the EU PSN would I be able to play this?
  13. 320 Dancing in Moonlight Persona 3: Dancing in moonlight Actually a pretty easy platinum, not too time consuming. Done 3 and 4 now for 5.
  14. Thank you
  15. #318 - Final Fantasy VIII Lionheart PSN 2.2% PSProfiles 15.8% Enjoyment 9/10 Difficulty 4/10 Time 26hrs using 3x speed up Brings back so many memories of my childhood Think I may go back and get the VII platinum I missed the Barret date ¬_¬