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  1. 452 Death Match Love Comedy! Victory gong Conquered Deathmatch Love Rice! Congrats! !! 451 Death Mark (PS4) Death Mark Looking forward to more terror descending upon you who has overcome all fear. I really enjoyed it I like the dungeon crawler aspect and moving around. And the Spirit fights were really good considering its a Visual novel. But the game was pretty messed up and creepy it was great. May pick up the second game at somepoint
  2. 450 - Kadagawa Jet Girls First to the HorizonObtain all trophies. Hit another milestone. I actually really enjoyed the game a lot, Was very fun and from the studio of senran kagura and I always fun. Pretty easy to be honest, I think I only failed one race once near the end of the game.
  3. Hit Platinum 450 last night


    Kadagawa Jet Girls


    Really enjoyed it 

  4. Chio's School Road It was pretty dumb, but funny and super entertaining
  5. 449 TIC-TAC-LETTERS BY POWGI A Strange GameCollect all the trophies 448 REED 2 Platinum Reed 2Get all the trophies. 447 Scheming through the Zombie Apocalypse Platinum ScavengerGet all other trophies. I actually really enjoyed this game, I'll play the second part when released, it wasn't too long and the story and characters weren't bad and there were parts that I found generally funny.
  6. ITS HERE!!! It's a nice model, but have complained to PlayAsia about the box condition, I'll see what they say luckily the model is fine. Strange thing is the outer delivery box hasn't got a mark or dent in it so must have been packaged badly.
  7. I got Suzutuki, Chiyoda and Kashino
  8. I just spent about 100 no Shinona
  9. I forgot to say after about 4 months of delays my Prinz Eugen model has finally been shipped
  10. Amazon.co.uk sold out in 1-2 minute I was a lucky S.O.B
  11. Darling in the Franxx It was okay, Just feels like they're trying to re-replicate some kind of Evangelion again.
  12. 445 TIC-TAC-LETTERS BY POWGI A Strange Game Collect all the trophies 443/444 Crypto By Powgi (Vita/PS4) Code DependentCollect all the trophies 442 - Sagebrush Perfect HeavenGet all the trophies creepy cult game
  13. Limited edition only 5000 printed
  14. Doom Eternal I couldn't really get into it
  15. For my free PS5 copy. I had the original and Switch game of the year,