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  1. I Usually have a few games at a go at once., see what takes my fancy at the time I usually keep a log of what games I need to finish/ start. and don't tend to start a new one till I've finished on of the few games I have on the go at the time.
  2. I'm gonna go with more time consuming, But I'll probably cheat a little get some DLC weapons to speed it up a little
  3. Hi I've been trying to do the trophies for people dancing together Some should have popped by now but I've noticed when I get fever time nobody else turns up. I've checked all the settings and any items I may but can't seem to see anything that can revert it back. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. Modern warfare remastered I started the Veteran play through straight of an it glitched Cant be bothered to go back to it =P
  5. Its a bit of Joke to be honest price wise. And as the US one is cheaper I'll probably not bother, sucks as I was looking forward to it
  6. I won a copy in a competition and honestly I can't really get on with it, I don't think its great, a little boring from the few hours I put in. I'm going to give it another go at some point.
  7. I know it sounds silly but try THESE I keep a set in my VR case. Personally think find they help a lot, they're cheap so recommend at least giving them a try.
  8. Easiest - Maybe Slyde or Corpse Party Blood Drive (KR) the debug menu was left in Hardest - Id probably say Mass effect 3 having to do it on the hardest difficulty which isnt too hard if your a vanguard or a sentinel, But I did new game plus with an infiltrator. Not sure if others have played the game but on the hardest difficulty its quiet a challenge I remember especially the purple enemies being solid, especially as your weapons are a sniper riffle, SMG and pistol. And the sniper has very limited ammo.
  9. Days gone I actually won a copy in a competition But I just cant get into it
  10. I've pre-ordered the English version, not that I've really put even a dent into Z
  11. Yeah just tell me where you want me to go
  12. #303 - Death end request End of the World View each and every possible outcome. Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 7/10 Was pretty good, a bit long but luckily a pretty easy platinum, just time consuming, the pain dungeon was pretty damn long and annoying, but was generally a pretty good game.
  13. I think their Cabal is Full, but I'm happy to start a new one or join one. Its litterally the only thing putting me off going for the platinum.
  14. Is there a guide or walkthrough for this? I have just bought it and wondered if there's any guide online