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  1. # 537 Golden Loveriche GOLDEN TIME Kiniro Loveriche -GOLDEN TIME- Obtained all trophies # 536 Fantasy Prison Kaleidoscope Fantastic prison Kaleidoscope Thank you for playing all of "Fantasy Prison Kaleidoscope". # 535 Just a Phrase PS4 Just Amazed Collect all the trophies # 534 Bear With me True Detective! You've collected all of the achievements and then some! # 533 Epic Word Search Collection (Vita) Quite BigCollect all the trophies # 532 Mixups by Powgi (PS4) Mixed Feelings Collect all the trophies # 531 Evan's Remains Evan's RemainsPlatinum
  2. Hi, so I've started the ps5 version as I fancied a play after a long time away. Basically I just need to leviathan raid trophy for the platinum but I can't seen to find the raid anywhere Have the moved or been taken down?
  3. # 530 Neptunia Virtual Stars We're Virtual Stars! You've gotten all trophies! Don't forget to like and subscribe! 2nd achiever too really happy with that, did receive a week early, but 1st achiever seems to have received 2 weeks early, but really happy with 2nd. # 529 Taimumari: Complete Edition Purrr Power! Unlock all other trophies # 528 YU-NO: A GIRL WHO CHANTS LOVE AT THE BOUND OF THIS WORLD YU-NO: A Girl who chants love at the bound of this world Listener of the Chant Obtain all trophies. Loved this game, think I will probably get the switch version and re-play it at a later date. # 527 skatemasta tcheco Platinum trophyUnlock all other trophies Holy crap I sucked at this game =P # 526 Memory Lane Pineal Gland OpeningAll Seeing and all hearing... # 525 Arrog Arrog Live fully
  4. # 524 Control (PS5) Director of the FBC Unlock all other trophies This I will go back finish the ps4 version at some point, and finish off DLC # 523 Ultra Goodness 2 (PS5) Platinum UltraGoodnessGet all other trophies # 522 Ultra Goodness 2 (PS4) Platinum UltraGoodnessGet all other trophies # 521 Roombo: First Blood Much Love, Samurai Punk Attain all trophies for Roombo: First Blood # 520 Seriously! Renaissance All complete Win all trophies # 519 ROBOZARRO Mighty RobotUnlock all other trophies # 518 A Hero and a gardener A HERO AND A GARDENER Unlock all other A HERO AND A GARDEN trophies. # 517 Castle Pals Platinum PalsGet all other trophies.
  5. #516 Flowers winter edition Complete Win all trophies #515 Autumns Journey Platinum JourneyGet all other trophies. #514 How to make a popular voice actor complete You have won all trophies. #513 Batu Ta Batu Platinum Get all the trophies #512 Donut County All DoneUnlock all trophies. I loved this game so much #511 Terminator Resisitance No problemoAcquire all the trophies. Was okay will play the ps5 version I think as it was quiet short #510 Loot Hero Dx Loot Hero Get all other trophies. #509 Freddy Spaghetti Ps4 Platinum SpaghettiGet all other trophies
  6. Id just watch out for the missable trophies, Jut you need 18 body for a heart that gives you the ability to Die then get back up you need that for a trophy And 20 in Tech as you need to make the best weapons, plus making weapons is way easier and better than buying. I personally did everything then did the endings, just make sure you manage to not screw things up with Panam, but heard thats pretty hard, and the Devil is pretty missable too. I think you may have to have some understanding with Johny too for one of the endings so potentially missable.
  7. I've done all the stories in level 2 but no trophy
  8. I'm exactly the same pal getting really possed off with it to be honest
  9. Doesn't seem too bad as long as the online doesnt die off straight away, may get those out straight away. Hope the cheat for the sword still works
  10. Share Shares one of my rarest Platinums
  11. #508 cyberpunk 2077 Never Fade Away Unlock all Trophies. Back from last year but haven't really been online Roughly 80hrs probably about 82hrs counting crashes but saved often worst I lost was 10minutes Loved the game a lot, despite its flaws, think they've been good with the patches. Game was super fun, and a lot to do did most activities besides 2-3 missions but enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait to replay the ps5 version when it's ready.
  12. They dropping vita then?
  13. 504 Astros Playroom You've Only Done EverythingFound all trophies in ASTRO's PLAYROOM. See you in our next adventure! 503 Chickens on the Road Platinum ChickenGet all trophies 502 Snake Boat: Otterterific Arcade Platinum Snake Boat Achieve all other trophies! You're a master at rowing a boat for five minutes at a time! (I better see this trophy up on your shelf or cabinet.) 501 My Name is Mayo 2 My Name is Mayo - The Second! High Cholesterol, High Reward.
  14. Uazaki Chan wants to hang out! Was easy to watch and entertaining.
  15. I Wish Ubisoft would hurry up and fix the PS5 upgrade in the UK.


    Have had my PS5 5 Days now and Still cant start Valhalla or watchdogs