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  1. #312 PERSONA 4: DANCING ALL NIGHT (PS4) Dancing All Night Obtained all trophies Bit of a grind at the end but enjoyed it, May go back and finish my Vita copy, Such a well put together game kinda upsets me 3 and 5 weren't Anyway gonna work on P3 version now
  2. Bloodstained But I think I may have missed a misable trophy Hoping my second save is early enough, a lot of grind but loving the game. Besides that Persona 4 Dancing all night on PS4, one more grind trophy. Then songs of memories just have a few endings left.
  3. Nothing for me which i think is a bit BS as I spend quiet a bit on the store
  4. Some may class as a AAA But I got Bloodstained the a few weeks back Is one of my favourite games on PS4 now
  5. Got Maid Alter after 4 draws Also got Arjuan and Hessian Lobo too
  6. I've finished a few missions co-op with a human player, but am yet to have the trophy pop
  7. I personally am really liking it.
  8. I may have to give it another go I kinda shelved it after that happened to me
  9. Yeah getting all the stars maybe a pain and doing the arcade on hard. I did easy last night pretty quickly I found (though may only be with easy) that saving up for the dragons and Giant Golems seemed to be the way to go
  10. I was gonna say the same thing With new Campaign and Class I recon there will be new trophies
  11. Seems a good list no difficulty most of them are kill =P
  12. Not much help but I couldn't play it too much the controls where awkward, and I could see a way to change them
  13. Death end request was a pretty straight forward platinum, (though I got lost a few times)
  14. So far I'm enjoying it, Flying around it fun, and the challenges are keeping me invested, though not sure how that will feel after they're done.
  15. Thanks for the info buddy I really appreciate it think I'll take the dive then thanks