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  1. What evidence is needed?
  2. Summer_1_Breeze Super Meat Boy I used to play this game on PC for a long time. As long as this Parkour game passes the life clearance for the first time, it will feel like playing it again. What do you want to say about this? In fact, it's the 20 pass. You can quit the optional pass, and fight the hard one first and then the simple one. The two jump character can avoid many large areas of damage, but also avoid fast things. It takes a lot of time to complete the game practice. You should be familiar with small jumps and big jumps, and have good eyes. I really think it's too fast. It's too rough. Recently, after psvita stopped production, I started to complete all the games that I could complete. Some of them also use PS4 to fight. I can't help it when I encounter such things
  3. Summer_1_Breeze Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty I'm cleaning up my Vita games now, so I've given some of them to someone else. Metal gear2 is a pit mended very early. It passed the most difficult customs clearance very early. It will pass the sniper pass for 31 people. I'll tell you a little bit. At the beginning, I don't need to move. I'll take sedatives directly. I'll eat 5 in a row. The time will accumulate. Then I'll immediately open the mirror and shoot the upper left one. After shooting, I'll immediately close the gun. After closing the gun, I'll press the start key to confirm the position of the enemy, so that I can quickly judge the position of the enemy Those who are close to the protection target should be killed first. Those who don't have the priority to get together should be killed or shot. If they don't get hit, they should take up their guns. This cycle is easy to pass