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  1. The website won't load for me at all, i've tried it on all my devices. Is it down or something?
  2. LBP ME wont load for me? I cant get on it at all?
  3. Can you play NG+ on Ultimate?
  4. Interested in this one but it's not looking so hot tbh i'll probably wait for a sale
  5. Thanks guys but I found some extra levels that weren't on the normal path right after posting this, i'm an idiot. Just tier 3 to go now!
  6. I've been working my way through the terrible breach mode and i'm almost on tier 3, I have noticed that i haven't unlocked the trophy for completing tier 1 and i don't understand why does anyone have any ideas? I don't want this shitty mode to stop me from getting the platinum
  7. I've never played trials fusion before but I love blood dragon and it's style, is the game any good? Worth my time?
  8. Yeah, I had no friends playing so I went to a low level safe house and looked for someone kind enough to help me. Found a level 7 who had not even went to Hells Kitchen yet so I added him and joined his game. I then fast travelled to the Hells Kitchen safe house and spoke to the JTF officer there. I received the mission again and it was just a matter of replaying it. You should be able to do this in whatever area the Micheal echos are in
  9. Yeah, the Judy #4 echo is here on the map but when I get here it's clearly not. I'll see if I can join my friends game and replay the side mission to get it. Also when I have completely cleared a location when I go to the intel page and show the West locations it says i'm missing one in Clinton, Hell's Kitchen (Judy #4) and Times Square. The map is not showing anymore collectibles on the map for Clinton and Times Square. These collectibles are so glitchy this is very frustrating, they need to fix this shit
  10. So earlier I started collecting some of the collectibles and I noticed That one Echo is telling me its on the map but when I get there its not here. The Echo was actually part of a side mission I had previously completed. It is Judy Walters #4. Anyone else have the other 4 Judy echos but not the #4th one?
  11. Hello, I like to think myself as a trophy hunter with my 3492 trophies as of now. I quite like going for platinums and I'd like some relatively easy one to go for, i'm not talking like Telltale game platinums here i'm talking stuff like the uncharteds, not too difficult but you need some effort and multiple playthroughs. If anyone could give me a few i'd be grateful :^)