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  1. Overall I am happy with the ending. It made sense that Dani became the mad queen as previous season showed that she was capable of it. Sure not everything I wanted to happen happened like someone killing Cersei but even that I am ok with how she died. My only gripe is they should have made the last two seasons a 10 episode each has the ending seemed rushed. Hell I don’t even think Jon was punished as I truly believed he did not want to be king and he wanted to go north of the wall. He was only sent to there to prevent a war with the unsully but he would of went there anyway.
  2. On two missions I had to quit the mission as the boss fight in the mission they were not doing what they were supposed to do. For the electro vulture fight, electro was not using the final electricity box you supposed to destroy to finish the fight and no matter how many times attacked and sometimes electro went to a area where u can’t follow wasted a lot of time in this fight. In the dr. Ock. Fight he froze and would not move.
  3. I got called up after the double a all star game. Never was in triple aaa
  4. If you are an outfielder in road to the show, when you get a showtime play when it prompts you to press r2 when you make the catch you will get the trophy
  5. AT first i gave up a home run to judge no trophy. I gave up a inside the park home run to judge and got the trophy. The trophy does say accidentally gave up a home run to judge.
  6. About the bonder trophy do you know what kind of planet you were on where you got the Schizosaccharomyces pombe. running out of ideas how to get this trophy
  7. Jus wondering what to do for the bonder trophy
  8. 400 days is included with the ps4 version of the walking dead.