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  1. I need to reset hitting, I got all the pitching dynamic trophies. I am veteran + for hitting and no hitting.
  2. The original game has 27 trophies. The new version has 29 trophies.
  3. I am interested in this game, however, I don’t like playing games that makes me frustrated playing them, I either play easy or normal depends on my mode and the type of game. I only play hard mode when there is a trophy for it and I want to platinum the game. I have to love the game if I am going to do it. When I heard this game is difficult I lost all interest.
  4. Unless the ps5 version shares a trophy list with the ps4 version, you will need to continue to play the ps4 version. So far all Ps5 games that have a upgrade don’t share a trophy list.
  5. I loved point and click games since I was a kid. Even before it was point and click when you had to type what you wanted to do. I loved Sierra games like police quest, kings quest, space quest and leisure suit Larry. I liked back to the future game.
  6. Even though it sucks that there is no free upgrade to the ps5 version but with the upgrade price they are not forcing you to pay full price again. I loved this game and I would have had no problem paying full price to play the game on the ps5 with more gameplay. I probably will earn the platinum again without the save transfer as I loved exploring the game the first time. Hopefully the multiplayer trophies are separate again.
  7. I found this trophy guide for this game https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/i-saw-black-clouds-trophy-guide/
  8. I do think the pick off one will be hard as it is luck base against the cpu I don’t even try to pick off runners. But you can probably play someone online so it maybe easy to do it that way.
  9. Personally I like the choices with the actors they hired. It shouldn’t matter if they look the part.
  10. I like the fact it gives u ps4 version of the game if u buy the ps5 version digitally but it should not install the ps4 version of the game automatically when you start downloading the ps5 version of the game.
  11. Missed 1 option. Wait for the ps5 version and see if there still problems with the game. I always planned to wait for the ps5 version and by that time most of the bugs should be worked out. I had no interest playing the ps4 version.
  12. I am surprised it was pulled. But they should not have released it in the first place. If it was not ready to run decently then they should have delayed the game again. I rather wait extra months for a good running game. If this was from a unknown publisher then the game would have been dead because they would have needed to make a good first impression so it would kept in selling copies. People would have been upset for another delay but probably still buy the game. Now some people might never give this game a chance even if it does become playable on the ps4.
  13. There probably will come a point where they stop offering the free upgrade but for games that was already announced will probably keep the free upgrade.
  14. For the 100 hit combo, in a Fisk construction site I had 5 men with no weapons attack and I spammed the dodge button every dodge was a 1 hit.
  15. Only dual finisher I saw was the mission you teamed up with Phin.