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  1. i also played most of the game wearing the Insomniac suit as i had that same feeling like it had to be worn throughout the story. My favorite one that i am using now is the 2099 White suit version. that is awesome
  2. sadly this crap just happened to me, was going for the level 10 career track and stuffed out at level 9...... annoyed they haven't patched this yet with it happening to many people.
  3. Just Finished playing Episode 5 and all round i thought this telltale game/story was pretty good. What is everyone elses thoughts? (once you finish it of course)
  4. Ive just completed Episode 5. I really enjoyed the season. it did come up on the PS store late though.... it came out a few hours ago for me which was 1am on the 31st may. so should be up for others soon.
  5. Like the title says, what do you guys think of the trophies? reckon it will be fairly easy or grindish.
  6. Looking for a Veteran certified item for the trophy to pop. have a painted item i can trade in return PSN: StingNWO
  7. Has much love for JRPGs, and loves the open world style games
  8. already have a couple out that i wanted. (dark cloud series and ffx/x-2) others i want are Final Fantasy XII (which has been annouced to come out next year.) Jade Cocoon 2
  9. Sign me up too please Currently have 5 but should be doing VII soon to make it 6 Done: X, Type-0, XIII-2. XIII: Lightning Returns, XIV
  10. well talk about timing then haha ill check tomorrow if it has been fixed or not to clarify
  11. Just letting anyone that is going for the platinum and the trophy "I Am A Wrestling God" that it is missable. What i did not know, before starting Career mode is that there are skill points to buy Abilities, and 1 ability (3 levels) "Immovable object" can only be learnt if you play as a Heavyweight or Super Heavyweight. i started as a light heavyweight and have sinked 52 wasted hours into getting this trophy among other things, only to find out at the end i will not obtain it. 2k needs to fix this, either let us change our weight class. or let the trophy pop after buying every ability Light heavyweights or cruiserweights can buy. The trophy even says "MyCAREER - Purchase all abilities that can be purchased." which should work for those two classes aswell
  12. hey all, just wondering if anyone else has tried getting Flawless Minor Premiers and its not popping for them?? on two separate occasions i have gone undefeated in the NRL (career mode) and the trophy doesnt pop.? have tried backing up save. playing last game over a few times still nothing?
  13. Dark Cloud 3 Legend of Dragoon 2. Glad to see so many people think the same.
  14. hey all, im looking at getting this game but was just wondering that if i bought the game and a few dlc card packs on my US account, can i use the dlc card packs also on my EU account aswell? (as EU is main account but US cheaper) thanks
  15. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn