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  1. It isn't difficult just so damn time consuming. Unless you're just really, really not great at fighting games the BP maybe difficult and collecting the Zeni will take forever, but I would say this around a 5 or a 6 out of 10. 3 is too easy. I would definitely say this is looking to be more difficult than the Budokai collection easily.
  2. Lol nah. There's a certain sense of accomplishment in knowing you crafted your own guide for a game you like. At the very least it is fun to me. This should be a pretty interesting competition, but there's some clear cut winners as a lot of guides written this year are some of the most popular guides on the site, as well as them being very useful. I'm guessing the P5 guide, Uncharted, and Horizon Zero Dawn will land pretty high.
  3. Ps3 and Vita version bro. If the content is the same and you have a guide up already, you can basically copy the content over. Also the option to delete guides isn't available yet.
  4. Crying. Pretty accurate summary of these types of post. 👀 ⛾ 🐸.
  5. Update: We not only have 1 but 2 Sonic Forces guides up.👌 One by me and another user, Lianco. Scrapped the Red Ring guide entirely though, Thank God. It was pretty unnecessary in hindsight.
  6. Working on the Sonic Forces Guides right now, I've finished the guide for the Red Rings and half way through the primary guide. Really excited with how this is coming along. If everything goes well and I don't have to make edits they should be ready to go by tomorrow or Tuesday.
  7. #28:SONIC UNLEASHED Difficulty: 7 out of 10 Enjoyment: 9 out of 10 #29: SONIC FORCES Difficulty: 2 out of 10 Enjoyment: 6 out of 10 Well that's it. Completed all of the Modern Sonic Boost games this year. Still have to work on the Adventure titles, but regardless these were still a great time. Out of Generations, Unleashed and Forces, Unleashed was definitely my favorite. A lot of people would argue that Sonic Unleashed is extremely difficult, but I believe if you play platformers often you can pull through. Sonic Forces was a little on the weak side, it wasn't very difficult, they removed a lot of things that were great about the boost formula, the controls were stiff and the amount of content was just lacking. I would have liked a stronger follow up to Mania, but it is a fine game for what it is. Now I'm debating on whether I'll tackle Gravity Rush 2 or Final Fantasy 7 next for my 30th platinum. It's so crazy that at the start of this year I was just at 9 plats and I've almost reached 30 in the span of just 9 months. Completing games 100% is something I find so much fun to do now, it makes me feel accomplished. I'm giving games in my backlog a shot, that I otherwise have ignored and have really ended up liking some titles that have gone under my radar. Good stuff.
  8. Also just letting you know. Might have said it already, but I finished Caladrius Blaze awhile ago, its still on the list.
  9. Not finished with the game yet since I've been pouring time into Mario Odyssey and the Switch, but I plan on doing a guide for Sonic Forces. Got to do a follow up on that Mania guide. Lol.
  10. 100% ClearThis is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked Power OverwhelmingUpgraded all of Sonic the Werehog's stats to their maximum levels Ace Pilot Cleared Act 1 of Tornado Defense without taking damage SONIC FORCES BOYS!!!! HERE WE COME!!!! Unleashed is a pretty difficult one for sure. It isn't Halloween, but it is exactly one week from today. Beautiful game and fun and challenging platformer.
  11. Combo KingAchieved 10,000 total combos Hard BoiledCleared all hot dog stand missions in Eggmanland Blood was spilled, tears were shed, and countless pitfalls happened today.😢 Welp, pretty much obligated to platinum this now.
  12. Bro I love how the trophies are references to other games in the series. I had to do a double take to make sure but they are. But those moon medal ones trigger me.
  13. Getting the Hang of Things Achieved an S Rank with Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time Speeding TicketReached the Goal of Arid Sands, Act 1 as Sonic within 2'50" Loving this game, don't know if I'll platinum it next or hold it for my 30th platinum trophy. S ranks are little bit more difficult to get here than some of the other 3D sonic games just for the fact that you actually have to preform well.
  14. Lmao. Hardly, it's just debate. Probably should have a different thread dedicated to this, but still it's a legit discussion.
  15. Trust me most of these are manageable in a couple days. The only really bad one is the 1CC. I wrote the guide for it, sooooo if you need any help I posted that, or I can just answer em. (Also I'm pretty sure this is the Limited Run list.)