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  1. Bro I love how the trophies are references to other games in the series. I had to do a double take to make sure but they are. But those moon medal ones trigger me.
  2. Getting the Hang of Things Achieved an S Rank with Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time Speeding TicketReached the Goal of Arid Sands, Act 1 as Sonic within 2'50" Loving this game, don't know if I'll platinum it next or hold it for my 30th platinum trophy. S ranks are little bit more difficult to get here than some of the other 3D sonic games just for the fact that you actually have to preform well.
  3. Lmao. Hardly, it's just debate. Probably should have a different thread dedicated to this, but still it's a legit discussion.
  4. Trust me most of these are manageable in a couple days. The only really bad one is the 1CC. I wrote the guide for it, sooooo if you need any help I posted that, or I can just answer em. (Also I'm pretty sure this is the Limited Run list.)
  5. Again why do you care? It's an opinion. Its not elitism. I've never said I was some great gamer or claim to be better than anyone, everyone sucks at something at some point that's why it takes dedication to get better. Its fine if people enjoy easy games or dont like challenges, or trophy collecting. My problem comes when a person wants to take a game's challenge and wants to define it as "too hard" and therefore not worth it. If it isnt worth it....don't do it. If you do or don't end up altering the game that's up to you, hey I don't have an issue with that either, but I do not agree with that mindset. When you bring that into gaming companies listen and they remove entry barriers, the things that make a game require skill. "Skill" the literal foundation of what seperates a video game from a movie. It's not like some digital trophy can give me insight to who you are as a person so again, it really isn't that important. That part wasn't even directed towards you though, it was an extended thoughts.
  6. LOL It's not an elitist opinion, it's common sense bro. Don't think I'm some sort of idiot. If you want to enjoy the game you don't NEED to go for trophies. If you were enjoying what you were doing you wouldn't need to script the games files to obtain something completely optional. And not that this is even remotely the same situation, but imagine if someone used that statement if they were cheating against others online? Well shit, I guess I can't tell them how to "enjoy" the game. Personally I just feel its a bad way of justifying yourself. If you didn't earn it, what does the trophy even matter for be honest? There is no trial, there's no legacy, there's no story---you just got something to pop up on the screen that's ultimately meaningless to you, because you didn't enjoy doing it. "NOT ENJOYING MYSELF, WHAT DO?" Don't do it, skip it, enjoy the game or put it down for awhile. The quickest route to immediate satisfaction is not always the best answer. You asked who I was to tell people all that? In truth I'm nobody, I shouldn't need to be anybody to anyone on the Internet lmao. Honestly I don't care how people "enjoy" their games. But I'm telling you can't just say those types of things around people who worked for it and expect that the ones who were dedicated aren't going to criticize others for that type of mindset. Like I said all of this is my humble opinion so please, by all means, go enjoy your hobby---lol you don't have to listen to a damn word I say, remember you choose the opinions you value and I value all. 😇
  7. you really think people are that stupid? You are literally showing the proof that the guides are written differently. No duh plagiarism doesn't necessarily mean word for word, but just because you're getting across the same information doesn't make it plagiarism. If it did then anyone who's ever written a paper in school would have failed because someone thought of it first. I mean it looks pretty clear to me that what's being described is IN THOSE areas, there isn't that much unique to say and the rest of the guide as I've pointed out is for the most part more detailed, so I really don't get your point. Does he need to write a whole essay or something that isn't even true for it not to be considered plagiarism? C'mon....I hope you aren't just doing this to spite people and trying to get them in trouble. That's definitely not cool.
  8. Also while we're on this can you please point out where he plagiarized? I just went through both of those with a text finder and I didn't see anything. They were almost completely different.
  9. Fucking real shit. Like I won't lie, I kind of felt disgusted by the whole notion that someone is legit okay with having not worked for the trophy and still saying that it doesn't matter because it looks the same. I understand that at points we all try to cheese shit or find easier ways of doing something in a game, but this feels a little more like desperation and way to feel justified for something being legit challenging. Let me tell you I haven't wasted over a week and a half practicing this shit not to get the trophy legit. But what bugs me most is that this is pretty much a problem with the "gaming" community as a whole these days, people are really advocating for "skip boss buttons" and "remove game overs". I'm so sick of that shit, keep that mindset out of gaming. It bugs me so much because as a gamer, I want to become better at the games I play. A lot of who are in the gaming community now, don't want to be better---they want to "WIN". Immediate satisfaction, like it's some type of drug. I've said this a lot before, but whenever I hear things like "just let me win", I feel like I'm listening to my baby cousin or my mom who play games casually to "WIN". Removing skill barriers because someone isn't good enough is something I feel is going to end up killing a lot of the fun of this medium. The reason why there are difficult games and challenges is to encourage the player to handle them. I didn't even grow up with games like Crash and that entire fiasco with people comparing it to Dark Souls gave me second hand embarrassment. Nobody wants to work for shit anymore, people just want to dry up a games resources in a week and throw it in the damn trash. Kind of feels like gamers can't take time to appreciate anything. I have no doubt, that some people after getting their 100% aren't going to ever return to this game. Rant over.
  10. Skip to My Lou Jump rope 100 times without tripping. Alternating between Final Fantasy 7 and 9 still got to get to 1000. :/
  11. I've only just recently started taking trophy hunting seriously this year so the ones on Ps4 are more recent. Mines Ps3- Sly 3-I pretty much did this one by complete accident I wanted to unlock everything in the game. Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD collection- Same as Sly 3, I got addicted playing this all one winter break in high school played it for 3 days straight nonstop. Sly 1 Sly 4 Naruto Storm 3- This one was me just trying to perfect and get S ranks on everything, not a difficult platinum, but I'm surprised I didn't get a little bored with the story. Kingdom Hearts- This and KH 2 are some of the games I'm most proud to have the platinum trophy for, I love these games to death. Kingdom Hearts 2 Sonic Generations- Took 5 years for me to get this simply because I didn't want to do that stupid boss trophy where you can't get hit. I went back managed it, and completed it that weekend. Ps4- Final Fantasy XV Senran Kagura Estival Versus
  12. Depends on how good you are at knowing what you want and exploring and experimenting. My first guide was fairly recently for Sonic Mania and it got posted no problem, which surprised me honestly. I didn't need to really get coached on learning the system till I made my guide for Ghost Blade HD, the format to me is easy, but understanding the context of how tags work was a difficult thing for me. There are also a few things regarding the format you may want to look out for, like no double spacing between periods or redundant information listed in the trophy, etc etc. Those are just my suggestions, as those are things I struggled with. However you may have some different qualms so just follow this- This is the community standard guide on how to write a guide, it should answer the majority of questions and If you don't know how to label something or convert something, either ask around or leave it alone until a staff member reviews it, they usually give helpful feedback. All in all I think it's a pretty self explanatory system, just check how other published guides are done and then see how you can implement the aspects you like into your own. Also yes all games accept guides unless previously someone had a guide up and it was plagiarized I believe. I've seen that a couple times. Also in regards to the multiple guides sometimes depending on the content (Basically does it provide something new or a totally different perspective) the site will allow for multiple guides, if you have relatively the same information you're usually encouraged to give the new information to the current guide writer for them to credit you or to partner with them.
  13. I've taken a break from busting through the backlog and am focusing on getting the plat for Sonic Unleashed, surprisingly its an ultra rare. Doubt I'll knock it out of the way before Forces drops though. I want to know, what's taking up the majority of your time game wise?
  14. Ff8

    I've met a lot of people like that, but they primarily believe that about most Action Rpgs.
  15. Ff8

    I will never understand why people believe that Kingdom Hearts is "Press a button to win" on that note. If you're playing those games like that, you clearly aren't playing on proud or critical and you definitely never fought any of the secret bosses. No way in hell man no way.